Stewardship: An Ongoing Process

The Stewardship Committee was formed to address comments received in a recent audit of club Global Grants. The audit identified areas where the club needs to improve control over the use and monitoring of funds. One of these areas is the need to develop a club Financial Plan, as this is required to receive Global Grants.

Stewardship Committee meeting

The Stewardship Committee (minus photographer Marilyn), hard at work at Cafe Havana, wishes to clarify the wine glasses were set for a photo shoot and played no part in the afternoon’s deliberations.

The Committee meets regularly and is producing a range of documents, a summary and detail-level descriptions of the enhanced club processes. These processes will cover all we do and aims to meet the exacting requirements of Global grants. The Committee also intends to improve the processes for managing project funds and reporting to club members on the status of projects, aiming to increasing member involvement in projects.

For more information contact Glenn Nelson: glennelson at

Stewardship Committee Documents:


PRESENTATION Stewardship rev 1 (this is a template for project managers to report monthly on their projects)

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