Bulletin 31 October 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571,
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud
“Airplane travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport photo.”  Al Gore

Bulletin 31 October 2011


Members: Lloyd, Bill, Rucina, Danielle, Patricia, Sue W, Philip, Cat,

Guests: Rich Foss (RC Interquest Colorado, USA), Garret Kam (guest speaker), Mary Jane Edelman  , Mary Lee, Tricia Kim (RC Bali Canggu), Jade Richardson, Neill McClusky (RC Moe, Victoria, Australia), Pash Demagristris (RC Moe, Victoria, Australia), Len Cairns (RC Moe, Victoria, Australia), Michael Koch (RC Moe, Victoria, Australia), Peter Kingsbury (RC Moe, Victoria, Australia), Val Jones (RC Mowell, Victoria, Australia), Gregg Tevorrow (RC Mowell, Victoria, Australia)

Newsletter Editora this issue:  Cat Wheeler and VP Rucina and IPP Sue

Announcements, Correspondence, Reports

Election results – congratulations to all!

  • Rosalind Robinson:  President 2012 – 2013
  • Marilyn Carson:  Executive Secretary (Regional Role)
  • Rucina Ballinger:  Vice President I
  • Philip Yusenda:  Vice President II
  • Augie Jusran:  Secretary
  • Sue Winski:  Treasurer

Our guests this evening included six jolly Rotarians in blue from the state of Victoria in Australia who are in Bali to monitor a  school project in  Bunutan, near Amed.

IPP Sue reminded us of the Rotary Institute meeting which takes place in Bali December 2 – 4.  This multi-zone meeting will bring together 1400 representatives from 15 countries.   Our club will be selling cookbooks at the event and Sue will be volunteering us to wo/man the table.

The Bali Seminyak RC will be holding its Charity Holiday Bazaar on December 11 in Kuta.  Once again, we will take a booth to sell our cookbooks, along with some delectable foods from the cookbook and from our members’ kitchens.

Patricia told us that she plans to order at least 10 cookbooks as an elegant solution to buying  Christmas presents for her friends in the States.   She just fills out the order form that is found on-line and has them directly shipped to her friends and family.  Shipping is free for orders of over 10 books (to the same address).  Payment is by bank transfer or cheque.

Kudos to Sue Bennett for her cookbook sales in northern California.  We’re just sending her a third shipment.  Good work, Sue! Thanks for your help!

Sue tells principals about Rotary before distributing books

Danielle Foss reported on the Mel Wolf Foundation book distribution which took place last Saturday.    Education and literacy are among our core areas of interest, and this project brought over 2,000 Indonesian language story books (every one of them stamped by Marilyn, Sue , Rich , Danielle, Vicki, Murray and Rotaracter Chisa) to 10 schools.  All the principals turned out to receive the books and were very excited by the program.  The children are encouraged to sign out the books and read them at home, then produce a short report.  All the loans are recorded and the child, teacher and school recording the highest percentage of reading will win a prize.  By donating books our club encourages a culture of reading in Bali.  Danielle said that the feel-good factor was very high with this project!

Head Principal Pak Ketut and Sue hand over books to one of the principals

Happy children!

BALI DATABASE EFFORT: Rucina and Rich are  compiling a database of all the Rotary projects in Bali in an effort to avoid duplication and share resources and experience wherever possible.

NEW TRANSFER MEMBER:  Lloyd reported that Alan Starr will be transferring to our club from his Australian Club.

BAMBOO:   Cat told us that she was inspired by Arief’s talk on reforesting Mount Agung with bamboo to later meet with him and discuss the possibility of seeking Rotary support for the project.  Arief and David Booth will produce a simple concept paper which she will present to the Board.



Masks and Puppets for Ritual & Sacred Performances
First in a Monthly Series on Balinese Culture

Garrett Kam, a dancer and cultural expert on Bali, is treating us to monthly talks on local ritual and culture.  He delivered a riveting presentation on a recent ceremony for Bali’s sacred masks and puppets which had the audience spellbound. We learned why Bali’s Brahmins can’t eat pumpkin and why those born during the Tumpek Wayang week are at special risk because Shiva’s son hid in one of the wayang kulit’s musical instruments to avoid being eaten by his evil brother. These people must have a specialwayang kulit performance done by the time they are 21 months old and must have up to three such ceremonies during their lives.  

Not all sacred masks have ceremonies at the same time.   Wood from all the masks come from one tree, so they are all related.  Puppeteers have special offerings and ceremonies at their homes as do dancers.

Garrett also gave an excellent explanation of the extremely confusing Balinese calendar system.  The Balinese use a lunar calendar and a 210 day one (probably based on the traditional rice growing cycle) consisting of 1-,2-and  up to 10-day weeks, all of which are concurrent.  We won’t even try to duplicate this lesson here! You have to be a human computer to keep all that straight!

He then showed us a video of the Tumpek Wayang ceremony in his village of Bedulu outside of Ubud.  Offering are brought to the Barong masks in the temple.  During the Tumpek Wayang ceremony, the masks and puppets are “given a rest” and not usually performed.

Besides the mask and puppet ceremonies, there are another 5 Tumpek ceremonies every 35 days for things made of metal (keris/daggers and household tools included), fruiting trees, gamelan instruments and livestock for a total of 210 days

This November 2 is called Rambut Sedana day and is associated with Wisnu and Dewi Sri. It is a day of prosperity and wealth and loans cannot be repaid on this day (some of us were hoping this was the case for all days!).   Most market vendors  in Bali make offerings to the market temple on this day.

Garrett reminded us of the many magical beings, spirits and haunted places which are another dimension to the Bali we live in.

Raffle: The winners of our two raffle prizes, were Patricia and Bill.  (This is the 4th time Bill has won the raffle!)  The prizes were containers of local cashew nuts and rosella sweets produced by the Futures for Children Foundation at Muntigunung, and donated by Darsih of the Eco Shop.

Flag Exchange: Multiple flag exchanges tonight.

Cheery group from Moe and Marwell clubs in Victoria.

Tricia Kim from new Bali Canggu club has lovely new flag.

Rucina invited us to be sure and attend next week’s meeting as something very special would take place… can’t wait!

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