Proposal Water #19 for Gitgit Village Stage 2, Gullinton, Karangasem regency.

Proposal Water #19 for Gitgit Village Stage 2, Gullinton, Karangasem

What will be done: This project aims tonics the
available water to people of Git Git and adjacent
Klompoks by tapping a spring within the local
mountains, collect the water, pump up to the high
ground between the spring and the village. The new
equipment will supplement the water supply and add
a new gravity feed distribution system and increase
access for the people of Gitgit all year round as this
region only receives adequate rainfall for less than 6
months of the year. The key actions will be to provide
the local community with engineering expertise and the necessary equipment (Piston pump,
pipe, tanks, and fittings, etc) to expand the work
originally completed by Rich Foss in 2007. The
additional water will to meet the growing needs and
community in Gitgit.
What will be the community Benefit:
This project will provide 170 families (~1500 people)
access to water year round. Community members
may take water from the local distribution tanks for
free. Gitgit like many other villages of the region
suffer from skin diseases resulting from lack of water
for basic hygienic needs. The community leaders have an established process for the community
memoers to ensure adequate funds are available to maintain the systems.
What is the Investment: Rp 85.000.000 for collection reservoir, piston pressure pump,
pipework, distribution tanks and fittings. Installation is by the local community. Currently not
fully funded.

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