November 2017

13 Nov Club Meeting – Pyramids of Chi (Directions: north on Jl. Suweta 3 kl, left at Jl. Kelebang Moding (Pyramids of Chi sign), short drive, on right) 5:30-7:00pm David Meldrum will speak about mental health challenges in Bali.  How Indonesia is dealing with serious mental illness. The practice of ‘pasung’–locking people in cages or chaining them to a tree when they are mentally unwell–continues right across Indonesia and many neighboring countries.
27 Nov Club Meeting – Maya Resort & Spa 5:30-7:00pm
Ina Saptiono of Kopernik will speak about how Kopernik is giving hope to poor people everywhere.  Ways to cook without cutting down trees, clean drinking water, light at night and much more
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