Bulletin 28 November 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud
“Every gift which is given, even though is be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.”

Bulletin 28 November 2011


Members: Rucina, Lloyd, Janet, Gabe, Mary Lee, Chu, Rosalind, Danielle, Augie, Bill, Sue W, Allan

Guests: Rich Foss, Jeff Zack Kulberg, Sterling Nelson, David Lock (RC Kenmore, Brisbane), Ann Lock

Lloyd introduced Allan Starr as it is his first meeting as member. Sue thanked Allan for transporting 25 cookbooks to Joady at RC Manningham.

Raffle prize : Ogoh-Ogoh book by Tamarra Kaida (donated by Janet Molloy) was won by Danielle!  Congratulations, Danielle!

*** No meeting on Dec 26 and Jan 2 due to holidays. ***

DUES Rosalind reminded everyone that DUES are DUE for the next 6 months on  Dec 19 (which will be our last meeting for this year.)

Gabe’s “Voice of Rotary: The Rotary Foundation the charity engine of Rotary.  Efficiency and Transparency are at it’s core :

Fundraising Efficiency 7.3% because it is supported by the network of volunteer Rotarians.

Admin efficiency 2.3%

Staff efficiency : 759 staff members for the whole world.  The General Secretary is a paid position, the trustees and President are unpaid.

Transparency: All kinds of reports are posted here.  There is a humongous amount of information.  Details as small as the cost of coffee served at Rotary headquarters are recorded. There are also reports on how Rotary money is invested.  In this Post crisis, RI investment returns are at 22% to April 2011, and TRF managed to recover 80% of previous losses. All this enables Rotarians to advance world understanding, eradicate poverty, and alleviate suffering in the world.

Sue : Global Grant and Mel Wolf project: Tuesday night at Farquhar place in Nyuh Kuning, a group is gathering to begin processing the pre-surveys for the health education training part of the Global Grant, and also for the Mel Worth project.  Augie volunteered to help, along with Fitri and a group of Rotaracters.

Bill and Rucina: HIV/AIDS Research Committee: shared meeting with Dogi (Gede Surya), a vet with experience in the HIV/AIDS field . Most of the organizations working in HIV/AIDS field have monthly meetings with donor and government.  There is actually a lot of activity around the island of Bali to alleviate suffering from this disease, to increase awareness, and to test and treat persons with the virus.  RCBUS is investigating what is available on Bali to discover unmet needs.  In Bali, HIV/AIDS is a growing problem, and the fastest growing population of HIV/AIDS are housewives who get it from philandering husbands.

Get to know our Member: Philip Yusenda

Philip now and Philip then... (Photo shot by Sue with her new camera, unintentionally using fish-eye lens!)

Actually DG Ridlo was scheduled to join us this evening, but he had to cancel due to preparations for the Rotary Institute.  Philip generously stepped in and gave us an illustrated slide presentation of his life..

Philip’s father was born in West Java but moved to East Java where he met his wife in Blitar.  Philip is the first of three sons.  And he sure looks cute playing guitar and wearing his red boots!

Philip went to college in Airlangga University, Surabaya in International Relations and then in 2001 started working for the Jesuit Refugee Service in Timorese refugee camps in West Timor to try and get them repatriated back to East Timor.  One of the issues was that the families wanted to bring all their relatives back, including those who had died, so Philip became a friend to body bags.

He then worked in Jogjakarta and Thailand for the JRS making a film on the border of Myanmar.

When the tsunami happened on December 26, 2004, he went straight to Aceh and so couldn’t finish the film.  He helped with the rebuilding effort in Ache, which included the distribution of thousands of Al Quran for trauma healing effort. In the middle of rebuilding effort, he managed to get married to Sylvia, and together they work in Aceh, contributing in the rebuilding effort.

In 2007 he worked at IDEP for nine months in their Disaster Preparedness Program.  IN 2008 he moved to Karuna Bali Foundation at Campuhan College.  With support from International Open Source Network, he certify himself as Linux Engineer, helping up in effort to spread open source software in Indonesia.

Philip and son Bebe

In 2008 Bebe, his son, was born. He is now a teacher at Karuna Bali Foundation and a volunteer for Living Values Education.

Philip is our IT man and obviously a man of the people. We are very lucky to have him in our club.  You can see more photos of Philip here.

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