More Successful Projects Completed

Water and Literacy

This project provides teaching and learning materials for two Ubud elementary schools and water projects in four Ubud schools.  Budget $18,150.  Funded by RC Kelowno Ogopogo.  Matching Grant

Pilot Waste Management and Recycling Training

A one year program  to train students and staff of a high school plus the staff of adjacent warungs (local eateries) in recycling. Training, monitoring, bins and collection supplied by EcoBali Recycling.  RCBUS sponsored two bins and will assist with monitoring. Neighbors have sponsored other bins. Private Funding IDR 4,400,000 from Bali Buddha:  IDR 490,000 from RCBU

Water Project Bayung Gede

This project will provide water to the villagers in Bayung Gede, a community of 2500 with no access to water during the dry season.   The project provides piping, a generator, a pump and 2 water storage tanks.  The villagers provide labour.  RC Seaside District Simplified Grant.  IDR 98,161,000.  Funded by RCs Seaside, Warrenton, Tillamook, North Tillamook, Forest Grove Daybreak, USA, RC Manningham Australia, and private donations.


Batu Kesini Water Project

A well and two water tanks provided to a poor village in East Bali.  Rotary Club Ubud and Ubud Rotaracters are overseeing the project.    Budget $10,000.  Funded by RCs Ignacio, Foster City, Colorado Springs, Menlo Park.   Matching Grant.




Learning tools, books and furniture for Umah Anyar elementary school SD3 in Pejeng Kaja. Direct Donation RC Woodside-Portola Valley USA Budget $3,576

Completion of Bridge

Completion of a partially constructed bridge in the area of Kerta, Tabanan, Bali. Use of the bridge reduced travel time by at least one hour to fields, markets and schools for over 1,000 people.  Direct Donation by anonymous donor. Budget $1,000.




Aid to Children

Corporate Sponsorship from Duty Free Shops / LVMH with the stipulation that financial support be allocated to aiding young children. Project proposal in process.  Private donations from Executive Lynette Johnson and matching donation from LVMH. Budget up to $10,000.

Literacy and Health

Funded by RC Paso Robles, this project provided books and sports equipment to a school in the district of Payangan. District Simplified Grant from RC Paso Robles Budget $1500





RCBUS accepts funds for poverty level children who are screened and selected through Yayasan YKIP.  In this case a child named Carmi was chosen so she could continue her elementary school education. Private donation Budget IDR 2,500,000



Poverty Level Housing

RCBUS accepts funds to provide housing for poverty level families who are either selected by the donor or screened and selected through Yayasan YKIP.  Private donation Budget IDR 100,000,000




Training Farmers to Increase Yields

This project provided training for Balinese rice farmers in the system of rice intensification, which can increase yields while using less rice seed and water and without agricultural chemicals.  Over 200 communal rice organization (subak)  leaders all from over Bali have been trained and they have passed the training on to farmers in their communities. Private Funding (Funding Network UK) Budget IDR 710,000,000


Basic Literacy Training on Flores island

This project provided transportation, medical insurance and associated costs for two volunteer teachers to travel to Pulau Besar island off of Flores and teach basic literacy there for one year.  Funded by RC Bali Ubud Sunset with a budget of IDR 10,000,000.



Water and Literacy

Funded by RCs Ignacio, Woodside and Central Marin, this project provided teaching and learning materials to four Ubud schools, water for one school, school supplies to Panti Asuhan and camera equipment for multimedia courses to Campuhan College.  Budget US$24,633.  Matching Grant



Elementary Schools: Literacy

Funded by RC Redding Riverview Sunset this project provided teaching and learning materials to four Ubud schools.  Because of a favorable exchange rate, we were also able to provide a printer to Campuhan College.  Budget US$17,525  Matching Grant

Community Service: IT support

RC Carringbah, Australia, brought IT volunteers to Bali to provide advice/support for Campuhan College.  Self-funded

Community Service: Kindergarten books

Funded by Diane Parker and friends, eight kindergartens in Tampak Siring were supplied with books and building blocks.  Private Funding  Budget IDR 5,180,248.




Elementary Schools: Water and Sanitation

Funded by RC Ignacio, RC Novato and RC Central Marin, this project provided water tanks, deep wells and toilets for five Ubud schools.   Budget US$15,022.   Matching Grant





Community Service: Playground Renovation

Funded by private donations from Diane Parker and friends, Rtns Janet Molloy, Sue Winski, Lloyd Hassencahl, Alisa Chazani and Marilyn Carson, RCBUS repaired, painted and added playground equipment as a community service working with teachers and village leaders. Rtn Janet Molloy also installed a wash basin, painted the classroom inside and out, and donated numerous books.  Private Funding IDR 5,238,800

Laptops for training for students of poverty level families

Campuhan College: Funded by RCs La Jolla Golden Triangle, Alexandria, Minneapolis, and Minneapolis South, this project provided 15 Mac laptops, two external tera back-up hard drives and a dry box to Campuhan College.  This equipment is used to teach technical skills in multi-media and graphic design to high-achieving sponsored students from poverty-level families.  This training will allow young people to move into well-paying jobs or open their own businesses.  100% of students who complete this training have found jobs, or continued their education.    Budget $14,950.  Matching Grant

Disaster Relief

Donations to victims of the Java floods, Yogyakarta earthquake and Sumatra earthquake including AUD$2,000 from RC Manningham.  Total donated IDR 28,381,828.

Toilets and Water Tanks – Sumba Island

Sumba Water Tanks/Toilets: Funded by RCs Seaside, Astoria, Portland Pearl and Lake Oswego (district 5100), this project provided 34 community rainwater catchment tanks and 196 family composting toilets in a very poor, dry area of Sumba.   Budget $25,487  Matching Grant



RCBUS & Rotaract Library Project

Rotaract Library Project: Funded by RC Ignacio via MG #69874, this project provided library books to several rural elementary schools in Payangan, along with activities and games which encouraged children to read for pleasure.  IDR 9,000,000




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