Research and Demonstrate Sustainable Dry Land Farming in NW Bali

Test corn compared with local variety

Test corn compared with local variety

RCBUS will oversee a project in northwest Bali developed by the Biosphere Foundation with funding from the Australian government’s Direct Aid Program (DAP) to:

  • Research and promote new staple and cash crops
  • Research and promote dry land farming techniques
  • Research, demonstrate and promote sustainable growing techniques.
Biosphere-measuring trees

Learning to measure tree saplings

The project is being implemented in partnership with local farmers and several Indonesian groups. The ultimate aim of the project is to reduce encroachment on the natural resources of the surrounding National Park, both terrestrial and marine. These resources are of primary importance both ecologically and economically to the district of Buleleng. They are the main attraction to visitors who come to the area. Download Biosphere Foundation DAP proposal (pdf).  

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