Banjar Aas Water Projects

RC Bali Ubud Sunset is the host club for the water project at Banjar (village) Aas, which is actually a series of projects totaling US$13,500, funded by five Rotary clubs:

Rich Foss at Aas with well bore

Rich Foss at Aas with well bore; yellow water tanks in background await a successful bore.

  • The deep well project was just completed, funded by the RC Ignacio in California with a $6,000 contribution.
  • The group of families at Kelompok Bluu was funded by RC Bozeman in Montana with a $1,500 contribution which is not yet started. This will go for distribution tanks and pipe for these families.
  • The top tank and connecting pipe was funded by $1,000 in donations from RCBUS member Sylvia McGroarty and friends in Canada. This is completed except for the hook up.
  • RC Colorado Springs Interquest contributed $1,000 for the distribution tanks and pipe.
  • The remaining $3,500 will come from funds from the former RC Bali Ubud to supply distribution tanks, pipe, and connections.
Our well contractor, Rich Foss & Bill Schneider at bore site in Aas

Our well contractor, Rtns Allan Star & Bill Schneider at bore site in Aas

The entire water project at Banjar Aas is funded at $13,500. A lot of loose ends are still to be resolved and completed. The next step is to find a pump for the well and build a hand-washing facility at the well site which is also the wantilan (meeting place) for the Banjar. This will necessarily include a storage tank. Download the current update on this project in Powerpoint (pdf). This is also the site at which Yayasan Rumah Sehat has built a ‘nurses room’ where Rtns. Ray and Sue Bishop of RC Bali Taman hold frequent health fairs. RC Bali Taman and RC Hope Island in Australia are the drivers behind this effort.

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