News, 08 Mar 2016Books for Balinese Schools

Kids reading their new books

Kids reading their new books

Recently, several of the Rotaractors went to Gramedia bookstore to choose 10 ,000,000 rupiah (about US$775) worth of books for their Mobile Library project. The money was donated by the Ogopogo Rotary club of Canada through the hard work of Diane Parker. They were lucky as we withdrew the money when it arrived and thus received more rupiah than if we waited until now. Also they received a 10% discount plus “souvenirs” to pass on to the children.  We arrived at the end of the process in time to pay the money.  Now they will have a Mobile Library Day in Pejeng, a small villiage East of Ubud, on one of the Saturdays in March to which we are all invited and encouraged to attend.  They will let us know when. In the meantime with remaining money they will buy prizes for the children as part of the reading games.

A new need – hand puppets. They can find none in Bali and it would help storytelling


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