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25 November 2013

Kadek Gunarta 

HOUSE OF COMPOST is a planned facility and will be a center for “environmental” education; focusing on the garbage aspects.
This place was built by the grassroots in Padangtegal (includes 635 head of family) with funding set aside from entrance fees at the Ubud Monkey forest.
Basically this place is the village office for handling waste management for residents of Padangtegal and we will later have several auxiliary facilities to simultaneously provide information about waste, pilot production of organic fertilizer from organic waste that has been sorted, provide free tutorials for people who want it and expect the future will be able to provide workshop facilities for school children.  

18 November 2013

Aprile Denise – Indonesian Literacy Project

The Literacy Project is a social action project initiated in Dyatmika School in Balito support Indonesian literacy for children in national schools and help develop a love of reading. It has produced books based on real life experiences, and is providing literacy training to teachers based on well researched approaches to reading worldwide. The reading programme supports a love of reading and the development in children of critical thinking skills, deep comprehension and vocabulary enrichment.

11 November 2013

11 November 2013

Mary Northmore-Aziz presents “The Only Tourist in Iran”. Mary will share her experience with mullahs, chadors, hostages and terrorists during her recent travels in Iran.

04 November 2013

Melati Gaymans is Indonesian-Dutch and has a passion for all things food related.
She will be talking about her journey from Europe to Bali and how she sources
local ingredients, makes foodscapes (such as Mount Batur lake and volcano) and
future projects she hopes to sink her teeth into.

11 November 2013

Mary Northmore    Born in Britain, she settled in Ubud in 1989 following her marriage to the prominent Indonesian artist Abdul Aziz. She founded and ran the Seniwati Gallery of Art by Women, 1991 – 2012, founded and is the Chair of the Smile Foundation of Bali, 2005 – present. In 2011 she was awarded an MBE by HMQEII for her work helping people with cranio-facial disabilities.
“So I organised the trip to coincide with a friends’ planned working trip there, and was going with another friend from Ubud. BUT the friends’ working trip was postponed and the travel companions’ visa was rejected…. then the travel agency informed me I was the only member of the tour group to be given a visa – so how could I not go – the challenge was just too great! I went….
 London – Istanbul-Tehran with Air Pegasus – nice name.
Tehran, Shiraz, Persepolis, Necropolis, Yazd, Zeinodin, Esfahan, Kashan – magical names. 
Mullahs, chadors, hostages, terrorists – bogey men names…
So here I describe  and illustrate what I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears, and look forward to sharing it with you”
Mary Northmore-Aziz,
Founder and Chair, Yayasan Senyum Bali (Bali Smile Foundation)

 Administrator, The Abdul Aziz Legacy

 Founder and Director (1991 – 2012), Seniwati Gallery of Art by Women

Board of Directors 2013-1014

June 3, 2013 – Rucina speaks about Balinese Banjars


29 July 2013

22 July 2013

15 July 2013

8 July 2013

8 July 2013

1 July 2013

18 June 2012

Dr. Karen Kaplan: What we Know About Autism, & Helping on Bali

Karen volunteers at centers for autistic children in Bali, and will bring us up to date on current knowledge about autism and what’s being done to help autistic children and their families in Bali. She has over thirty years of experience working in the field of Autism Spectrum disorders with children, adults and their families, and has engaged with schools, residential programs and day programs addressing the challenges of Autism and other similar learning differences.

Karen is currently an adjunct professor at Alliant University in San Francisco, and has been the Executive Director at Wings Learning Center since 2009.

New Generations

26 March 2012

YKIP”s new Vocational Education Scholarship Program

Yayasan Kemanusiaan Ibu Pertiwi (YKIP) will initiate a new project this year called the Vocational Education Scholarship Program. The scholarship aims to equip economically disadvantaged senior high school graduates with technical and soft skills required in commonly available jobs through a one-year vocational education at a reputable college; this will eventually bring graduates closer to reliable employment essential to lift themselves and their families out of deep poverty.
This project will be presented by Augusiane Farika Pandji, Program Coordinator

27 February 2012

Nyepi is probably one of the most unusual holidays in the world. For 24 hours, from sunrise to sunrise, there can be no fires (or lights on), no work, and no going outside the home.

Bali is the only place in the world where airplanes are not allowed to land for 24 hours. It occurs the day after the ninth new moon when the sun starts it”s journey northward. Nyepi comes from the word “sepi” meaning silent. It is a time of reflection and for families to come together quietly.

The day before, called Pengerepukan, mecaru or neutralization of the spirits of chaos, takes place at every village crossroads. The entire village comes and gives offerings to propiate these spirits. At sundown, in every family compound, people bang on pots and pans and with lit grass go through their houseyard getting rid of any “demonic” influences that might be there. In the village, ogoh-ogoh (colorful papier mache and bamboo “monsters”) are paraded through the streets accompanied by the baleganjur marching gamelan. At the end of the parade, they are meant to be burnt, symbolizing the burning off of chaos and bad thoughts. Some say that the riotous noise at sundown scares off the spirits of chaos and when they come back the next day, they can”t find “anybody home,” so they leave.

Find out why this is called the “Balinese New Year” and what the ogoh ogoh represent in a talk presented by Garret Kam.

Future date – Joseph De Wolk

Guest Speaker   Joseph De Wolk

Joseph will tell us about Dasra, and his work in Bali in a Dasra Social-Impact project.

Dasra ( is India’s leading strategic philanthropy foundation.

12 December 2011


19 September 2011

Jeni Caffin, the Artistic Director of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, will speak about the program this year.

Jeni arrived in Bali three weeks ago wearing a “hat” labeled media co-ordinator for the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival. Now the festival’s creative producer as well, Jeni laughs when she says: “I am water – wherever there is a gap, I flow into it.” Former director of the Byron Bay Writers Festival from 2007 to 2010, Jeni is now lending her expertise and knowledge to the 8th Ubud Writers and Readers Festival to be held from October 5 to 9.

Her participation in Ubud is being sponsored by the Byron Bay Writers Festival committee. Part of Jeni’s mission is to build a bridge so that Indonesian writers can play a part in the Byron Bay festival, and Australian writers, particularly those in the Northern Rivers, can take the stage in Ubud.

Speaking from Ubud recently, Jeni said, “I believe it is essential to share contemporary Asia/Pacific writers with our audiences and also for Indonesian readers and writers to discover what is being said and thought in our part of the world.”

Bulletin 23 May 2011

Dave Foreman


Attending: Alisa, Cat, Mr. Chu, Donna, Driya, Fred and Mandy Brauer, Gabe, LLoyd, Marilyn Patricia, Probo, Rosalind, Rucina, Sue W

Apologies: Bruce (USA for medical treatment), Don and Sue Bennett (USA), Jody (USA), Dennis (USA), Driya, (Australia), Janet (traveling through Europe with her darling daughter), Jeremy, Kadek (in the field), Philip, Probo, Tjok Raka, Rustiasa, Tangsi, Zsuzsa, (Canada)

Guests: Guest Speaker Lyn Robinson, Rtns Eka Iskandar and Komang Mastra (RC Bali Taman), Alit Ariana (RYLA Graduate), Phillip Malone, Ela Albisser, Harriet Napier, Elizabeth Napier, Scott Greenfell, Lawrence T, Frank, Jeni and Abby.


DG Al’s hard work has paid off!  Indonesia”s District 3400 will become two districts in July, 2012, two years earlier than expected!  Rotary International decision-makers recognized how extraordinarily difficult it is for one DG to administer to almost 100 clubs spread over an area as huge as Indonesia.  In turn, it will be our responsibility to increase membership so that each of the two new districts has at least 1,000 members.

Alits thanks our club for his sponsorship

We were honored this evening by having Eka Iskandar and Komang Wd. Mastra, members of RC Bali Taman, in attendance.  RC Bali Taman is a power house club with 99% of its membership comprised of women… (We say 99% because we vaguely recall there may be one or two male members… but we could be wrong). Eka and Komang came to thank the club for sponsoring a physically challenged youngster, Alit Ariana, at  RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership in Action event.  For Alit, it was a great opportunity to hone his confidence and decision making skills.   He stood to thank us, looking quite happy and empowered by the whole experience.  Our club thanks RC Bali Taman for coordinating the sponsorship program.

Payangan”s Bukian #elementary school is at the heart of this  project, which is now officially completed and the final report is being prepared. We popped by to see how the sporting equipment was being used and again had to separate the teachers from the ping pong table! The sporting equipment was definitely meant for the children but it seems to have incidentally done a lot for teacher morale.

Temukus Water Project:  Just a brief word about the Temukus water project….work has not yet begun but neighboring villages have already heard the project is on the drawing boards and asked if they could participate.  Temukus village leaders are all in favor of sharing.  On June 5 club members and Rotaractors will be heading to Temukus to meet the village leaders and become better acquainted with several architecture/engineering university students who are taking an interest in the project.

PP Marilyn was given permission to brag about the kindergarten in her village.  The kindergarten, in operation now for the past four years, has been attracting some delightful attention.  A year and a half ago it was recognized as the model kindergarten in the Gianyar Regency, six months back it was awarded IDR 5,000,000 to be used at the discretion of the teachers and then last week, a phone call from the Bali Provincial Office of Education asked for a meeting to discuss the possibility of a new kindergarten building.  Wouldn’t that be terrific!

This one is for the birds! And yet another new building is under construction….Rtn Cat reported that RCBUS has donated a nesting box for a family of Bali Starlings (isn’t that a small building?). These beautiful birds were near extinction until a program sponsored by the Friends of the National Park successfully helped to bring them back.

***Rtn Bruce continues to get medical treatment in the USA but e-mails show Bruce is maintaining his usual fabulous sense of humor.  He’s under orders from Pres Sue to make a rapid recovery and get himself back to Bali!

GUEST SPEAKER:  Lyn Robinson

Our guest speaker this evening was Lyn Robinson, just a teeny tiny slip of a woman and a world-wide expert on SHARKS!

Lyn has studied sharks all her life and is very concerned about shark overfishing for the “fin trade.” And yes, sharks really are fish, even though they don’t have real bones, just gelatinous structures that serve as bones. There are 130 varieties of shark in Indonesia, which is considered to be shark heaven. Interestingly enough many of these sharks are not hunters, and live on plankton.

Should you ever meet a shark Lyn gave tips on how to courteously deal with it and avoid an unpleasant encounter.  First don’t swim far from shore (beyond the reef), or in murky waters , or in late afternoon (feeding time). If you insist on living dangerously, avoid wearing anything flashy like jewelry that could cause a shark to mistake you for a shiny fish.  And finally if you find yourself nose to nose with a shark stay calm and slowly swim away.  To help focus on staying calm keep in mind that the more activity on your part, the more likely the shark is to become ever more interested in you.

Current estimates are that over 73 million sharks are killed each year, although the number may be five times higher. Sharks have a low reproductive rate, some carrying their young for up to two years and most sharks giving birth to a very small number of young.  The resulting devastation of their stocks, primarily to supply fins for the popular shark fin soup in Asia is alarming. This is despite the fact, attested to by our own Donna Lum, that the fins have almost no taste; the sole appeal is as a status food.

Sharks are “apex predators,” making them an important part of the food chain. In Australia, where stocks have been heavily depleted, sharks no longer control the octopus population which preys on lobsters, so the lobsters have disappeared.  One answer to bringing back the shark population is “Shark Tourism.” In Palau, for instance, sharks now have more value alive in the water than dead.

The U.S. and Australia both have strong shark protections in place. But Indonesia remains the world’s largest shark fishery and there is no enforcement at the “artisanal fishery” level. Poverty in coastal villages here makes the $10 per fin a strong incentive to keep killing them. The collective impact of large numbers of small fishing villages throughout the archipelago keeps the pressure on sharks. Some NGOs are working throughout Asia to raise awareness at this local level.

2 MAY 2011

Mary Jane Edleson will present a talk entitled

The One Stalk Supermarket

An Introduction to the Miracle Wing Bean

Mary Jane Edleson – artist, writer, and food enthusiast – is an American living in Bali and Singapore.  She is the Convivium Leader for Slow Food Ubud.  Her initial studies in biochemistry to complete a Bachelor of Science carried her into several years of medical research in the USA.  She has lived, worked and studied in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Colombia, Singapore, and Indonesia (since 1980 until now).      Her special life passion is the study of world food and its relationship to culture. She has studied culinary arts at several institutes, and is a certified chef in raw food from the renowned Living Light Institute in California.


Rotary & Rotaract Library Project

Rotaract Library Project: Funded by RC Ignacio via MG #69874, this project provided library books to several rural elementary schools in Payangan, along with activities and games which encouraged children to read for pleasure.  IDR 9,000,000

(Left: Ubud’s Rotaractors encourage a love of reading)