Groundbreaking News!

There was joy and enthusiasm in Kerta as FINALLY we broke ground and started the water projects for our Global Grant. Construction materials were delivered to the schools making it possible for the schools to hold a special “starting a building project” ceremony. At this ceremony land was literally broken. A hole was dug where the ‘cornerstone’ of the project will be located and the priest deposited all kinds of symbolic offerings in the hole, including large stones that symbolize a strong foundation.

  • Carrying cement
  • Pipes go into classroom
  • Steel going into classroom
  • Offerings go into the hole
  • Offering
  • Offering
  • Offering
  • Offering
  • Sprinkling holy water
  • Digging the hole
  • Lifting pipes off truck
  • Supply truck arrives

As each of the schools move forward, we are reviewing drawings and plans with the villagers. . There’s a lot to be done at each school like building water towers, water tanks, piping, septic tanks, toilet facilities and childrens’ wash basins. The labor is all donated by men in the village where each school is located. What is quite wonderful to see is how villagers are ‘owning’ these projects, eager to start work and enthusiastically participating.  (You can click each photo to see larger)

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