Bulletin 06 September 2010

Rotary Club

Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3400/No.79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm

Maya Resort, Ubud

“I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.

Bertrand Russell


ATTENDANCE: Bruce, Jeremy, LLoyd, Marilyn, Philip, Rucina, Sue W

APOLOGIES: Alisa (USA), Asri, Cat (Canada) Donna (Thailand), Dennis (USA), Don and Sue B. (USA), Driya and Probo, Gabe, Janet (U.K.), Jody (USA), Kadek (in the field), Mr. Chu (in Singapore), Patricia (sick), Rustiasa (sick), Tangsi, Tjkok Raka

GUESTS: Rtn Vikki MacKay, RC Burnaby


NEXT WEEK’S GUEST SPEAKER: It’s for sure.  DG Al Purwa is bringing his blurry sighted self to visit the club.  We’re delighted he’s up and running.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  President Sue W started us off with a rapid show-and-tell about the Edinburgh Festival…a non-stop feast of music, drama, comedy and art in a beautiful and ancient setting.  To make it even sweeter, Sue shared a super delicious treat with us…Gardiner’s Scottish Butter Tablet…so good it alone is worth a trip to Scotland.

Then Sue reached into her purse and threw money on the table…are we playing poker?  No, it was Happy Bucks money!  Sue congratulated Bruce on his herculean effort getting the website up!  (Bruce grinned from ear to ear and blushed a bright red.)  More money on the table!!  Sec Philip was recognized for his weekly minutes and timely monthly attendance report, this in spite of the tight schedule to deliver it within the first five days of the following month.  Philip didn’t blush, but looked really happy…and cute!  And again Sue put even more money on the table as she acknowledged Marilyn for the weekly Bulletin and a most recent DSG final report.  We have no idea of the time and effort she spends to put these together.  Marilyn responded in kind….she put money on the table.

On September 13 the club is meeting on a special “DG Al is visiting” schedule.  Fellowship will start at 6:30 and the meeting at 7:00.  Sue has made arrangements for a delicious vegetarian curry dinner to sustain us through the later meeting time (and we’ll all be hungry!).  She offered special thanks to Kath Townsend, Director of Food and Beverage at Maya, for her generous support at this one-time-only evening.

Pres Sue, with club member concurrence, will make the first Monday of every month a ‘speaker-less’ meeting.  A full hour once a month will give us an opportunity for focused discussion about project implementation ideas, issues that we are passionate about, event planning and an occasional quiz… without feeling guilty we might encroach on a speaker’s time.  And do feel free to e-mail or call Sue with comments, suggestions and even complaints!

We’re all in mourning for Rucina’s computer which died an unnatural death, hard disk and all …without a recent backup.

CORRESPONDENCE: Anybody yearning to go to India?  We have an invitation to attend RC Auranghbad Metro Indian Dance Festival, February 18 to 20, 2011.

Our member Jody wrote us that she and her team of 8 have already raised over $33,000 for breast cancer via the annual 60 mile walk soon to take place in yet another rainy location….Seattle, Washington.

REPORTS: Bruce explained how to connect the club’s website to Facebook (or was it the other way around…Facebook connected to the club’s website?)  The intent is to give the club’s activities greater visibility.  The website is still being updated but several members have already directed folks to it for information.

Members of the Global Grant health sub-committee worked on Sunday.  Volunteers Sylvia Sumargi and Ray Carpenter had previously met with the Kerta Village Chief concerning the best approach for delivering nutrition information to the wider Kerta community, five villages in all.   Several possibilities were discussed and now it’s back to the Village Chief to present them.

Marilyn will call a meeting of all sub-committees prior to her departure for the USA in mid-October to step through the entire project.  The Village Chief will be invited.  He’s a guy who’s not shy to speak his piece!

GUEST SPEAKER:  Rtn Vikki MacKay, RC Burnaby, Canada, updated the club on the progress of a very large project. Formal work between international and host partners must wait for the legalization of an Indonesian foundation (Yayasan) and Vikki expressed amazement about how convoluted the process is.  (Vikki, welcome to Indonesia!)  The project is aimed at the hearing impaired for whom there is little opportunity to obtain education or employment.  What is fondly referred to as the ‘pig farm’ will offer education and on the job training for students.  Young people will be exposed to construction, animal husbandry, meat processing, organic farming, administrative tasks and more.  Pig production and sales are expected to make the project sustainable in the long term.

Vikki brought architectural drawings for the farm and our own Jeremy offered to carry project information back to the USA in an effort to attract financial supporters.

NEXT MEETING at Maya Hotel

Sept 13 at 6.30pm

As always, if you’re bringing guests or are unable to attend, please advise Patricia no later than Monday at 10 a.m. so she can tell Maya how many will be joining us. (08133 850 7769)

Speakers and Upcoming Events

Sept 13        Club Visit….DG Al Purwa

Sept 20        Sara Tooth …Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

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