10th Aniversary Rotary Club of Bali Ubud Sunset


Free Eye Screening, Free Glasses and Free Cataract Surgery by John Fawcett Foundation

Balai Banjar Selat, Desa Buahan Kaja, Kec, Payangan Kabupaten Gianyar

26 – 27 July 2018


First Day July 26th 2018

On the day  396 people coming for eye screening , 240  free glasses, 8 Cataract surgery done at JFF clinic bus. For 8 people got the surgery that day, 5 people both eyes cataract so they need do cataract surgery at the other eye. RCBUS will contact JFF for continuing this surgery. This even announced to Desa Buahan Kaja and Desa Buahan Kelod with approximately 1,950 families which is about 5,850 so more people knows about, more people can involved.

Second day July 27th  2018

Eye checking at elementary school SD 2 Buahan Kaja which is 112 children, 4 free glasses, no cataract founded.

Eye Checking at elementary school SD 1 Buahan Kaja which is 120 children, 6 free glasses and founded one girl 12 years old positive cataract name Kadek Cinta Dewi. Cataract on children cannot doing the surgery at the JFF bus clinic because its need general anesthetic, so it must be doing at hospital. Followed by RCBUS Kadek Cinta got her surgery on December 7th 2018 at Puri Raharja Hospital  Denpasar, now she has a better sign.