Bulletin 30 August 2010

Rotary Club

Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3400/No.79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm

Maya Resort, Ubud

“Everyone has a photographic memory… some just don’t have film.” Anonymous


ATTENDANCE: Bruce, Cat, Donna, Jeremy, LLoyd, Marilyn, Patricia, Philip, Mr. Chu, Rucina, Rus, Sue W

APOLOGIES: Alisa (USA), Asri, Dennis (USA), Don and Sue B., (USA), Driya and Probo, Gabe, Janet (U.K.), Jody (USA), Kadek (in the field), Tangsi, Tjkok Raka

GUESTS: Rtns Joe Bozick and Sandi Stewart, RC Shoreline Breakfast, USA. Rtn Stefan Leistner, RC Alzenau and Heike Leistner, Rtn Adrianne Oberoi, RC Bali Ubud, Dr. Tim Payne, Chakra, Sangtu, Rosalind Robinson, Di Rauling, Amelia Gill, Guest Speaker Otto Vlech


NEXT WEEK’S GUEST SPEAKER:  Rtn. Vikki McKay, RC Burnaby, Canada, will update us on the progress of a large project in Catur, Karangasem that aims to provide both education and employment for the hearing impaired.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  President Sue is back from her travels throughout the USA and on to the Edinburgh Festival, Scotland.  Still jetlagged and missing her luggage, Sue greeted us all with a merry ‘Good morning!”  (Definitely jetlagged…we meet in the early evening!)

FLAG EXHANGES: Flags were exchanged with Rtn Stefan Liestner, Rotary Youth-Exchange, Multi-District Germany, RC Alzenau and Rtn Joe Bozick, RC Shoreline Breakfast.  Stefan is so enthusiastic about Youth Exchange programs we could have easily sent a young person home with him!  On the other hand, Joe has been surrounded by a dozen young people from Seattle, all visiting Bali for the first time.

CORRESPONDENCE:  Belkis Shah, our guest speaker of a few weeks back, wrote to say “I remember your Club was mentioning your project, pumps for clean water for the villages in Bali and I said that we would be very interested to help with this kind of project because we have done this throughout the world in many countries.  If you are interested in us funding the clean water pump project we would be glad to help the people who really need this help in Bali.”

We would gratefully accept any level of help from Belkis and the Prem Rawat Foundation.  To see some of the projects this Foundation has been involved with go to http://www.tprf.org.

REPORTS: Bruce and Donna told us about the training session for website maintenance.  Said Donna, “It was a roller coaster learning curve!”  (Some of us with weak technical stomachs were a little sick.)  Not quite ready for public release, there’s little doubt the website will be terrific.

After ten tortuous days of back and forth correspondence with international partners, District 3400 officials, and The Rotary Foundation, the Global Grant for five schools in Payangan was successfully submitted to TRF.  This project will put water into five schools and teach basic health to students, teachers, parents and the community.  On the left is one of the committees at work.  Note how young they look.  The picture on the right is what they look like now!   This ain’t easy, folks.

GUEST SPEAKER:  Otto Vlech, specialist in clean water, began by pointing out how little water is available on Planet Earth suitable for drinking.  Rainwater remains the cleanest water for drinking without purification…so catch it if you can!  In Bali where rice is a major farming activity, thousands of liters of water are needed to grow one kilo of rice, so water here is indeed very precious.  For those of us who don’t store rain water in our expat homes, Otto suggested processes like ‘dead end filtration’ and ‘cross flow filtration’ that would remove most contaminants, bacteria and pesticides providing water safe to drink from the tap.  Contact Otto at balispirit@yahoo.de for more information if you’re ready to give up store-bought bottled water!

NEXT MEETING at Maya Hotel

Sept 6 at 5.30pm

As always, if you’re bringing guests or are unable to attend, please advise Patricia no later than Monday at 10 a.m. so she can tell Maya how many will be joining us. (08133 850 7769)

Speakers and Upcoming Events

Sept 6          Vikki MacKay, RC Burnaby, Canada…Employment for the Hearing Impaired

Sept 13        Club Visit….DG Al Purwa

Sept 20        Sara Tooth …Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

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