News, 09 Jan 2020Jim Hook Memories

In Our Memories: Jim Hook


Dear Friends –

I am so sorry but I will be unable to join you on Monday for the Rotary meeting.  Jim died very unexpectedly on December 28, 2019.  Sue will tell you about it at Monday’s meeting as It is very difficult for me to write about or to discuss on the phone.

I do want you all to know how much Jim enjoyed Rotary and each of you.  You filled him with a purpose larger than himself here in Bali.  You offered him unconditional friendship which he embraced.  You made a huge, joy-filled difference in his life here. And for that, I simply can not thank you enough – ever.


What can you do? Nothing will alter the situation, but I know Jim would be very pleased if you would continue to bring a spool of thread to the Rotary meeting at the Maya.  He was the father of two daughters and the Sewing for Living project was close to his heart for many reasons. He would smile if you also continued to nominate a friend to donate to the Taro GoFundMe account.  Jim admired Wayan very much and so wanted to see his eco projects succeed.  We have almost met the project goal to purchase badly needed machinery for Taro.  Lastly, please, please support the next Rotary fundraiser which will be in March.  Jim was so excited about it.  He and Ray planned it well and it will be up to all of us to execute those plans.  So please sell tickets and gather raffle items, large and small, to honor his memory.


I love you all and hope my heart will have healed enough so that I can see you at the January 27th meeting.


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