News, 08 Sep 2020Supporting Others

Supporting others

Saturday August 15 2020 our club members Tika, Brian Goldman, Kadek Erawan, Hans Schmid , Made (Brians wife), Feby and Abi are visiting Walter and Sabine Roeb-Rienas Germanist who has a house in Sengkidu Manggis Karangasem Bali. Walter been proposing to be a member of Rotary club of Cologne Germany. Started on June 8 2020 Walter and Sabine provided food to community of Sengkidu, many of village members lost of their job while the pandemic, the chief of Sengkidu gave them a list of people in there who need help, so they provide meal every day for around 102 people. Our club support them that day with club funding, sacks of rice and face masks. Thanks for your  kind and loving hearts for community in Bali

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