Water Project in Temukus

The village of Temukus is located in the dry area of Karangasam, East Bali and has a population of approximately 500 villagers.  During the dry season, the closest water source is 1000 meters uphill and the path is difficult and dangerous.  This project brings water into the village and ensures water availability year round.  Water is delivered by gravity, a simple approach requiring minimal maintenance.  Budget $5500.

The project came in under budget to the extent that the village was able to run additional piping from their new water tank to two nearby villages which were also hampered by access to water.

The dirt track “road” to Temekus is subject to frequent landslides, as is the track to the trailhead leading to their spring. A recently married Rotaracter couple has donated 1000 saplings to the village for planting to prevent further roadside erosion.

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