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We Can, They Can’t05 Feb 2019

Hello to all regular readers of the Rotary clubs fortnightly column!

This fortnight I have entitled my article “We can, They Can’t” ……so what does this mean? It means to me, that so many expats living in this beautiful island, with its generous friendly people, amazing scenery, traditional customs and culture going back hundreds and hundreds of years, are able to live here very comfortably…unfortunately for so many Balinese, and Indonesians this is not the case. As we are all aware conditions vary considerably as do earnings, and not everyone gets the opportunity of a full education leading to gainful employment.

The education system is varied to say the least, although this is not my topic today, but HEALTH is! Even if we expats do not have private health insurance either in Bali or your home country we can still afford to be treated here. There are many very good hospitals, dental clinics and specialist clinics available to us.

But to the people of this island, health care is not free! Families have to pay every month into the government’s scheme and even then they are not fully covered for all treatments, medicines etc. Those who live in the towns or near to towns can access care if needed, and often have to take loans, apply to the banks, or their families to help pay the bills. This of course then has to be repaid!

However to many people in Bali, because of where they live they have absolutely no access to any kind of medical care. Nor do they have the money to even consider it. So they go without, or go to local medicine healers….I am not saying they are not credible but sometimes western medicine is required.

So, Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset’s latest project was to sponsor “ Rumah Sehat/ Yayasan Kita Peduli” in providing a Healthy Day. This is a broad based community initiative set up in 2011 by Sue and Ray Bishop, also members of RCBUS, providing remote village families in Karangasem region with basic health care, nutritional and hygiene education and also vocational training through the Pricilla Hall Memorial Foundation.

HEALTHY DAY – When sponsorship is offered, as in this case by RCBUS, the organisational process goes to work. Firstly an area in great need of free health care, always a very remote village is located. Consultation with the local Kepala Desa, Banjar and Rumah Sehat takes place. Once a village and a venue is established, next a date is set, usually several weeks in advance. The villages have to have the day advertised and the necessary medical personnel have to be approached with the date and confirmation they can attend.

On October 6th 2018, a Healthy Day took place in the local school in Kendampal, east Bali. The village is 12 kms up Mount Agung, YES up the mountain, only 4 kms from the summit! Thankfully the Gods were with us, a perfect day, and Mt. Agung kept very quiet for us. This village has over 514 families and no medical care….many are elderly and       have never left their village. So now please imagine     general doctors, nurses, ophthalmologists, dentists, physiotherapists, pap smear and breast screen professionals, pharmacists, plus all the volunteers, driving up the mountain with all their equipment? Not to mention food,water, cleaning materials, etc. etc. Quite a feat, you may say and you would not be wrong. The day before, much cleaning at the school was carried out by volunteers and the various classrooms turned into “surgeries”.

People start arriving about 8am for registration then to be seen by the appropriate professional. Those wishing to have pap smear and breast screening, and the women do have to be encouraged, have to go through an educational talk/power point by the gynaecologist before having the physical tests. Following this they are given a food box, which most mothers promptly give to their children. All the school children turned up even though they had the day off. Following the physical exams, they were given a ladies incentive pack. Things we take for granted.

Over 300 adults were treated on the day, 9 cataracts detected which will require surgery, plus distribution of glasses and in some cases eye drops. Breast screening – 6 lumps detected, 1 definite cancer, 1 throat cancer, much dental work carried out, and over 200 children instructed in dental hygiene and rewarded with a free toothbrush and toothpaste.

All volunteers and this includes the medical personnel were provided with morning snacks, water, and a lunch time food box. Woh!! WHAT A DAY! But was it worth it. We Can, They Can’t….

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset has also sent funds to assist in the disaster in Palu as we did for the Lombok disaster fund.

To finish I would like to take this opportunity to advertise our 1 and only fund raiser of the year. YES just one, and with this we hope we can fund another year of great projects, to benefit the Bali population.



Written by Renee Heaton, member Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset.


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BaliChildrensProject01 Oct 2018

One of the 21 children we sponsored through The Bali Children’s Project so they could continue their education.  A child, to be able to go to school, MUST have 3 uniforms, books, pencils, paper, books, shoes, backpack, etc.  Many children’s families cannot afford that.  So The Bali Children’s Project steps in and supplies these items to needy children.

Our club is happy to contribute to their education!

5th Annual Christmas Fundraising Dinner 201829 Oct 2018

5th Annual Christmas Fundraising Dinner

The Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset is hosting our 5th Annual Christmas Fundraising Dinner:

  • Christmas Welcome Drink
  • Smoked Turkey & Stuffing and Gravy
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Garden Salad & Cranberry Salad
  • Roasted Pumpkin soup
  • Many Veggie sides and mains
  • Christmas Deserts

Even a fun Magician to entertain you!

Space is limited – call The Maya Resort & Spa now for reservations:  (0361) 977-888 ext:1401

Pay with Cash or Major Credit Cards, or ask any local Ubud Rotary member for more information or to purchase tickets!

Also, WIN exciting raffle prizes and a silent auction including elegant hotel stays, fabulous dinners, cooking classes, spa packages and more!   Raffle tickets available at the event.


When   : 09 Dec. 2018, 5:30-9:30PM

Cost      : IDR 500,000.  Cash or Major Credit Cards

IDR 450,000 KTP holders

IDR 250,000 for 6-12

Under 6 – FREE

Where : Maya Resort & Spa

Contact:  Maya (0361) 977-888 ext: 1401

September Birthdays31 Aug 2018

September Birthdays







Happy Birthday to some members this month:

PP Bruce Briscoe – Sept 21

VP Rich Foss – Sept 27

July Birthdays10 Jul 2018







Happy Birthday to our hardworking members this month.

Sue Bishop – 06 July

Anne Marie 14 July

Abe Satria 26 July

March Birthdays03 Mar 2018

Happy Birthday to one of our hardworking members this month.

Our very busy Ray Bishop.



February Birthdays04 Feb 2018

Happy Birthday to TWO of our members this month

  1. Our very busy Community Services Director, Dora; and
  2. Don Bennett, who is in California



Rotary World Wide – Doing good!02 Jul 2017

4 April – President of Rotary Club Colorado Springs Interquest to visit22 Mar 2016

Tony and Mary Fagnant will come to Bali for one week on 3 April.  He is the president of

Rich Foss at Aas with well bore

Rich Foss at Aas with well bore; yellow water tanks in background

Rotary Club Colorado Springs Interquest (for the second time).  He is most interested in the Karangasem water projects for which they have funded or contributed to 10 of the 16 projects.  They will be taken to Amed on Wednesday, 6  April to visit with Ping and to see some of the water projects.  They will attend to RC meeting on Monday, 4 April where Rich Foss, who has been in charge of the water projects in that area will give a water project presentation.

Books for Balinese Schools08 Mar 2016

Kids reading their new books

Kids reading their new books

Recently, several of the Rotaractors went to Gramedia bookstore to choose 10 ,000,000 rupiah (about US$775) worth of books for their Mobile Library project. The money was donated by the Ogopogo Rotary club of Canada through the hard work of Diane Parker. They were lucky as we withdrew the money when it arrived and thus received more rupiah than if we waited until now. Also they received a 10% discount plus “souvenirs” to pass on to the children.  We arrived at the end of the process in time to pay the money.  Now they will have a Mobile Library Day in Pejeng, a small villiage East of Ubud, on one of the Saturdays in March to which we are all invited and encouraged to attend.  They will let us know when. In the meantime with remaining money they will buy prizes for the children as part of the reading games.

A new need – hand puppets. They can find none in Bali and it would help storytelling


Bluu Karangasem Water project handover 3 Jan 201608 Jan 2016

Water for the Bluu community

Water for the Bluu community

Child Helmet Project is up & running thanks to Terri & Penny08 Jan 2016

Helmet Lady delivers the head safety story

Helmet Lady delivers the head safety story

Kindergarten children at Laplapan get their helmets thanks to the Viceroy

Kindergarten children at Laplapan get their helmets thanks to the Viceroy

The helmet project is the passion of the Canggu Rotary Club to educate small children (the next generation) in using motor bike helmets. Sponsor support the purchase of helmets for 3 to 6 year olds and we help find kindergartens with the helmets can be given to kids with a story of the importance of wearing them.

The project is well underway and we have sponsorship for the first 200 children this year. Well done Terri and Penny.

Two Important Briefs Available15 Oct 2014

Our 29 September meeting was a bit overwhelming. Cat Wheeler reported on the current state of HIV/AIDS in Bali and Indonesia (not good, and growing).

Of course with the HIV/AIDS epidemic we did respond by working with Bali Peduli to create a clinic in Ubud. This year the clinic has already seen over 700 patients, with 44 testing positive for HIV and 62 more on medication (some coming from other parts of Bali for treatment). Most of the positive patients are pregnant women infected by their husbands.

Download Cat’s Report on HIV-Oct 2014.

2015 still a growing problem can we do more?

Vision Quest: Bringing Vision to Indonesia’s Blind13 Aug 2014

Eye Testing at Fawcett Mobile Clinic

Eye Testing at Fawcett Mobile Clinic

Indonesia has one of the highest incidences of blindness in the world. At least 3.6 million people are visually impaired and between two and three million of these people are affected by cataracts. For the vast majority of the population there is no hope of treatment, which is unavailable in most of the country. Many of the cataract-blind are elderly, but cataracts can occur at any age, including young children. Those afflicted lead marginalized lives, although most can be successfully treated with simple surgery.

“People are blind because they are poor and remain poor because they are blind” – Foundation founder John Fawcett

In July 2014 Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset sponsored free mobile eye clinics to four villages and two elementary schools in the Ubud area through the John Fawcett Foundation. Over 2,100 people were seen in five visits, including 355 children. The most seriously affected with vision problems in these village visits were among the elderly.

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Purchase a Screening Voucher
and Save a Friend’s Life
10 Sep 2014

Market woman with load that may weigh more than she does

Market woman with load that may weigh more than she does

RCBUS member Janet Molloy asks us to support Yayasan Rama Sesana‘s women’s health initiative at the Denpasar market, by purchasing vouchers (kupons) to send our Indonesian women friends for screening.

This is a hugely successful program that brings health services where they’re needed – right next door to the market, with outreach into the market. Vouchers provide a package of services:

  • General examination/vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory)
  • Pap test (screening for cervical cancer)
  • Gram Stain and Wet mount test (screening for RTIs/ STIs)
  • Blood test (screening for HIV)
  • Breast examination/palpable (screening for breast cancer)
  • A follow-up visit is also included if necessary.

If anything suspicious presents, women are sent FREE to Prima Medika for a mammogram.

Cervical cancer is a big problem in Indonesia, where screening is rare so it’s usually found too late.

A kupon is 300,000 per person. Considering you could save a friend’s life, worth the price yes??

FUNraiser: Jazz Night with
The Hogan Brothers
08 Jul 2014

Ketut & family

Ketut & family

10 August Update from Neil Woodgate on little Ketut: Ketut was in hospital for longer than expected after his first chemo treatment, but is now doing well and appears much more cheerful than pre op. Such a great sight to see him smiling again.

25 July, Betel Nut in Ubud: Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset continued their tradition of FUNraisers, teaming with Betel Nut to present The Hogan Brothers, a wildly talented jazz fusion trio to benefit 8-year-old Ketut Evan Aiikrisna. The proceeds from the Rp 100,000 admission fee went towards his medical costs.

The Hogan Brothers

The Hogan Brothers

Check out their Youtube videos here and here for a taste of good jazz!

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Oz Singer Gyan Benefits RCBUS to Assist HIV/AIDS Clinic12 Jun 2014

Gyan will appear at Betel Nut June 13

“Gyan” – the stage name for talented and charismatic performer Gyan Evans – is coming to Bali for a single night performance on Friday, June 13, 2014 at the Betelnut Restaurant on Jalan Raya Ubud.

Partial proceeds from the performance will go to Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset to assist Bali Peduli’s HIV/AIDS Testing and Treatment Center in Sayan, Ubud.

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Ubud’s HIV/AIDS Clinic Opens Officially!10 Apr 2014

On the 3rd of April, Rotary members gathered with Bali Peduli, the head of Gianyar District Health Office, and representatives from related stakeholders to celebrate the official opening of Klinik Anggrek. A Rotary Global Grant funded the required renovations and testing equipment, as well as medications, medical personnel training, and community educational outreach for one year. Funds from RCBUS and three California Rotary Clubs (La Jolla Golden Triangle, Blythe, and Carlsbad High-Noon) were matched by funds from The Rotary Foundation for a total of US $57,000.

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Mary Jane Edleson on Sustainable Tourism10 Apr 2014

RCBUS member Mary Jane Edleson of Slow Food Bali continues to share her passion for authentic food, truly a Vocational Service – one of Rotary’s several Avenues of Service. She recently spoke at a local conference on Sustainable Tourism in Indonesia.  Catriona Mitchell of Ubud Now and Then gave this report…

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‘Body Music’ Was a Great Success!15 Mar 2014

Body Music posterIn February 2014, we were delighted to present BODY MUSIC SPECTACULAR: STOMPIN’ MEETS KECAK, featuring Khalid “Greens” Freeman,

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RCBUS Hosts Successful RYLA 201319 Apr 2013

D3420’s RYLA took place on April 12-14. The event was hosted by our club Bali Ubud Sunset and ably let by chair Rtn PROBO. 22 participants aged 15-24 forsook their cell phones for three days and took part in the Outward Bound-type leadership training program, climbing ropes, falling into the mud.

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What does a Water Project Look Like?29 Dec 2012

Project “Gulinten II” – W A T E R !!!  Rich Foss reports about his recent visit to the village of Gulinten, in far east Bali, to start the water project.  It is the beginning of the rainy season and villagers are most happy to end one of the driest seasons in recent years.

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top chinese-new-year-firecracker

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Nest Box for Bali Starling21 Jun 2011

In Nusa Penida, an small island off Bali, the Bali Starlings being revived from near extinction have a new nesting place high in the trees thanks to the donation of $100 from our club.

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