Bulletin 18 April 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.

If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

— (H.H. The Dalai Lama)

BULLETIN 18 April, 2011

Attending: Lloyd, Rosalind, Donna, Bruce, Philip, Mandy, Fred, Sue W.,Rucina, Alisa, Janet

Guests:  Jacqueline Meyers, Melvin Meyers, Honoka Kawazoe, Sachiko Dittmar , Vicky MacKay (RC Burnaby, Canada)


Rotarian Mandy's Rotarian father at his induction into Rotary

Pres. Sue welcomed Mandy and Fred back from their travels in Egypt and the U.S.  They brought back flags from the Cairo Rotary Club, from the Rotary Club in Newton, Mass where Mandy’s father was a member 50 years ago (!).  She told us she found a photo of his induction ceremony when he was 30 years old and looks like Abraham Lincoln.
Mandy and Fred also visited our sister club, RC La Jolla Golden Triangle, our main Global Grant partner, along with RC San Diego Breakfast.

We also welcomed back Philip and Rus from Australia.  They were conducting Living Values  for Young Offenders training, a program for children at risk (in jail, refugee camps, and street children.

We were sorry to hear of the passing of Rtn Russell Perry, an active member of our sister club, RC Manningham.  His family requested friends make donations to Shelter Box instead of flowers.

Pres Sue and Donna attended the Canggu Charter dinner at the unique and beautiful antique-filled Tugu Hotel in Canggu down south.  The new 36-member club is youthful, and raring to go!

Thanks to Zsuzsa and Donna for donating raffle prizes – we’re ok through May.

Cookbook:  Rosalind and Janet suggested that everyone keep trying out the recipes and giving us feedback.  Sue and Ros had a cooking session at Janet’s to test out Mr. Chu’s chinese recipes.  Janet, who owns Cafe Havana in Ubud, is a master chef, and incredible to watch. She creates food as a painter creates a work of art.

Global Grant: Donna reported on meeting with Pres Sue and Kerta village head and Kerta elementary school school principals to introduce the drawings for new toilets and sinks and discuss the work procedure.  School #2 is ready to be the first school to start.

A Rotarian from Denmark popped in, gave us his greetings from Denmark, and then left.  He was staying at the hotel, and by chance saw our meeting sign, and wanted to stop by and say hello…


Honoka Kawazoe

“Searching for Emeralds in Colombia”

Honoka is a gemologist, jewelry and clothing designer.  Her jewelry specialty is raw emeralds.  She seeks out the very best stones from the mines in Colombia, then has the stones cut in New York, and the jewelry produced in Bali.  Each piece is unique.

Her adventure started back in 1992, in her first job, she was sent to Bogota in Colombia to hunt for emeralds. Upon landing, she was presented with a gun, “for protection.”  Colombian emeralds are usually found among white quartz, so it is easier to separate than the African emerald that is found in black stones.

Rare, oblong emeralds

From Bogota to the mine, Honoka usually brings 20-30 bodyguards, as she must bring a lot of cash to pay for the emeralds.  The mines are deep, 50 or more meters deep, and claustrophobic.  But after seeing the emerald sparkles emerging after the dust of dynamite settles, she forgets all discomforts.  This last trip, it took at least 18 hours of chipping the rock to gain enough emeralds to pay for the expedition. The mine itself contains  confusing branches, so they needed a  guide dog to return to surface.  Emerald mining is a cut-throat business, some unscrupulous bodyguards have been known to  steal emeralds by hiding them under their skin or even swallowing them.  Despite all the risk involved, Honoka loves emerald, as it has a life of it’s own.

PE Lloyd added a bit of historical background: before Queen Victoria’s engagement, an engagement ring was always made of emeralds or rubies.   But Queen Victoria’s engagement ring was made of diamonds, and ever since that time, the diamond has become the most commonly used stone in engagement rings.

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