Integrated Program for Health and Health Education for Women, Babies and Children in Kali Ngara, Sumba

A 2-year program to address the serious health problems, inadequacies of health care, and need for health education, especially with women and small children

RCBUS has worked with Yayasan Harapan Sumba (YHS) on previous projects providing water and toilets to rural villages on the island of Sumba. The total budget for the two year program is $20,000, of which $4,500 has been raised; we seek the remaining funding. Here is their statement of the need:

Traditional Sumba home

Traditional Sumba home

Most of us take good food, abundant clean water and access to education and health care for granted. In Sumba, these are all rare.

This is one of the poorest provinces in Indonesia, with about 75% of the population living in poverty. Over 25% of the people are clinically anaemic and malnourished, including almost all pregnant women. A third of the population is illiterate. Only about 20% of children finish elementary school. Infant and maternal mortality are the highest in the country.

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