Kaler Sunyanta

Kaler is from Ubud. After leaving the club for a few years he has now received his Ph.D and is again an active member. He lectures at a local university in the subject of Hinduism in Denpasar. He also studies ethics and cultural studies. His hobbies include aerobics and reading. He is married and has two fine daughters. Originally Kaler joined Rotary as a Rotaract and now has joined the Rotary Club.

Bruce Briscoe

Retired IT professional and English teacher. After running his IT consulting company and web marketing company in San Francisco for many years, Bruce moved to Bali 2001. Since then he has spent two years in China and three in Jakarta teaching English. Now his specialty is Web Marketing, Facebook marketing, SEO, and AdWords. He also writes magazine and newspaper articles about travel and technology. He loves Bali, the Balinese people and the Balinese culture.

He was past president, past fundraising committee at Rotary club Bali Ubud Sunset

Judith Schneider

She met her handsome husband, Bill in high school.  Now married over 50 years. Judith a tax attorney, Bill a retired Colonel in Army growing premium wines grapes.  Both Rotarians for over 20 years in the US.

Neal From

While at Colorado College, Neal majored in English with a focus in creative writing. Neal was on both the football and swim teams. Neal’s travels have taken him around the globe—he has studied in Japan, backpacked through Thailand, and spent a semester studying wildlife management, conservation, and policy in Kenya and Tanzania. Upon graduation, Neal moved to South Korea where he taught English at a secondary school in Seoul. He has also worked as a snorkel guide on a small Island in the Gulf of Cambodia, traveled through Vietnam, and became a certified diver on the island of Koh Tao. Upon returning to the U.S., Neal founded Swimdo, an NGO based in Bali and Borneo, Indonesia, that is focused on child drowning prevention. Today, Neal spends half of the year working with his team in Bali and Borneo, and the other half living and fundraising all over the US. Neal speaks conversational Bahasa Indonesia and is a Red Cross certified CPR and First Aid Instructor. Neal is an avid surfer. When he isn’t surfing or teaching his students to swim, Neal enjoys writing, reading, singing the blues, and playing all sorts of games. Neal currently leads National Geographic Student Expeditions community service programs during the summer.

Richard Foss

Rich was a career Army officer who is now retired. He is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and served several years in South East Asia and the Pacific area. He and his wife Danielle, also a Rotary member, moved to Bali following teaching at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  His Rotary interest is in providing drinking water to villages in the dry northeast hills of Bali.

Don Bennett

Don graduated from the University of California at Davis as an electrical engineer and obtained his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.  He has worked in computers and hi tech in Silicon Valley for many years.  Retired now, we have been coming to Bali since 2005.

Anne McLennan

Anne recently retired after 35 years working in local government and not for profit executive management. Roles included CEO of a community health centre and Director of Community Wellbeing in a developing, rural local council. Anne has sat on numerous Boards, overseen the planning and construction of numerous major community facilities and made significant contributions to State Government policy in the health and community sectors. 

Renee Heaton

Born in Scotland, lived in England, Germany and immigrated to Australia 1991. Retired 2013 and moved to Bali.  Her working life has been as a qualified nurse/social worker/child care worker and trained with Arthritis Australia as a volunteer exercise leader.  She has been involved with Yayasan Peduli Bali and Bali Pink Ribbon and for the past year a volunteer with Yayasan Rumah Sehat.  She is very passionate about improving the health and education of these beautiful people in whose country we live. Health and education being 2 of the many focuses of Rumah Sehat. “I hope to be able to continue and aid in projects in these areas with Rotary Club Ubud Bali Sunset”.
A beautiful photo is coming soon.

Danielle Foss

Born and raised in Seattle, went to college there and in California (so she could play tennis!), and graduated in Business and Interior Design. She and husband Rich Foss love working with and helping people all over the world and have a great interest in Rotary Projects in Bali’s dry northeast. With Rotary support they have completed eight water projects in the Amed area and are working on economic development projects and a health clinic. They live in Bali and have a home in Colorado Springs.

Terri Lewin

Terri retired from teaching in 2007. She spends six months a year in Ubud, Bali and returns to Bunbury Western Australia when the sun comes back. She is passionate about helping the Balinese and has a great respect for their culture. She is excited about the “Helmets on Heads” project and enjoys meeting the young children in schools to hand out helmets.

Penelope Adams

Originally from Australia, she has worked as a teacher for over 40 years.  She has two children and for the past 11 years she has been working in Hong Kong. She now lives in Bali full time.

Karen Lewis

Bill Schneider

He met his beautiful wife, Judith in high school.  They have now been married for more than 50 years. Judith is a tax attorney, while Bill is a retired Colonel in the Army who now grows premium wine grapes.  They both are Rotarians for over 20 years in the US.

Karen Chwe

Karen worked as an accountant for Private Equity firms in New York for 10+ years. After recovering from a serious illness and getting a second chance in life, Karen reflected on Mary Oliver’s question: “Tell me, what do you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” So, Karen left New York to travel and find her dharma, focusing on helping vulnerable women and children in developing countries. Karen and her husband, Tyr Throne, started a social enterprise café in Nepal to help at-risk young women, and donated the café to a local NGO that supports and empowers victims of sexual abuse. Karen is looking forward to being a member of Rotary and doing good in Bali and around the world. 

Raelene Starr

Our HONORARY Member Raelene Starr is the spouse of Allan Starr.  She has been a great help to her husband and to the club.  Her bio coming soon

Kathy Alexander

Kathy spent 20 years in teacher education; lived life at a full belt; became extremely ill; came to Ubud for a holiday in 1979 and stayed. She learned a lot from the Balinese so she set up a Peace and Recharge Holiday tour based in Puri Saraswati, Ubud. It ran from 1980-83. Kathy is very active in environmental issues, and alternative approaches to health in Australia. She returned to live in Ubud 18 years ago.  “I love the Balinese people and their culture; hope I can help a little through Rotary.”

Ron Dixon

As a grandfather of 7 grandchildren and father of 3 , Canadian and Danish offspring, Ron has traveled extensively and came to Bali 18 years ago and has lived in Ubud for the last  12  years ( 6 months each year ). He is interested in supporting the less fortunate in the dry mountains of East Bali; primarily with water projects, education and economic development. Ron is a past president of a Bali Rotary Club.

Henry (Hank) Abramson

Originally from New York, but Hank has lived most of his life on the west coast of the US–in San Francisco and Seattle, where he owned and managed natural food stores, restaurants and a natural food wholesale company. Married with 5 children all living in the states. Hank has been coming to Bali since 1998 and built a house in Penestanan in 2010 where he now resides with his wife.

Kadek Gunarta

One of the most active leaders of the Padang Tegal banjar, and visionary.  He has put into place fantastic  programs to benefit the villagers – most recently his banjar will be putting on a mass cremation for 28 families, and the village will pay ALL the costs, the villagers just do the labor.  He is also one of the creators of the Banjar wide trash recycling and pickup program that started a few months ago.

Cokorda Raka Trisnu Yudhana (Cok Raka)

‘Cok Raka’ majored in hospitality and tourism management before attending Swinburne University in Melbourne to study international business. Now General Manager at Puri Garden Hotel, Ubud, he is also a Liaison Officer assisting VIP delegates to many international conferences held in Bali. He represented Bali as a Young Indonesian Ambassador to Australia in the Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) and is chairman of PCMI (Purna Caraka Muda Indonesia) in Bali – an organization for alumni of youth exchange programs. Cok Raka likes to support work that improves the lives of his fellow Balinese.

Eli Lenyoun

Eli recently arrived in Bali after more than 20 years in Singapore and an additional 13 years working in the financial industry as a succession and asset protection specialist in the area of planning for family controlled businesses.  Eli was born in San Diego, California, and awarded a Rotary Foundation Graduate Fellowship to study in France.  For the past few years Eli has been very much involved in strategic philanthropy projects with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility and social enterprise.

Glenn Nelson

Retired Internal Audit Manager and CPA.  Glenn worked in public accounting for the firm Deloitte and in the private sector for the Northrop Grumman Corporation.  Glenn first visited Bali in 1993, and returned in 2013 as part of his retirement.  Glenn divides his time between Bali and Los Angeles, California.

Sylvia McGroarty

Sylvia lived in Scotland for 11 years, England for 10years and is a citizen of the world enjoying Canada where her 3 sons reside. She also lives in Jersey, Channel Islands and on her sailboat in the summer in a pristine ecologically undamaged area. She is an Officiant and is licenced to conducts ceremonies for weddings, memorials, funerals etc. Community work is a way of life for Sylvia. She will be contributing to Rotary in every place she lives. Her major contributions have been in Peace, Ecology and Human Rights. Bali is her winter home and she is excited about contributing to RCBUS to bring relief to people less fortunate.

Deborah Kurfiss

Deborah Kurfiss is the principal of Kurfiss Connect, a marketing agency specializing in social media, product launches, branding, content and positioning . After spending 20 odd years going back and forth between the San Francisco Bay Area and Ubud, Deborah finally moved to Ubud permanently in 2012.

Ruth Austin

Temporary bio: “I was born at an early age. With hard work I got to where I am today”.
Real bio coming soon

Made Lesoh

Temporary bio: “I was born at an early age. With hard work I got to where I am today”.
Real bio and phone coming soon

Ade (Nengah Astiti) Sudana

As a teacher at an elementary school in Payangan, Ade was a member of the Rotaract Club of Bali Ubud and later joined RCBUS. Ade lives in a small village with her son and daughter and her husband, Rotarian Wayan Sudana.

Chris Kemp

Chris is in Bali on an Australian Government volunteer assignment working with Heartline Bali 92.2FM. The radio station is located in the beautiful village of Tulikup on Bali’s east coast and aims to act as a voice for the local community and service providers in the region. Any issues relating to the livelihoods of the people of Eastern Bali are of particular interest to Chris. He also enjoys Bali’s beautiful culture, food and surf.

Wayan Sudana

The only son of an ordinary Balinese family in the village of Semaon, I was introduced to Rotary in 2006 as a Charter Member of Ubud’s Rotaract Club. Helping to improve the lives of thousands of my neighbors and fellow Balinese, has been the most rewarding part of my public life. (In private, I’ve been rewarded with children and a wonderful wife, who also became a very active Rotaractor!) Before Rotary, I never dreamed just one person could make a difference to others in so many ways. And I never dreamed that trying to help in other people’s lives would help and bless my own life even more.

Steve Wignall

Dr. Steve Wignall is a physician with 19 years experience in Indonesia working on infectious diseases with a special interest in HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.  He works for the Clinton Foundation in Papua to expand access to antiretrovirals for people living with HIV. On Bali Dr. Steve founded Bali Peduli in Kuta, offering testing and treatment, outreach and counseling for people with HIV and other STDs.

Antje von Lukowicz

Born in Germany, Antje began her career as a medical doctor including work in neurosurgery. She moved to the field of psychoanalysis and furthered her education in this area while raising 3 children and editing a series of medical journals. As a Jungian psychoanalyst her specialty was psychosomatic disorders. She is also a breath therapist. Now retired,  she lives in Bali, and splits her time between Ubud and Munich where she visits her children and grandchildren.

Mary Jane Edleson

A culinary educator, organic gardener, author & artist  – has lived and worked in numerous countries throughout Asia, including some 30 years resident in Indonesia.  She is a Founding Member of BISA (Bali Institute for Sustainable Agriculture), Program Coordinator for BENIH BALI, and Convivium Leader of Slow Food Bali.

Bill Page

Bill was an expert in re-insurance, work he very much enjoyed until losing his vision due to a degenerative eye disease. His interest in finance remains and he manages his own portfolio thanks to the magic of technology–Bill’s computer talks to him! Using a Mac Book Air with special tools for the visually impaired Bill is right on top of not only his portfolio but his e-mail and other computer applications as well. He keeps fit by working out at the gym, river rafting, hiking and deep sea fishing. He has three dogs at home and two new kittens have just been added to his animal family.

Zsuzsa Harsman

Zsuzsa’s strong sense of social responsibility is reflected in her careers in visual communication, extended work in the non profit sector both as a trainer and catalyst for change using the tools of community development, capacity building and systemic change.  She has also spent 10 years working with numerous levels of government to improve services and develop programs aimed at preventing domestic violence, elder abuse and promoting economic independence. She has two wonderful daughters and splits her time between Canada and Bali.

Mandy Brauer

Mandy, a retired child psychologist and professor of psychology, now writes books for and about children, published in Arabic and English in Egypt. Along with her husband, Fred, she resides in Ubud, Bali; Cairo, Egypt; and Oceanside, California and is interested in projects that improve the lives of children.

Fred Brauer

Temporary bio: “I was born at an early age. With hard work I got to where I am today”.

Rosalind Robinson

Rosalind spent many years managing start-up businesses in California and contributing to their marketing programs. Her interests range from the Internet (where she spends way too much time) to politics and international affairs. A recent arrival in Ubud, she looks forward to putting her project management and writing skills to use in service to RCBUS and the people of Bali.

Jody Baush

Jody works in Seattle and has a home now in Bali. (called Frogsong Villa)

Wayan Rustiasa

Wayan is the co-founder of Karuna Bali Foundation and Campuhan College established for the purpose of extending love to the people of Bali through education. He has 2 children and loves meditating, swimming, hiking and jogging.

Probo Raharjo

Born in the old Javanese capital of Solo, Probo works for the government Forestry Department and is a Rotaract graduate.

Asri Kerthyasa

Founding President of RC Bali Ubud Sunset and now an Honorary Member, she recently founded Biku, the most popular new teahouse/bookstore in the beach area.

Tjokorda Raka Kerthyasa

Tjokorda is the Head of Traditional Affairs in Ubud, healer, dancer, artist, poet, educator.

Cheung Chu

Cheung was born in Shanghai in 1937. He escaped to HK when very young and was awarded a fellowship to Princeton for his graduate degree. Distinguished architect and professor. Retired in Ubud, he is an artist making friendly and fun art, and is enjoying his life.

Alisa Eva Chazani

Alisa has been splitting her time between Manhattan and Ubud, Bali since 1997. She was born in Beirut, Lebanon, grew up in Israel, at age 30 she moved to NYC to study.
She is involved with several NGO ‘organizations: (1) Bumi Sehat, Ubud Bali. (2) Angkor Hospital for Children, (founded by Friends Without A Border, FWAB) in Siem-Rep, Cambodia. (3) Orphans International Worldwide, in NYC. In Bali she became one of the founding members of RCBUS. She is a Psychoanalyst and has spent her entire working-life in public psychiatric hospitals in NYC, later on she also had a private practice in the evenings.

Janet Molloy

Janet has lived in Bali since 1988 where she started a family in her 40’s. In Bali she found a fertile environment to realize her love of creating fun businesses and restaurants with strong social commitments.  Janet has always been a great fan of Salsa, Latin music and dancing.  She also founded Yayasan Sehati Anak to assist children living with HIV. She is honored to be a member of Bali Ubud Sunset because she can assist in very targeted, well-managed projects to benefit our local communities.

Gabriel Monson

Gabe Monson unexpectedly but happily retired to Bali in 2009 after a career in the UK and Australia in adult education, counseling and community services. She also enjoyed a serious hobby as an event manager for festivals and educational programs. Her local involvements in Bali include language education, waste management, community events and hosting streams of visitors from around the world.

Marilyn Carson

Marilyn was originally a Chicagoan, who moved to Palo Alto, California in ’63. She has lived in Ubud since 2000. BA in education and MA in Counseling and Guidance but by chance fell into computing and spent many years as the Director of the Regional Education IT Center in San Jose, CA. “I joined Rotary in 2004, and have loved every minute of it, primarily because of the ability to do good for our Balinese community. “

Philip Yusenda

Philip is the Manager of Educare training at Karuna Bali Foundation in Ubud.

Sue Winski

Sue came to Ubud 17 years ago to recoup after 8 frantic working years in Tokyo! Many years of working with computers and cross cultural communications consulting and training.

Catherine Wheeler

Cat’s interest in development work started in 1968 when her family moved to rural Malaysia on a project for the Canadian government.  A professional writer, she’s lived in Southeast Asia for 20 years,10 of those in Bali.  Her deep interest in environmental and agricultural sustainability brought her to RCBUS where she designs projects, writes proposals, and maintains a growing network of potential donors.

Driya Susanto

Driya is the mother of twin boys, and worked for many years at BII bank, recently taking a new position in a spa management company.

Rucina Ballinger

Raised in Japan, Rucina first came to Bali in 1974, at 21 yrs as a student of dance. Since then she has studied a myriad of Asian dance forms in Hawaii, Seattle and San Francisco, and currently is one of Bali’s foremost authorities on the performing arts here.  She co-founded the comedy group GEDEBONG GOYANG in 2003 that performs songs and skits in Balinese.  She is married to Agung Rangki and has two sons.

LLoyd Hassencahl

LLoyd is a design genius from Los Angeles who has worked in management positions at Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and John Hardy Jewelry. In 2007, he started his own furniture and interior design consulting company.

Patricia Miklautsch

Patricia Miklautsch, grew up in Alaska, but settled in northern California as a marketing communications consultant to hi-tech firms. Currently retired in Ubud, she offers conflict-resolution to any and all, volunteers to edit various marketing materials, and performs weddings, funerals, & baby blessings.

Made Gede Aryawan (Kadek)

An Ubud native, Kadek is a successful architect and builder.