Bulletin 4 April 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm at Maya Resort, Ubud

Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has an idea.
It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off
and does something about it who makes a difference.
Nolan Bushnell

BULLETIN April 4, 2011

Attending: Sue, Lloyd, Cat, Don & Sue B., Jeremy, Patricia, Rucina, Rosalind

Apologies: Marilyn (USA), Mandy & Fred (US), Gabe (Australia), Alisa (Japan), Janet, Phillip & Rus (Australia), Driya & Probo, Mr. Chu, Zsuzsa

Guests: Kasey Petersen (RC Incline Village, CA), Richard (Rico) Munden (Incline Village, CA)

Annoucements, Reports, Activities

Pres Sue noted that Cat was off to Canada for her sister’s major operation, and asked us to send both of them positive, healthy thoughts.

Our scheduled monthly meeting without a speaker gave us, as usual, an opportunity for lively conversation. Kasey & Rico kicked it off with a brief description of their recent travels in Vietnam and Cambodia .  They met Pres. Sue’s friend, Phalla, a monk who has built English schools for over 500 poor children and were moved to help his efforts.

RIPE Banerjee welcomed by Bali Rotarians April 8, 2011

RIPE BANERJEE greeted at Sanur Paradise Hotel

Sue also reminded us of the dinner at 6:30 in Sanur this Friday for Rotary (International) Incoming President Elect (RIPE) Kalyan Banerjee, who is bringing a different kind of Asian focus to Rotary in his 2011-2012 term. RCBUS was proud to have its own table at the dinner with Sue, Janet, Zsuzsa, Rosalind, and Lloyd, as well as Rtn Kasey, and Rico, and Rotaracters Dora and Tika Dewi.

PE Lloyd and Rtn Zsuzsa

Kasey and Rico

Rotaracters Tika Dewi and Pres Dora

Rtns Roz and Janet with Sergeant at Arms Pres Sue

RYLA: Rucina has identified an exciting–and excited–candidate for RCBUS to sponsor to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Award’s (RYLA) three-day camp, this year focusing on physically-challenged youth. He is Ketut Alit, a 20 year old, who “wants to increase his knowledge and experience, and likes challenges”.

Cookbook: Rosalind reported on results of three meetings with Janet over the last four days which chose a publisher (Morris Press Cookbooks), distributed Pres Sue’s recipe database, and chose a recipe format together with many other production details. We intend to finalize for printing in June, and be ready to distribute in September.

Global Grant: Jeremy, Zsuzsa, Farquhar and Lily, and the 6 Rotaracters met at Sue’s last Wednesday to review architectural plans and quotes for the new facilities. The project budget is 150 million rupiah, while the quotes total 140 million which also includes some contingency. We were thrilled that significant savings will be made by increasing the capacity of the existing village ram pump rather than drilling a deep well.

Rotaracters meet us to discuss Global Grant issues

Our global grant has made us all more conscious of washing our hands often. Jeremy and Farquhar wash up before eating...

Save the Date: The hand-over (from Pres Sue to PE Lloyd) dinner will be on Saturday, June 25.  Marilyn has kindly offered her home again this year for a barbecue event…

Notes on Club Assembly Part 2: Jeremy reported on the results of last Tuesday’s Club Assembly.   Lots of great discussions:  We agreed on a commitment to listening to, and empowering, the communities we serve. This in turn requires us to identify the right partners in the community who will make the best use of RC funds. One option is adopting a village such as the one we are working with in Payangan, which has a very forward thinking and enthusiastic village leader.  Among his visions are making the whole village organic within five years, and to sponsor students to receive higher education. This way RCBUS can try out programs that might have wider application, and to develop our own skills and expertise as a club. We could also post our project results online and invite other RCs to use our experience.

Lloyd underscored that we want to consider how to better partner with our Balinese community–and to get more clear on what we need from our partners. Rus and Phillip had pointed out encouraging neediness in Bali is not helpful, and that our work will be more effective in a partnership framework. A discussion followed in which we talked about what kind of partner we wanted to be. Rucina suggested that we find the right partners first, then listen to determine their needs. Patricia suggested we could provide them with strategic planning. She shared her experience in providing project milestones and timelines, which her Balinese partners were enjoying using.

In addition to the various village leaders,  we want to be sure to include women’s input

Birthdays: April birthdays were honored with bonbons & candles: the Sue’s Winski and Bennett, and Patrica were feted. Birthday ladies Donna and Asri were missing, so some sad person had to eat their truffles for them.    Bon bons were consumed, candles were blown out, and the meeting was adjourned.

April 7 Patricia Miklautsch

April 9  Sue Winski

April 14 Sue Bennett

April 19 Donna Lum

April 30  Asri Kerthyasa

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