Members, Officers and Committees

Abe Satria

A Balinese native, born in Denpasar, Bali.  A member of the Ubud Rotaracts since 2009 and was their 8th President.  Also has been an District International Finance for Rotaract for one year.  Currently doing business in the Restaurant and Accommodation area in Ubud and have also been active in community social projects based in Ubud.

Allan Starr

Allan and Raelene moved to Bali at the beginning of 2011 after building a villa in Pejengaji (Tegallalang). Allan is a retired (almost) after a career in operations and project management. Raelene is a retired (the lucky one) family counselor. Their 4 daughters and 7 grandchildren live in various parts of Australia and are the reason to return to Australia. Allan first joined Rotary in 1999 and has a passion to improve the Balinese people’s  access to clean water.

AnneMarie Kipar

Our HONORARY Member AnneMarie came to Bali to write a book (now in its final stages of pre-publication), Annemarie now brings her love of fine art as inspiration for her jeweled Batik wall hangings and bed covers. Most of the fabrics used are antique, although sometimes a contemporary batik might inspire her creativity.

Bill Schneider

Bio and photo coming soon

Brian Goldman

After coming to Bali in February 2012 to sort out some health issues after working in the Building and Construction Industry for 30 years, i was drawn to come back and live in Ubud later that year.  I have opened Indonesia’s first certified Salt Rooms in Ubud. I look forward to helping the local people in whatever ways I can.

I have a special spot in my heart for children’s health and happiness  with a special interest in all sporting activities.

Bruce Briscoe

Retired IT professional and English teacher. After running his IT consulting company and web marketing company in San Francisco for many years, Bruce moved to Bali 2001. Since then he has spent two years in China and three in Jakarta teaching English. Now his specialty is Web Marketing, Facebook marketing, SEO, and AdWords. He also writes magazine and newspaper articles about travel and technology. He loves Bali, the Balinese people and the Balinese culture.

Danielle Foss

Born and raised in Seattle, went to college there and in California (so she could play tennis!), and graduated in Business and Interior Design. She and husband Rich Foss love working with and helping people all over the world and have a great interest in Rotary Projects in Bali’s dry northeast. With Rotary support they have completed eight water projects in the Amed area and are working on economic development projects and a health clinic. They live in Bali and have a home in Colorado Springs.

Don Bennett

Don graduated from the University of California at Davis as an electrical engineer and obtained his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.  He has worked in computers and hi tech in Silicon Valley for many years.  Retired now, we have been coming to Bali since 2005.


A Balinese native, born in Bangli, Bali.  A member of the Ubud Rotaracts since 2008 and was their 5th President.  Also has been a Assistant District Representative for Rotaracts for the Bali Area for one year.  Currently working in a silver and gold company as a product and sample development manager and in charge of correspondence with the buyers.

Judith Schneider

Bio & photo coming soon

Renee Heaton

Born in Scotland, lived in England, Germany and immigrated to Australia 1991. Retired 2013 and moved to Bali.  Her working life has been as a qualified nurse/social worker/child care worker and trained with Arthritis Australia as a volunteer exercise leader.  She has been involved with Yayasan Peduli Bali and Bali Pink Ribbon and for the past year a volunteer with Yayasan Rumah Sehat.  She is very passionate about improving the health and education of these beautiful people in whose country we live. Health and education being 2 of the many focuses of Rumah Sehat. “I hope to be able to continue and aid in projects in these areas with Rotary Club Ubud Bali Sunset”.
A beautiful photo is coming soon.

Richard Foss

Rich was a career Army officer who is now retired. He is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and served several years in South East Asia and the Pacific area. He and his wife Danielle, also a Rotary member, moved to Bali following teaching at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.  His Rotary interest is in providing drinking water to villages in the dry northeast hills of Bali.

Sue Bishop

Born in England and grew up in Canada.  Moved to Australia in the early 1990 and then to Bali in 2011.  Sue has 4 children and 6 grandchildren.  After a marketing and sales career Sue chose to move her interests towards helping people and she and her husband Ray started Rumah sehat, which opened its doors Nov 2012 in Bali.

Susan Bennett

Sue graduated from the University of California at Davis and worked in computers for Stanford University.  She retired to raise her children and returned to work only to find her job had been outsourced.  She started in Real Estate and has been a successful investor and agent.  Mostly retired now Sue enjoys music and travel.  She has been coming to Bali since 2005.

Terri Lewin

Terri retired from teaching in 2007. She spends six months a year in Ubud, Bali and returns to Bunbury Western Australia when the sun comes back. She is passionate about helping the Balinese and has a great respect for their culture. She is excited about the “Helmets on Heads” project and enjoys meeting the young children in schools to hand out helmets.