Bulletin 19 September 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud
“Dreams pass into the reality of action.
From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.”
Anais Nin

BULLETIN 19 September 2011

Attending: Bill, Driya and Probo, Donna, Danielle, Gabe, Lloyd, Marilyn, Mr. Chu, Philip, Rosalind, Rucina, Sue W

Apologies: Alisa (USA), Bruce (USA for medical treatment), Cat (helping ill family member Canada ), Don and Sue (USA), Fred and Mandy (USA), Janet (Bangkok)  Jeremy (inundated with work), Jody, (USA), Kadek (in the field), Patricia, Rustiasa (babysitting), Tjok Raka, Tangsi, Zsuza (Canada)

Guests: Rotaracts Pres Fitri, PP DekDor, Augie Jusran, Jeffrey Kiffer, PP Judith Schneider and Rtn Bill Schneider (RC Foster City USA), Rtn Richard Foss (RC Colorado Springs Interquest USA), Charles Woodward, Guest Speaker Jeni Caffin, Artistic Director, Ubud Writers and Readers Festival


YAY!!!  IPP Sue Winski is back from a fabulous trip to Italy.  And being an outstanding Rotarian, Sue worked hard at finding a Rotary Club meeting in Venice (three out of four telephone numbers weren’t active!). But the one number that worked resulted in an extraordinary evening.  First, it was held in the famous Hotel Danieli.  Second it was attended by only one member, a charming gentleman (all of Europe is on vacation in August…no reflection on the club!)  Third, this dear gentleman invited Sue to his 500 year old home…not to see his etchings but to meet his wife, show Sue through his stunning home filled with beautiful art and to explain his undulating marble floors.  Apparently a very soft marble is used in Venice construction and it flexes as Venice slowly sinks.  Sometime during this eventful evening Sue managed to squeeze in a flag exchange!

Sue brought a taste of Italy back with her as a raffle prize…a container of Italy’s best Tuscan virgin olive oil!   (Rtn Bill won it and we’re all waiting for an invitation for salad dressed with this scrumptious olive oil.)

Flower Arranging Workshop: RC Bali Nita Mandala came up with a super idea for a fundraiser…a flower arranging workshopThe  best florists in Bali will be teaching and all you have to do is bring yourself.  Flowers, vase, coffe break and lunch is included at IDR350,000 per attendee.  Sue will be there and based on the all the ooohing and aaahing around the room, several more of our members will go as well. The date is October 1 and contact Sue for details.

Gabe's "Rotary Minutes" are chocked full of good info.

Gabe made an inspirational ‘Rotary Minute’ presentation on September’s theme of bringing in new members. An important part of attracting new members is letting the people in our community know what we do. She reviewed Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus, which are broad enough to attract people with just about any interest in contributing to communities in need. We hope to bring in local, enthusiastic, community-connected new members.

Sue, Lloyd and Marilyn welcome Danielle into membership

New Member Danielle: Always an auspicious event, transferring Rtn Danielle Foss was inducted into the club this evening and was warmly welcomed.  Danielle’s energy level is so high it took three of us to complete her induction ceremony.  And with Danielle we get a two-for-one…husband Rich, RC Colorado Springs Interquest, becomes a permanent guest.  Danielle has already taken on a number of to do’s for the club, one of them being our greeter.  It’s worth coming to a meeting just for the pleasure of being greeted by Danielle. 

Mel Wolf Grant: Rtn Bill updated us on a very productive meeting with nine of the ten principals participating in the Mel Wolf project.  (The one no-show principal was dropped from the project and immediately replaced with another.)   The project was talked through from beginning to end and expectations of principal and teacher involvement were explained.   For children to get the most out of this reading and basic hygiene project, both the principals and their teachers will have important monitoring and evaluation responsibilities.  Everybody enthusiastically accepted these responsibilities.  And just to make sure plans were clear, minutes of the meeting were immediately prepared by Rotaract Ade and participants left with minutes in hand.  We owe special thanks to Principal Pak Ketut for organizing and chairing the meeting. He’s a super star!

HIV AIDS/STD Working group

Also of grave importance was an exploratory meeting held at PP Marilyn’s house this past week.  Dr. Steve Wignall and Rtn Bill co-chaired and explored ways in which the exponential spread of HIV/STD on the island might most successfully be dealt with.  As various resources were cited, it became clear there needs to be an effort to identify the fairly wide variety of NGOs involved in addressing HIV/AIDS, the extent of their involvement, whether there are areas of redundancy or areas overlooked.   Several NGO’s and health providers will be invited to attend a second meeting where NGO representatives can talk about their individual efforts and how they might be coordinated.  RCBUS members were invited to join this working group.


Rtns Rosalind and Sue are looking for “Cookbook Sherpas” to help carry copies of the cook book from the US to Bali. .  Books are inexpensively shipped within the USA but it’s a whopping bill to ship them here.

If you have a friend (or friend of a friend) heading to Bali and would consider carrying a few books back with them please contact rosalindinbali@gmail.com.

RCBUS adopting Ubud Rotaracters

Rotaract Pres Fitri was introduced and announced that Rotaract Club Bali Ubud has chosen our club to be their new sponsor.  Pres Fitri asked RCBUS to appoint an advisor who would be available to work with the Rotaracts when needed.  We think every club member already knows that PP Marilyn is begging for this assignment!   (Once a den mother, always a den mother.)  Fitri reported the continuing demand and success of their Mobile Library Project.  We’re all very proud of their professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment.

New Generations

Pres LLoyd asked us all to think about ways to promote New Generations, the fifth avenue of service.  IPDG Al sits on the Rotary International New Generations Committee and invited all Rotarians to suggest creative activities or ideas that would attract young members, send them on to Al and he’ll share them at a two day meeting to be held at RI headquarters in early October.


Jeni Caffin, UWRF Creative Director

Our guest speaker was passionate about the work she is doing here in Ubud…some of it quite unexpected!  Jeni Caffin arrived mid-August to help out at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF) for a month or so and almost immediately was asked to fill the role of Artistic Director…a month or so stay in Ubud turned into three months! The role is not entirely new to Jeni as she’s been closely involved with the Byron Bay Literary Festival in Australia which sells 50,000 tickets a year and has a strong relationship with UWRF, so Jeni knows her way around a festival!

Jeni had UWRF programs to distribute, fresh off the presses just today. She pointed out that the Festival’s theme, “Cultivate the Land Within,” complements nicely Rotary’s 2010-11 theme, “Reach Within to Embrace Humanity.” The Festival includes more Indonesian writers than ever this year, and aims to strengthen the growing bridge between Indonesian and Australian writers.

Sponsorship this year had been a challenge, as Citibank withdrew support at the last minute. But fortune smiled on founder Janet De Neefe when she went to visit ANZ Bank for a donation and came away with a new sponsor.

Jeni urged us to use the Festival to challenge ourselves to explore topics beyond our usual range of interests, and discover “unexpectedly juicy things.” Lots of free events, children’s workshops, book launches, interesting venues, dance and music performances and general fun make UWRF one of the best things about living in Ubud!

RC Bali Taman 20th Anniversary

IPP Sue with Pres. Patrick (Seminyak) and Pres. Erna (Lovina)

On September 17th IPP Sue and AG/PP Marilyn attended RC Taman’s 20th anniversary.  This club is famously known as a women’s club…although a man or two is wise enough to join…what a pleasure to be surrounded by these beautiful (inside and out) Rotarians.  The Taman ladies came dressed in traditional Balinese apparel, were so very welcoming and staged a fabulous evening of singing, dancing and delicious Japanese food.  Why Japanese food?  Because joining the Taman club members were representatives of several Japanese clubs with whom RC Taman has worked over the past years.  DDG Nila presented a slide show of projects the club has completed… it was awesome!

Enterprising Sue brought along sample copies of our cook book and returned home with none…they were snapped up.  A portent of things to come?  We surely hope so.

tiny dancers make Marilyn so happy!

These are 2 happy AG's!

Visiting Japanese delegation celebrate Bali Taman anniversary

Bali Taman members and giant cake

DGE Khun charms AG/PP Marilyn

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