Bulletin 31-January-2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30 pm,   Maya Resort, Ubud

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.”
Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Enterprises

BULLETIN 31 January 2010

Attending: Alisa, Bruce, Mr. Chu, Don and Sue Bennett, Driya and Probo,  Janet,  LLoyd, Marilyn, Patricia, Rosalind, Rustiasa, Sue W, Zsuzsa,

Apologies: Jody, (USA…rtng Feb 22), Cat (arrived Bali late Monday night), Dennis (USA), Donna (USA), Gabe (Australia), Jeremy(workload), Kadek (in the field), Philip (on holiday), Rucina (flu), Tjok Raka, Tangsi,

Guests: Raj Miles (Australia), Suzanne Stallard (Australia), Tim Hunter (Ubud)


YAY!!!  Members Patricia and Alisa are back in Bali and both as happy to be here as we are to have them with us again. Alisa was still recovering from jetlag and Patricia showed us a darn good looking and totally working knee…successful surgery.

Apologies to Rtn Ron Stratchen, RC Darwin Sunrise (Australia) who let us know he did NOT make off with two of our flags at a recent meeting.  And to show there are no hard feelings about this erroneous accusation, Ron is searching for books appropriate for the Children’s Library in Ubud.

Trees Stockley, a past guest, wrote to tell us she and friends are making and selling quilts…proceeds going to local charitable organizations.  (Trees, you’re a Rotarian at heart.)

DG Barb Crozier (District 5100, USA) and Rtn husband Tom let us know they were in Singapore on their way to Bangalore, India to dedicate two completed Matching Grant projects and to attend a District Conference.  Not to be overlooked, the stopover in Singapore was to see their son…please note they did not include Bali as a stopover, but promised to see us the next trip.

Computers for Kids

Rtn Maureen Eberle, RC San Diego Breakfast put in a good word for Campuhan College in hopes it might lead to a donation of computers.  Thanks Maureen for keeping us in mind.

Two good Rotarian friends have been ill.  Pauline Stuber (World Community Service Chair, RC Ignacio, USA) underwent surgery earlier this week and Rtn Joady Barnes, (RC Manningham, Australia) is ensconced on his ‘convalescent couch’ recuperating from a nasty infection.  We wish both of them a speedy recovery.

Pres Sue had planned to induct Fred and Mandy Brauer into the club this evening but they were detained by an urgent humanitarian effort.  They had been helping Rtn Kadek Ary tend to his wife, Yuni, who is again not well.  We’ll look forward to their induction and a healthy Yuni next week.

Foundation Chair Sue B invited all of us to her home this coming Friday evening to celebrate Rtn Don’s 71st. Sue B will be e-mailing everyone a map.  No gifts, but I bet Sue B will take donations to the Foundation!

All club members…..search your households for unwanted treasures that someone else would love to own. We’re down to our last raffle prize!!  Remember, a raffle prize should not be new and can be wrapped in newspaper or something fancier as long as it’s recycled.  Fight conspicuous consumption!

It’s PETS time again … (no, not the kind that bark or meow).  This is District wide training for Presidents Elect and Secretaries Elect.  PE LLoyd and continuing Secretary Philip will be heading for Java to attend and Pres Sue is going, too.  Why?  Because it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow Rotarians and have a lot of fun…and Sue is a party girl.

Dancing at the Madura theme District Conference evening in Surabaya last May.

And if Immediate Past Pres Marilyn can successfully book her flight she’ll also be going along.  We are honored that District 3400 has asked her to fill one of the several Assistant Governor positions in Bali this coming Rotary year and there are training sessions for the new AGs, too.

Pres Sue invited us all to attend a fundraising dinner sponsored by Rotaract Club Nusa Dua.  It’s Feb. 19 and for sure let Sue know if you’re going and she’ll round up transportation.

Rtn Janet updated us on our own fundraising efforts…we’re cooking up an Ubud Cook Book.  Recipes are coming from far and near and club members are reminded to e-mail their personal favorites to Janet  janet@janisilver.com Cut off is Feb 14…so hurry up!  Just think, your recipe could be published right alongside delicious recipes from terrific restaurants like Biku, (thanks to Asri’s generosity) and Café Havana, (thanks to Janet’s kitchen prowess).  Both of these restaurants have made the New York Times column, ‘36 Hours in Bali.’  Biku was acknowledged some months back and Café Havana on Jan 16, 2011.

On March 6 we’ll have Fellowship at Janet’s house where we’ll cook up a storm!  Recipes from the Ubud Cook Book will be taste tested and dishes will be photographed (thanks to Rtn Bruce). Janet allowed that if members were rotten cooks, it was OK to ask one of our staff to prepare the dish in advance.  (That’s a relief!)

Pres Sue, Imm. Past President Marilyn, Charter President Asri

Three generatons of club prezzes:

Pres Sue and Marilyn had a great get together with Asri at Biku last week.  While we were there, Asri invited the club come for a fellowship event.  (It may be the only way we get to see her!)  And while we were at it, Asri came up with two great ideas for future fundraisers…one a spoof on the upcoming British Royal Wedding in April (apologies to the Brits) and another an evening of mystery and magic with fortune telling, tarot card reading, psychics and healers.  Again, Asri offered Biku as the venue…we thank her for her creative and fun ideas and a charming venue at which to play them out.

Rotaracts join Rotary in our Global Grant planning meeting facilitated by Zsuzsa (rt)

New member Zsuzsa (ZZ for short.  Pronouncing this romantic name can be a bit daunting) reported on a meeting attended by the Global Grant Committee and Rotaract supporters.  There was weighty discussion about community involvement and capacity building.  ZZ is well versed in these areas and was a brilliant trainer and facilitator.

Looking forward to the annual 2011 District Conference, June 10 and 11 and held in Bali, Pres Sue reported on ways we could help make the event a huge success.  Rtn Janet thinks we could offer great entertainment…the whole club dancing Salsa!  (Wonder what DG Al would think about THAT!)


Our guest speaker, Claude Chouinard, is a well known entrepreneur in Bali.  Claude hails from Quebec (and thus that charming French accent) and sees Bali as a Land of Opportunity.  He regaled us with stories that definitely supported this vision.  Claude created spas eons before Bali was named the Spa Capital of the World.  He developed the concept of retreats when retreat still meant ‘run away as fast as you can’.   Following the Bali bombs of 2002 and 2005, when hotels and restaurants were empty, Claude came up with innovative and successful programs to attract business.

Claude informally shares his management experiences amongst friends in the most entertaining manner, as he did for our club, but can get downright serious when providing management consultant services to hospitality properties.  He thinks outside the box and he has taken failing businesses and turned them into successful operations…he’s a man who speaks from experience.

It’s clear that Claude enjoys meeting all challenges and does indeed see them as opportunities. His latest endeavor is Bridges, a restaurant at the far end of the Campuhan Bridge. There’s nothing as demanding as being a restaurateur!  Claude’s confidence in Bridges’ success makes one want to run right out and have a meal there.  And since Claude provided a Bridges voucher as our raffle gift tonight, some lucky person will do exactly that!

P.S.  And Claude promised recipes for the cook book!

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