Bulletin 9 May 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud
“I never could make a good impromptu speech without several hours to prepare it.”
Mark Twain


Attending: Alisa, Mr. Chu Driya, Fred and Mandy Brauer, Jeremy, LLoyd, Marilyn, Philip, Probo, Rosalind, Rucina, Rustiasa, Sue W

Apologies: Bruce (USA for medical treatment), Don and Sue Bennett (USA), Jody (USA), Cat (in Canada caring for her sister), Dennis (USA), Donna, Gabe (Australia), Janet (traveling through Europe with her darling daughter), Kadek (in the field), Patricia, Tjok Raka, Tangsi, Zsuzsa (Canada)

Guests: Miranda Suryajaya, Verga Safudin, Tim Arwine, Sri Fatmawati


We jumped directly into announcements this evening.  For some strange reason (must be the alignment of the stars) it seemed everyone had something to say.

Pres Sue started off doing a sales job on this evening’s raffle prize…a set of ceramic pieces to enhance the beauty of your home… and if you have any question where to place the pieces, should you be the lucky winner, PE LLoyd, our resident interior designer will surely help you out.

PE LLoyd launched into a hard sell for the opening dinner of the District Conference the evening of June 10.  Looks like we’ve filled a table.  Now working on table #2,

VP Rucina has magically filled the guest speaker schedule into the far distant future!  That accomplishment brought a big round of applause.

Rtn Rosalind is working the cook book committee to exhaustion.  Eighty recipes are now ‘in the system’ and ready for proof reading.  Rtn Gabe will be the eagle eye that catches any errors.  Rtn Donna is translating Indonesian recipes into English…a challenge since not much attention is given to quantities or measurements by Balinese cooks.  It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that.   Great progress is made when the description moves from ‘a little bit’ to ‘half a finger’.

PP Marilyn is back from the USA and looking extraordinarily happy (and kind of fat!).  Turns out she stopped smoking while in the states and to help her along her doctor prescribed what Marilyn describes as ‘happy pills’.  They’re so wonderful that not only did it make it easier to give up cigarettes but they left her totally irresponsible…happily ignoring any task that wasn’t fun or entertaining… and without guilt!  Things were so bad (or so good) that when Pres Sue asked Marilyn to report on a recent Global Grant meeting, Marilyn had no recollection of when the meeting took place and what the purpose was.  But she looked happy!  (By the way, there really was a meeting with our basic hygiene teacher trainers…focus on evaluation.)

Wednesday we were off to Bukian #1 elementary school to deliver a whole bunch of fabulous sports equipment, books, chess sets, shelving and more…made possible by the good offices of World Community Service Chair, Bob Lata, RC Paso Robles, CA USA.

Chair Bob helped us obtain a District Simplified Grant for this little school so it could once again participate in local sports competitions between the local schools.  Believe it or not, in the entire school there was not a single item of sports equipment…not even a beaten up soccer ball!  All that is changed, thanks to this project, and now these children probably have the best equipment for miles around.

And just to make sure they lacked for nothing, Rtn Ashley Kumar, RC Manningham (our sister club) donated additional soccer balls, badminton rackets, ping pong paddles, volley ball nets, ping pong nets and the like. We might add that the children thought their new math, Indonesian language, and science books looked like fun, too.   What was amazing to us was how quickly the teachers set up the ping pong table and how difficult it was to disconnect them from the paddles so they could be included in pictures!  We’ll need to continuously visit this school to remind the adults the ping pong table is for th e kids.

Rice mill on a motorbike!

More good news!!!  A 3rd rice mill (this one mounted on a trailer) is ready for delivery to its new home in the Petang area 90 minutes north of Ubud,  And who will be responsible for managing the scheduling of the rice mill and the associated finances?  The women in Buangga village!  All the hard work put into this effort by Pres Sue, Cat, Jeremy, Patricia and partner Chakra can soon be seen doing its job…milling rice.    thanks to funding from the Australian Government’s Direct Aid Program (DAP) .

The water project in Temukus is back on the action list.  A year ago Rtn Dennis put together a very professional project proposal and we can now thank Joady Barnes, RC Manningham, Catherine Bonefont, RC Southport and Pauline Stuber, RC Ignacio for providing funding to bring water to this village of 700 families.  And talk about  news traveling fast…now that water will be coming to Temukus, several close by villages have already asked if they could tap into this new water supply for their own villagers. Temukus of course said YES!


Our guest speaker this evening was Miranda Suryajaya…and a more spontaneous and energetic speaker is hard to find.  Miranda is a Toastmaster in the largest sense of the name.  She leads groups, trains colleagues who wish to attain the Master level and manages to make it all great fun!  Miranda paid a high compliment to our Rotary club when she said we had the same warmth and friendliness of a Toastmaster club.  Thank you Miranda!

Miranda has been ‘Toastmastering’ for three years and clearly loves it!  Learning to be a good public speaker can be frightening if you’re trying to learn in the wrong environment.  What Toastmasters assures is that every member is in the right environment…and what does that mean?  Every member is there to support you as you learn, to share experiences and to literally applaud every effort.  Miranda particularly enjoys being applauded and applauding others and we found that we enjoyed it, too!  She said it was always rewarding to speak in a Toastmaster environment because you knew that everyone was listening, paying attention and rooting for you.  As meetings continue members are not only having a good time but also learning to be competent public speakers, acquiring speaking skills and gaining confidence.

Members are expected to comment on their fellow member’s speaking but Miranda says the Oreo cookie method is used.  That means the first comment will be very positive.  The second comment will also be positive even though it suggests a change in speaking delivery. This is done by phrasing the comment first as your own opinion and then following  up with words that make it clear the speaker is free to do whatever he or she wishes about your opinion….keep it or throw it away.   And of course everything is followed by applause!

Toastmaster has no member prerequisites or requirements….other than to be supportive of one another.  Becoming a super duper speaker is at your own pace….maybe in three months, maybe in three years…up to you!

On the sidelines one of the Sanur Toastmaster club members offered this testimonial.  He’s been in Toastmasters for less than year.  His wife recently noted differences in his behavior.  He had always been quiet, very reclusive, never speaking up in a group.  Now he has become far more outgoing, sociable and more than willing to speak up in situations where he had always been silent.  (And he did speak up at this meeting and with great confidence!)

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