Bulletin 12th November 2020

Bulletin Monday 12th November, 2020.

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420/no. 79571

Announcements, reports, project updates, and guest welcoming.


Members Attending

Brian Goldman, Kartika Dewi, Marion Hook, Sue Bishop, Ray Bishop

Kadek Erawan and  Hans Schmidt

Guest : Birget Schmidt


Tika welcomes all and apologies for the dysfunction of the computer and Zoom Meeting November 9 and thanks all for rescheduling and coming to Kakiang

The meeting opens with the four way test repeated by all members

Tika recaps her visit to Seraya to investigate the possibility of a water and  the meeting with the Kepala dusun  the possibility of drilling is too expensive as the land is rocky and estimate is to drill over 300 meters.  There is a possibility of the PDAM helping but that would turn the project in a business proposal,  the club decided that Seraya was quite affluent and to look for a water project in a more needed village. Brian met with Lisa and Mark from new Zealand who wanted to help one couple get water and told them the outcome


Tika visited previous members of RCBUS Rich and Danielle to see if they could help in any way


Brian discussed the invitation To joint the Chilli Cook Off at the melting pot December 6 2020.

The members agreed to not join as too soon for participation due to Covid risks and lack of participation


Hans meeting with

District conference Germany now scheduled in German only Tika declined to attend

Presentation  for Rotary club Ubud starts 6.30 a.m.

Results in7-10 days partner clubs interested and pre selected with up to three projects possible


Suggestions to upgrade the computer to a more efficient system  to allow conference calls etc

Brian and Tikas husband to investigate


Christmas party to be held Sunday Dec 22 at Ray and Sue Bishop villa

Details to be discussed further


Marion proposed two potential projects

Water harvesting

To develop a portable sustainable water source

Marion to research further


Health education

An education program to deliver the message of hygiene through the community

This will be directed at the children where we all agreed the most impact would be made

Marion to make an appointment with the doctor at Kasih Ibu to see if they can help


President Tika won the raffle, Next meeting November30that Warong legong



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