Kue Mangkok (Bowl Cakes)

These cakes are Philip’s son’s favorites- and Philip’s too we suspect!

Tape Singkong is available in the traditional markets and in Tiara supermarkets.

These are the pretty puffed up cupcakes in vivid colors that are stacked up in traditional Balinese temple offerings. You can add food coloring if you wish.

2 cups rice flour
1 cup cold water
2 packs fermented cassava
1 cup white sugar
1 cup wheat flour
½ cup water (for liquefying coconut sugar)
½ cup coconut sugar

1.Mix rice flour with cold water thoroughly, set it aside
2.In a different container, mix tape singkong (fermented cassava) and
sugar thoroughly, set it aside
3.Mix the coconut sugar with water until it become syrup like liquid.
Pour the wheat flour into the liquid, mix it.
4.Mix all ingredient, and set it  aside for 1 night in room temperature.
Make sure to cover it.
5.In the morning, put the dough into small containers (usually miniature
bowl, hence the name), and steam it for about 15 minutes. When it puffs up and the top looks a bit cracked, it is done.

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