Bulletin 6 June 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud
“I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it.”
Frank Clark


Attending: Cat, Donna, Gabe, LLoyd, Marilyn, Patricia, Rosalind, Rucina, Sue W

Apologies: Alisa (in USA), Bruce (USA for medical treatment), Mr. Chu, Dennis (USA), Don and Sue Bennett (USA), Driya, Fred and Mandy Brauer, Janet (in Europe with Lilly), Jeremy, Jody (USA), Kadek (in the field), Philip, Probo, Rustiasa, (babysitting!), Tjok Raka, Tangsi, Zsuzsa (Canada)

Guests: Rtn Henrik Flodhammar, RC Panama


Small meeting tonight…  Since we only had one guest, Pres Sue asked us to choose the person we wanted to introduce.  It was lots of fun, and we not only learned new things about each other, but it gave us a chance to voice our appreciations.  Our guest, Rtn. Henrik, went right along with the fun.

A huge welcome back to Rtn Janet Molloy after a glorious month spent traveling in Europe with her darling daughter.  Janet is still not recovered from jet lag and definitely not sure about time, as evidenced by the 3 a.m. text messages to fellow cook book committee members…something about too much vinegar?

Toastmasters: After Master Toastmaster Miranda’s presentation to the club a couple of weeks back, many of our members were ready to sign on the dotted line, if there were a group in Ubud.   And now it is starting in Ubud.   First meeting is at Campuhan College on Sunday June 19, 3:30 to 6:00 p.m.  Call Miranda at 081236745423 and let her know if you’re coming.   A past member of Toastmasters, Rtn Patricia, told us she always enjoyed the meetings  and might just join again.

District 3400 District Conference is this week-end, starting with a pre-meeting golf tournament on Thursday and then swinging into action on Friday.  It seems several of us have been recruited as Sergeants At Arms for this big event.  And lots of our members will be arriving for the Welcome Dinner Friday evening.  PE LLoyd is away in Hong Kong and asked that his ticket be given to a Rotaract.  No problem.  In the meantime, stay tuned for transportation information.  We should be able to fit in two vans…at least before dinner.

Beautiful rice fields of Temukus

Temukus holy man

PP Marilyn and Rtn Rosalind reported on their Temukus visit high in the Karangasem mountains.  Rtn Kadek Ary and five Rotaractors also signed on for this trip and three cars left Ubud at 9 a.m.  Kadek’s car arrived Temukus in ninety minutes.  The rest of us showed up three hours later.  During the three hours spent looking for the village, we got to see more of Karangasem than we ever knew existed and traveled what had to be the steepest and scariest winding mountain roads in all of Bali.  Paving was intermittent, evidence of landslides frequent and altitude high enough for ears to pop.  Yes, we did have a guide with us and no, his/her name will not be mentioned.

The late comers’ profuse apologies were accepted by the village’s priest, a well known Holy Man in Bali, and the very gracious village leadership.  Getting down to business, Rtn. Kadek reviewed the construction design with special attention to the Holy Man’s instructions about protecting the important sacred areas close to the spring water source and then one last review of who does what…RCBUS purchases and provides all construction materials and the villagers, (with a resounding positive confirmation), provide the labor.   This project is good to go!

Our one and only guest this evening was Rtn. Henrik Flodhammar, RC Panama.  Henrik is deeply involved in responsible forestry and environmental matters and has worked with organizations in Panama, Sweden, Bolivia and Malaysia.  His dream is to help Panama create eco-friendly resort in Panama.  The Panamanian government really wants to do the best for its natural resources and its population but simply doesn’t know where to begin.  Our two clubs exchanged flags.

Rtn Rosalind reported on the status of the cook book which is getting to the final lap.  The last recipes are being entered into the system, Rtn Gabe is proof reading and obtaining last minute clarifications and Rosalind is liaising between the publisher, the committee and recipe providers.

Rtn Janet shared a sad story that is likely to be repeated if Bali doesn’t get its act together about HIV AIDs.  Two little boys being cared for by Bali Kids succumbed to AIDS this past week and were returned to their respective villages for cremation.  Their little friends at Bali Kids (all also diagnosed positive) split into two groups so both cremations could be attended.  In addition to ongoing preventive education, early diagnosis is very important but Janet reports that the government no longer provides free blood tests although it will pay for the antiretroviral used in AIDS treatment.   The stigma of AIDS in Bali remains so severe that people would rather die than face the disease and get treatment.

Pres Sue shared a great slide show of the delivery and blessing of the third mobile rice mill to the village of Buangga.  It also included details of Rtn Cat and Rtn Gabe’s enthusiasm for the elephant droppings to be found in the vicinity.  (You’d think they’d discovered gold!!  Cat was in seventh heaven carrying back a box of elephant poop) To accompany the slide show was some homegrown rhyming rap.  With a little luck we’ll be able to see it on the website!

Sue then showed highlights of the two day Outward Bound event for physically challenged youth, including Alit who was sponsored by our club.  It was deeply moving to watch how the three days empowered the young people and see their joy and confidence as they received their awards.

About the website….Pres Sue is getting stretched!!!  A brief e-mail with your latest RCBUS news would be wonderful.   And share your pictures, too.


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