Bulletin 6 February 2012

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

War does not determine who is right – only who is left.


Attending: Antje, Mr. Chu, LLoyd, Marilyn, Patricia, Philip, Rucina, Rosalind, Sue W, Zsuzsa

Apologies: Alisa (USA), Allan, Augie (Bali Deli…BUSY), Bruce, Cat (Canada with seriously ill sister), Danielle (USA), Don and Sue B., Donna Lum (USA), Driya and Probo, Fred and Mandy, Gabe, (Sumatra), Rustiasa, Janet, Jody (USA), Kadek, Mary L, Mary Jane, Tjok Raka, Bill (Mexico)

Guests: Rtns Yutaka Sato, IKuo Matsumoto, Yoshiyuki Arai (RC Tomioka Kabura, Japan), Rtns Irene Millar and Abdul Rahim (RC Seminyak) Anke van der Bom (Netherlands), Ineke Faberg de Jonge (Netherlands) Betty Light, Representing YKP Erika, Purnawan, Dewi, Leli


This meeting started BEFORE the meeting!  Waiting were three charming Japanese Rotarian guests who wished to exchange flags and then had to hurry on to another engagement.  This was duly accomplished in spite of no common language between us.  We had no Japanese and the visitors had no English.  And a generous donation was left by Yutaka, Kuo and Yoshiyuki to be used for a community project of our choosing.  Many thanks to these wonderful Rotarians!!

As guests introduced themselves, yet another project donation came from visiting guests Anke van der Bom and Ineke Faberg de Jonge.  Anke and Ineke visit Bali regularly and have been past generous donors but this is the first time they joined us at a club meeting. Both ladies are talented artists and avid golfers and enjoy these activities while here in Bali.

The club thanks Rtn Zsuzsa and Rtn Antje for donating to Every Rotarian Every Year. Two members have made pledges and that means two thirds of our membership have participated in this important program.  One third to go!

A lovely letter from our dear Rotaractors was shared with members.  The Rotaractors thanked the club for sponsoring two of their members’ attendance at the Rotaract Leadership Institute.  We are forever grateful to these fine young people for all the help they give as we work on projects.

It’s PETS (President Elect Training Seminar) time again.

The host committee has led us a merry chase trying to get this meeting organized…within the last three weeks the location has changed three times;  the dates have changed three times; and the registration fee has changed three times!  That’s a hard record to beat and reminds us of an exchange of e-mails some years back that went like this…..

CLUB EMAIL:  Dear Rotary members,
Marilyn Carson is having a Post-PETS training at her house.  The trainers will be Judith and Bill Schneider.
June 6 Saturday: Presidents (and all interested Rotarians)
June 7 Sunday:  Board, Committee Chairs (and all interested Rotarians)
Time: 9 – 4 both days (lunch included)
Hope to see you there.
RESPONSE: I don’t quite understand.
Are we supposed to bring our pets?
My 5 Golden Retrievers?
What will they teach the dogs?
Isn’t it long from 9-4 for the dogs?
Warm greetings,
CLUB EMAIL:  Subject: hi no dogs
Marilyn has dogs of her own that may not be so sweet as yours and so I wouldn’t consider bringing them. Your decision if you go, we might learn something is my thought
Subject: Re: hi no dogs
I still don’t understand your email. Who is Marilyn Carson ? I cannot find her in the member list.
And who are Judith and Bill Schneider ? And what do we do from 9-4 Saturday and Sunday ? Just observing the training of Marylins dogs ? Are they being trained from 9 – 4?

Global Grant #1 almost finished: Kind of in the same vein, we heard about the trials and tribulations of filing an interim report for the club’s current Global Grant…data entered and magically disappears,  baffling instructions (recommended approach…trial and error!), and a forgotten member access password!   Really frustrating because we had to meet the Feb 6 deadline.   Guess this is  to be expected since Future Vision is still in pilot mode and the software is still in beta mode.  We struggle with reports, meanwhile, the kids are getting cleaner and healthier…

This is how you clean your teeth!

Kids practice new handwashing techniques at new sink

Club Community Service Project — PP Sue W suggested what sounds like a fun and worthwhile community project.  A recently visited kindergarten’s furniture was in very bad condition.  Some of the benches and tables needed repairs and ALL of the little kids’ furniture was crying for sanding and painting.  A show of hands supported the notion and we’ll hear more about it during the coming weeks.

HIV /AIDS/ STD Project — For the past several months a committee has been exploring the possibility of a new HIV/AIDS/STD project in our own Gianyar Regency.  The virus is spreading rapidly and testing facilities are far and few between, cost is high to patients, many of whom who live at poverty level, and it takes multiple visits to learn the results.  If the patient is positive, medication is available at no charge but there are no support systems for those who are ill and little happening in villages to educate our community friends.  The committee is proposing to address providing a one-stop clinic facility that will test, give results in less than an hour, and provide counseling information to clients who are positive and information about sexual behaviors that will keep healthy clients healthy.  Just a bit more research and we’ll try our hand at writing the Global Grant proposal.  Rtn Bill Page, our committee chair, is off island but called from Mexico to check on progress.  Yes, Bill, we’re all working like beavers!!!

Valentine’s Day coming up! Just in time for Valentine’s day, Erica of YKP  showed us beautifully designed and constructed handmade valentine cards.  Thirty percent of sales proceeds will go to YKP and your valentine will be delighted!  Want a few?Royal_Rainbow@y7mail.com

PE Ros is really enjoying the hand made cards.

Member Speaker:  Zsuzsa Harsman

Our own Rtn Zsusza , told us her passion was to help bring about change and has spent her working career with non-profit organizations and government projects whose focus paralleled  her own.   Zsuzsa’s family fled from Hungary in the 1960s during the Hungarian revolution and arrived in Canada, hungry, cold, and afraid. Canada is a big country that absorbed and continues to absorb immigrants, and thus is always changing.  The country opens itself to each persecuted group that seeks shelter there and with each new group comes a new culture.  Canada is always adapting at the personal, community, and system level and this led to Zsuza’s passion to help with this constant bringing about of change.


Our ever creative VP Rucina closed with a “Pome” to celebrate LLoyd’s birthday.  Ru rapped and LLoyd grinned and blushed!

This here’s a short pome about our dear Lloyd

Who hops around Asia like an asteroid

Making homes beautiful and sheek

This man, he has the technique!

In another life, Bloomingdale’s windows he did

Got tired of New York so to LA he slid

Where he designed jewelry with the infamous John Hardy

And then moved kit and caboodle to Ubud in Bali

After a year with that company in Sibang Gede

He opened his own antique and furniture biz, mere child’s play

For this talented visionary of a man

Who after a while came up with a plan

To start a new business of interior decorating

Which started in Bali and flew to Beijing

And Hong Kong and other parts we don’t know about

Lloyd is a true Renaissance man, without a doubt!

In 2011 he became the president of this here club,

Where projects and friendship revolve around a hub

Of talented folk who are loyal to one another

And Lloyd most of all took care of Ros, just like a brother

His low, melodious voice soothes away all our fears

And his cooking and hospitality last thru the years

And speaking of years, he just hit the big fifty

Wonder if he’ll tell us his secret of living life to the fullest..yes the key!

BIG * Rotary Events Coming Up

And practically in our backyard, the Rotary International Conference will be held in Bangkok May 6 to 9, 2012.  It’s not likely to get much closer to Bali for years to come so if you can, REGISTER!  Many of our international project partners will attend and it will be our chance to meet them face to face and thank them for all their past help and support.

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