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A Chopping Machine at Rumah Kompos Taro


A chopping machine used to make compost was paid for and delivered to Rumah Kompos Taro as promised.  The machine will allow organic trash, separated from inorganic trash, to quickly become compost which, in turn, will be distributed to local farmers.  The farmers are using the compost to replace chemical fertilizers on their crops.  All of Taro benefits from a cleaner environment and healthier, chemical free fruits and vegetables.  All of Bali benefits because less refuse will enter already overflowing landfills. For who in Ubud  area want some compost to started your home vegetables gardening please contact Wayan Wardika at Rumah Kompos Taro.


Rumah Kompos Taro




Name               :  Rumah Kompos Taro

Location           :  Agricultural area of Tegal Dukuh, Br. Taro Kaja, Taro, Kec.Tegalalang, Gianyar, Bali

Operator          :  I Wayan Wardika

Contact HP      : 087861445333

Contact Email  :


1. I Wayan Wardika


  1. I Wayan Warta
  2. I Nyoman Widana Yasa
  3. Gede Defri Adesta
  4. I Wayan Baru Redana


About Romah Kompos Taro

Rumah Kompos Taro is founded to take part in the environmental issue, especially trash disposal in the local village of Taro. The Rumah Kompos collects their trash, educates the people to separate their waste and to recycle their garbage. Hoping that they don’t dump their trash to the nature i.e river, banks etc.


Our Vision    :

  • Become the Pioneer in waste management in the village of Taro.
  • Reducing and if possible stopping disposal of trash to the nature especially river and water passage
  • Educate the people in the environmental awareness by participating in separating the organic, non organic and recycled items.


Misi              :

  1. To collect the villagers waste, so that they don’t burry, throw to nature or even worst burn their waste.
  2. Providing a practical education how to handle waste by identifying different types of trash and start separating them from the house hold and spread this habit to every other member of the family.
  3. Facilitate the costumer with 2 different bins to separate the organic and non organic waste at their house hold, and watch their separation every time we collect their trash
  4. To buy their recycled items at a reasonable price, which we put on a saving account for every house hold.


The Cycle of Waste Management System at Rumah Kompos Taro:

  1. Trash Collection:

The trash are picked up by a team of a driver accompanied by an assitant to collect the trash from each house hold. The team not only collect the trash, but at the same time monitoring the separation quality of the trash by the family. The team then put the record of it.

We pick up the trash twice a week where we equally divide the costumer into 2 zones: Zone A every Monday and Thursday, while the Zone B every Tuesday and Friday.

  1. Separation:

          At The Source:

We educate and encourage our costumer to practice a new habit: “separating the the trash” Once they get use to it, handling the trash afterward is much easier. Especially the recycle items, if they put it one side during separation, we will come back to buy it from them so it can also make money. The Organic trash is collected in the bin with a green liner in it, while the non organic one is collected in a separate bin with red color liner. We will replace the liner with the new ones each time we collect their trash. Two different identification colour liners which over flows the trash container helps the family to throw and separate their waste at their respective bins.

      At Rumah Kompos Facility:

Once the trash is collected from our costumers. The trash is carefully segregated again for Organic, plastic, recycleable items or reuseable one. We have a team of 2  to do this final separation in our facility at Rumah Kompos Taro. They are making sure that the organic watse doesn’t contain any plastic whatsoever. At the same time, the non organic waste is totally everything we can not do anything about. And they are ready to dispose at the landfield at TPA Temesi Gianyar.

The recycleable items we collected from the costumer is seperated in to details by its kind, colour and type: PET, HDPE, Aluminium cans, metal, mineral water cups etc. Each types of them has different price once we sell them.

  1. Disposal:

The garbagge separation which begins from its source in each house hold and then pass through our facility again for more detailed separation. This activity is proven to be an effective way to reduce the dumping of watse into the landfield up to 30%. Because the organic items, recycleable and reuseable items stay in the facility in the village. It is shown by the fact, that every 4 pick ups truck full of trash collected from the costumer leaves only 1 pick up truck of residue of trash that needs to go to the landfield. If every village can reduce their waste to the dump ground up to 30% it will certainly slow down the volume of trash wasted.

  1. Composting:

Because we already separate the organic waste since the firs place. Most of the trash has generally divided into organic and non organic items. The collection of these organic waste will soon turn into a compost. A stable natural fertilizer which we will mianly use for local’s agriculture activities.

  1. Closing:

The final cycle which our team is carrying out at Rumah Kompos is closing. The team ensure that they nicely wash the liners and the sacks we use to collect the trash, so that they are ready to be used again for the next day collection. We also making sure all the trash are nicely tied up secured for any dogs try to mess them arround.