One Year Professional Desktop Publishing Program

Project Type: Sustainable Livelihoods
Project Location: Ubud, Bali
Executing Agency/Partner Organization: Karuna Bali Foundation
Project Duration: July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013
Project Objective: To provide intensive training in English language and desktop publishing to meet high and increasing demand for these skills in Bali, providing sustainable livelihoods for young Balinese people from subsistence level families

Although many jobs are available for young people with computer and English skills in Bali, these jobs go unfilled for lack of qualified applicants. Karuna Bali Foundation, through its Campuhan College arm, provides the necessary graphic design and English language courses that will guarantee graduates employment. Out of 50 graduates from the last four years, 10% have opened their own small businesses. The balance, who are employed in various businesses around Gianyar and Denpasar, receive a better level of salary than usual due to their skills. Every graduate of the course is now gainfully employed.

About the Karuna Bali Scholarship Program
Starting in August 2007, Karuna Bali established a one year professional program for English and computer skills, with the aim to create computer professionals who can supply the needs of local business or start their own businesses. The students were selected from all around Bali, with priority being given to bright students of poor family background. All scholarship students are carefully screened prior to selection. Each student is sponsored by private donors to cover their tuition fee, which in turn covers the teachers’ salaries and operational costs).

Scholarship students are required to perform community service in Karuna Bali’s Educare outreach program as part of their graduation requirements. In this program they go into rural elementary schools and share their English and leadership training with the students and teachers under the Living Values Education method.

Goal of the Project
In 2012, Karuna Bali will start another class of the one year professional desktop publishing program. The curriculum is designed around the basic premise that accelerated learning can only take place when the students have an understanding of their life purpose, which later helps the students make wise social choices in their lives. That’s why Karuna Bali starts with the concepts of  ‘know yourself, know your purpose’, then uses the students’ technical knowledge gained in the program to help them creatively express these choices.

The aim is to create print graphics professionals who can supply the needs of local businesses or start their own businesses, whichever suits their life purpose. These professionals will also have hands-on experience in social activity through their involvement in the Educare outreach program. Each student will be sponsored by a private donor. Each donor will be in constant contact with the students they sponsor via email, Facebook, Google Plus and other means of communication.

Expected Results
During the course, the students will receive classes that will enable them to:

  • Understand their life priorities and express them
  • Understand the basics of print graphics
  • Use the software and hardware necessary to produce a professional grade of print design
  • Design and produce a corporate identity in print media during their field work
  • Present their design to an English-speaking audience
  • Formulate and design their business proposal in English
  • Maintain contact with their sponsor(s)

Project Budget
Each student pays a tuition of Rp 10,000,000 or US $1100 to cover all the tuition and operational costs needed to run this program.

For the year of 2011-2012, Campuhan College opened the Professional Program for Desktop Publishing class to 20 students from subsistence-level families. But only 15 students were able to accept the opportunity of sponsored education out of the 20 who passed the tests. Some had to pass up the scholarship and work to support their family, as their families could not afford to lose their income for a year. Others could not afford the associated costs of transportation to the Campuhan College campus in Ubud, nor could they afford to rent a simple room and eat near the campus for the year. For board and room, a student typically needs Rp 875,000 per month, so for a full year they need support of Rp 10,500,000 or US $1150 in addition to the tuition fee.

Rp 10,000,000 (US $1100) sponsors the education of one student.

Rp 20,500,000 (US $2250) supports a student’s education, including their board and room, which will relieve the pressure on their parents. You can help by sponsoring any number of students (up to 24 students).

When you sponsor a student, you will receive:

  • Update from Karuna Bali Foundation via email every 3 months
  • Direct correspondence with the student that you sponsored via email

Sponsorships can be arranged through Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset.

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