Bulletin October 10 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

BULLETIN 10, October 2011

Attending: Augie, Danielle, LLoyd, Marilyn, Patricia, Philip, Rucina, Rustiasa, Sue W

Apologies: Apologies: Alisa (USA), Bill, Bruce (USA for medical treatment), Cat (Australia), Mr. Chu, Don and Sue (USA), Donna, Fred and Mandy (USA), Gabe (in recovery from on Ubud Readers and Writers Festival!) Janet, Jeremy (inundated with work), Jody, (USA), Kadek (in the field), Driya and Probo, Rosalind (in USA for medical treatment) Tjok Raka, Tangsi, Zsuza (Canada)

Guests: Rtn Richard Foss (Colorado Springs Interquest USA), Rtn Bill Schneider (RC Foster City USA),  Rtn Lauren Jones (RC Salem USA), Jeff Kiffer, Diana Healey, Guru Apin, Anna Marie Kipar, Kathleen Kellay, Sandy Torgrimson-Fox, Guest speaker Vicki Lein and husband Murray Lein.


YAY, RC Bali Ubud Sunset members continue to generously donate to Every Rotarian Every Year!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!  PP Marilyn will be the’ mule’ carrying this first round of donations back to the USA and then on to TRF.

We heard updates about two of our members who are in the USA for medical treatment.  Rtn Bruce is now undergoing heavy-duty chemo treatment and it’s knocking him out…but he still plans to bring his dear cuddly self back to Bali before year end.  And Rtn Rosalind has been given a clean bill of health (AMEN) with the caveat that she continues to follow her diet and remembers to exercise.  (Hmmmm….we should ALL follow that advice.)  With a little luck Rosalind will be back with us before the end of November.  In the meantime, her Rotarian presence is felt here in Bali as she continues to work on cook book marketing and the club website.

More on the cook book…it’s selling like hot cakes!  IPP Sue reported brisk sales to friends and Rotary Clubs in Bali and overseas!  Our U.S. distributor, Jody, is now in Nepal, and when she gets back at the end of October she will be ready to take orders and ship books to all our friends in the U.S.  We are still working on an inexpensive way to get the cookbooks to our Australian friends.  Wherever Sue goes, she has cook books in hand and doesn’t fail to offer them to everyone who crosses her path.  (PP Marilyn watched Sue in action at the bank.  Sue sold two cook books to bank customers as they waited to do their banking business!)

October 15 is International Hand Washing Week.

And appropriately, our club is conducting basic hygiene training in 13 elementary schools this month!  With special emphasis on hand washing! I’d dare to say our members are much more aware of washing our hands than we were before we started this project!

A copy of a laminated poster describing how to properly wash your hands was passed around…it was a good reminder about how to help all of  us avoid becoming ill.  The poster, a modified version of a poster provided by Director, Karen O’Keefe, SOS Clinic and bearing the SOS logo has been incorporated into basic hygiene training now taking place at the elementary schools in Payangan.  Thanks to Rotaract Made Lesoh who made the modifications (removing the English portion of the poster and leaving the Indonesian version).

More about water:  Pres LLoyd reported that the potential DSG Sumba water and toilet project proposal is now in Rtn Joady Barnes’ (RC Manningham) hands.  It took a bit of teamwork to put it together with e-mails flying between the U.K., Sumba and Australia but the proposal looks great!

And More good news on WATER projects...the extension of the Temukus water project to provide water to two neighboring villages has been approved and work will soon begin.

Rtn Augie’s book stamping party has been pushed back a week….no books yet!  Book stamping is rescheduled for Sunday at 2:00 p.m. at Augie’s home.  You’re excused if you have carpel tunnel syndrome…stamping will take a lot of wrist action (and, per Augie, the ability to hoist a glass of 15 year old Scotch!).  The Rotaractors are pitching in on Sunday so hopefully all 2400 books will be done by day end.

Rtn Rucina shared a post card received from past guest Sayaka, from Japan, thanking us for our hospitality while she visited.  What would be even better is if Sayaka visited with us again.


From Rtn Danielle, a sneak preview of beautiful blue fabric she has found for our new flag displays. Danielle is spearheading the committee to organize our Rotary flags that we have collected from around the world onto large fabrics that can be easily rolled up at the end of a meeting and stored until the following week.

Pres LLoyd happily exchanged flags with Rtn Lauren Jones, RC Salem (USA).  We’re delighted Lauren chose our club for a make-up!


Vicki Lien

Vicki Lien wowed us with humor and songs this evening!  Vicki is legally blind but her insight is 20/20, her sense of humor totally intact and is blessed with a wonderful singing voice.  Vicki writes her own music and lyrics and had us singing along with her as she parodied herself!!  She started off with a spoof about how she wanted to look like Gwyneth Paltrow but try as she might, couldn’t quite get it to happen.  She did come to the conclusion that she looked pretty darn good as she sang “All women are beautiful, especially me!”  Vicki shared a great story of a small error that occurred in a dark movie theater when she patted her husband’s bottom…only to discover it wasn’t her husband’s bottom.

Vicki sang Ode to Blindness, a song filled with humor and advice…just in case any of us should become blind.  You’ve just got to go to Vicki’s website http://www.vickilein.com/

Way to go, Vicki!!!

* More BIG * Rotary Events Coming Up

First The Rotary Institute is scheduled for December 2 to 5.  There will be 1400 Rotarians coming from Zone 6B (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangledesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos), Zone 7A (Indonesia and Phillippines) and Zone 10B (Hongkong, Macau, Mongolia, China and Taiwan).   It’s a great honor for Bali to host the Institute and a great opportunity for us to meet Rotarians from other districts and countries.  If it comes off anything like the District Conference last June, attendees can count on having a heck of a lot of fun!

And practically in our backyard, the Rotary International Conference will be held in Bangkok May 6 to 9, 2012.  It’s not likely to get much closer to Bali for years to come so if you can, REGISTER!  Many of our international project partners will attend and it will be our chance to meet them face to face and thank them for all their past help and support.

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