Bulletin 05 September 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.”


BULLETIN 05 September 2011

Attending: Bill, Fred and Mandy, Janet, Lloyd, Marilyn, Mr. Chu, Patricia, Philip, Rucina

Apologies: Alisa (USA), Bruce (USA for medical treatment), Cat (Canada), Don and Sue (USA), Donna (recovering from illness), Driya and Probo, Gabe, Jeremy (Bangkok), Jody, (USA), Kadek (in the field), Rosalind, Rustiasa, Sue W. (Italy  rtng 9.13), Tjok Raka, Tangsi, Zsuza (Canada)

Guests: Dr. Steve Wignall (guest speaker), Rtns PP Judith Schneider and Bill Schneider (RC Foster City, USA), Rtn Danielle Foss (RC Bali Ubud), Rtn Richard Foss (RC Colorado Springs Interquest) Marcus, Lynn Babcock, and for a fleeting moment, Meghan Pappenheim, (Bali Spirit)


Pres LLoyd updated us on Rtn Rosalind’s health condition. (Bless LLoyd, he has taken charge of ensuring Rosalind has the best care possible.) Rosalind is hospitalized with a potentially serious heart problem, but as yet no clear diagnosis. VP Rucina set up a schedule for visits to Rosalind so we could all spend time with her, but not be overwhelming. In the face of all this, Rosalind wants to see a copy of the cook book she has worked on so hard. Rtn Janet passed around a copy for our own first look (it’s GREAT!) and will bring a copy to Rosalind. She’ll LOVE it. [Update: She’s in great shape after successful stent procedure in Denpasar.]
We had a brief discussion about health insurance in Bali. Many of us have health insurance overseas but none here. Pres LLoyd stressed the importance of holding local insurance and guest Lynn Babcock offered some suggestions as to how this might be handled as a group. VP Rucina offered to work with club members to develop a ‘database’ of information about each of us that would be valuable should any of us become ill in Bali.

Bruce, Tired But Mending

Pres LLoyd shared another health report about our dear Rtn Bruce, now in the USA undergoing cancer treatment. Bruce has taken a week off from radiation to recover from the treatment and then he’ll continue the treatment regimen. Bruce is still on track to return to Bali by December. What a guy! We can’t wait to have him back.

Projects continue to move forward. PP Marilyn reported that the water project in the village of Temukus is very close to completion. Water is merrily flowing to the village and we are expecting to soon be invited to participate in the village’s ‘finishing the project’ ceremony.

The Mel Wolf Foundation project (books and basic hygiene training for ten schools in Payangan District) also made good progress. The project committee met with Brent Whittaker (Director, Bali Kids) and walked through the basic hygiene training program. One setback, but nevertheless a happy one is the slowdown in getting books delivered. Past Rotaract Mang Tri, who is handling this portion of the project for us, is taking a time out….her baby is almost due!

Quilting for Water in Tenganan Duah Tukad

And we received a picture of yet another gorgeous quilt (not quite completed) from Rtn Ray RC Bowral-Mittagong and spouse Jenny Williams. Jenny is sewing this quilt and it will be auctioned to raise funds for a water project in Tenganan Duah Tukad.

Love is grand! Rotaract Tika and Rtn Gobind invited all of us to their wedding on Oct.2. Take a look at this and you’ll see how special this couple is. They are models for all of us.


Dr. Steve Wignall is a physician with 19 years experience in Indonesia working on infectious diseases including malaria and typhoid among others but with a special interest in HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.  He is currently working for the Clinton Foundation in Papua trying to expand access to antiretrovirals to people living with HIV in Indonesia’s eastern-most province.

Dr. Steve Wignall

HIV infections are not only increasing rapidly in Papua but throughout Indonesia, fueled by poorly managed sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the context of high risk behaviors.  Steve and friends have started clinics in Carolus Hospital in Jakarta and in Bali Medika in Kuta, Bali to promote early diagnosis and treatment of STIs and HIV in friendly, efficient, one-stop clinics.

In Bali, HIV continues to expand in high risk communities. The population in Bali is poorly educated about the disease and individuals are reticent to be tested.  More than 70% in high risk groups have NOT been tested.  This is partially due to the stigma and shame associated with the disease, but also because of the financial burden of testing and treatment.

Dr. Wignall, with an informal group of local friends and Perth-based Foundation Bali Peduli stepped forward to deal with the current situation when they saw an increasing number of young people sicken and die. Their goal is to make testing and treatment easily and inexpensively available. Their model is Siloam Clinic at Bangkok Christian Hospital where diagnosis and care is given to at-risk individuals. At Bali Medika Clinic here the goals are to provide streamlined access to friendly, high-quality health services at convenient hours with anonymity for all patients.

Funding is always a challenge and proposals have been submitted to AUSAID and American Foundation for AIDS. Foundation Bali Peduli, private donations and the hard work of dedicated individuals will surely guarantee success.  For more information http://www.balimedika.com/

* BIG * Rotary Events Coming Up

First The Rotary Institute is scheduled for December 2 to 5.  There will be 1400 Rotarians coming from Zone 6B (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangledesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos), Zone 7A (Indonesia and Phillippines) and Zone 10B (Hongkong, Macau, Mongolia, China and Taiwan).   It’s a great honor for Bali to host the Institute and a great opportunity for us to meet Rotarians from other districts and countries.  If it comes off anything like the District Conference last June, attendees can count on having a heck of a lot of fun!

And practically in our backyard, the Rotary International Conferencewill be held in Bangkok May 6 to 9, 2012.  It’s not likely to get much closer to Bali for years to come so if you can, REGISTER!  Many of our international project partners will attend and it will be our chance to meet them face to face and thank them for all their past help and support.

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