News, 10 Sep 2014Purchase a Screening Voucher
and Save a Friend’s Life

Market woman with load that may weigh more than she does

Market woman with load that may weigh more than she does

RCBUS member Janet Molloy asks us to support Yayasan Rama Sesana‘s women’s health initiative at the Denpasar market, by purchasing vouchers (kupons) to send our Indonesian women friends for screening.

This is a hugely successful program that brings health services where they’re needed – right next door to the market, with outreach into the market. Vouchers provide a package of services:

  • General examination/vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory)
  • Pap test (screening for cervical cancer)
  • Gram Stain and Wet mount test (screening for RTIs/ STIs)
  • Blood test (screening for HIV)
  • Breast examination/palpable (screening for breast cancer)
  • A follow-up visit is also included if necessary.

If anything suspicious presents, women are sent FREE to Prima Medika for a mammogram.

Cervical cancer is a big problem in Indonesia, where screening is rare so it’s usually found too late.

A kupon is 300,000 per person. Considering you could save a friend’s life, worth the price yes??

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