Bulletin September 26 2011

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

‘You have to stand outside the box to see how the box can be re-designed.”
Charles Handy

BULLETIN 26 September 2011

Attending:  Augie, Bill, Cat, Driya, Danielle, Janet, Lloyd, Marilyn, Mr. Chu, Rosalind, Rucina, Sue W

Apologies: Alisa (USA), Bruce (USA for medical treatment), Don and Sue (USA), Donna, Fred and Mandy (USA), Gabe (going full bore on Ubud Readers and Writers Festival!) Jeremy (inundated with work), Jody, (USA), Kadek (in the field), Philip (Jogya), Patricia, Probo (babysitting the twins), Rustiasa (Jogya), Tjok Raka, Tangsi, Zsuza (Canada)

Guests: Jeffrey Kiffer, PP Judith Schneider and Rtn Bill Schneider (RC Foster City USA), Rtn Richard Foss (RC Colorado Springs Interquest USA), Mary McMillan, Guest Speaker Rtn Frances Blair (RC Rancho Bernardo, USA)


Rtn Bill Page announced a follow-on meeting on Wednesday at PP Marilyn’s house where  Dr Steve has invited representatives of several groups working on Bali’s HIV/STD challenge. Wignall and Bill will co-chair with the purpose of gathering information concerning HIV/STD in Bali and what the different groups are doing,   and to see how RCBUS can help.

PP Marilyn reminded everyone that donations to Every Rotarian Every Year will be happily accepted and BINGO…Rtns Cat, Sue, Janet and Bill had donations ready and  Rtn Bill handed over a check that will make him a Paul Harris Fellow!  (We now have nine Paul Harris Fellows in the club!)  A third of our members have already made their annual donations and we thank each and every one of you.

Rtn Cat updated us on a potential Sumba water project, for which our sister club, RC Manningham (AUS) has already approved a hefty donation.  Rtn Cat is following up with Project Hope Director, Ann McCue.  We need a proposal and timeline for funding needs and an approximate timeline for execution…perhaps up to two years.  Like everywhere in Indonesia, project work is often dependent on the availability of supervisorial personnel and there’s only one on Project Hope’s staff.   We will follow-up with RC Manningham and request a flexible finish date e.g., finished when finished.  We hope this will be satisfactory!

The Cookbook!

IPP Sue reported that we’re now ready for sales of our fresh-off-the-press Culinary Crossroads cookbook in the U.S. and we will be emailing order information to our USA Rotary Club friends soon.  We”ve almost sold out of our first shipment in Bali, and will be receiving a new batch very soon.

IPP Sue also reminded us that the purpose of the cookbook is to raise funds for the kinds of smaller projects that we all want to support, such as sponsoring school tuition for disadvantaged children, and other local needs that arise.

And then on to a most joyous moment, the induction of a new member!  Our newest member is Augie Jusran, a former Rotarian who has been living in Thailand for the past five years and has returned to our island paradise.  Pres LLoyd, IPP Sue and PP Marilyn did the honors and, although Augie doesn’t know it yet, we’re going to ask him to head up a committee to stamp some 2,000 books destined for schools in the Mel Wolf project.  (Augie is a real do-er.  We’re fortunate to have him.)

Rtn Rosalind noted that good friend and Ubudian Robin Lim of Bumi Sehat is one of the ten finalists in CNN’s 2011 Heroes angelscamp.org Award. Everyone is urged to go to CNN’s website and vote for Robin–which can apparently be done more than once! Here’s the link: http://heroes.cnn.com/vote_en.aspx

And if you’re not familiar with Bumi Sehat, a truly remarkable birthing clinic, check it out at www.bumisehatbali.org/.   The winner of the CNN Heroes Award receives $250,000 and if it’s Bumi Sehat, those of us here in Bali know Robin will use it well.  There’s hardly a day goes but at least one baby is delivered at Bumi Sehat.  Our own RCBUS Rotarian Alisa, now in New York, got lovely articles about Robin published in the Huffington Post and Daily Kos.  Good work, Alisa!

PP Marilyn reported that nurses from the  Bali Kids team will do their first basic hygiene workshop on Oct. 4 at SD #4, Puhu, Br Semaon  The workshops are based on a 24 page booklet  entitled “Start A Healthy Lifestyle”  (Memulai Hidup Sehat), a publication that has successfully been used with thousands of orphaned youngsters throughout Bali.  Every child will take a booklet home and every teacher will keep one in the classroom for reference and reinforcement.  For evaluation purposes children will complete a short pre-test and then we wait for post-test results…will the workshop make a difference?

Our excitement is mounting!!

Pres LLoyd reported that Rotaract Club Bali Ubud has selected our club to become their replacement sponsor.  This was confirmed by Rotaract Pres Fitri, who attended our meeting this evening.  The Board of Directors asked PP Marilyn to assume the role of advisor to the Rotaracts and the Rotaracts approved her appointment …so Marilyn gets to be a den mother again!

Guest Speaker

Frances Blair

Our guest speaker, Frances Blair, is a member of RC Rancho Bernardo (USA) and Frances’s first order of business was to exchange flags with Pres LLoyd!

Frances told us how she and her husband founded the WINS Foundation, which sponsors school costs for deserving but disadvantaged children on Bali. Sponsorship can begin with elementary education and goes on up through the more expensive high school level. WINS has active fundraising partners in the USA, Holland and Canada.  She described the strong vetting process in which the need of the family is established as wells as the child’s capability and interest in education The Foundation then finds sponsors for the students who qualify.

WINS also has five after-school Learning Centers on Bali attended by both sponsored and non-sponsored children.  There they study English, computers, Balinese dance and gamelan, sex education and more. Some of these centers are operated directly by The WINS Project and others in cooperation with other nonprofit organizations. They are, however, all managed by local Balinese.

There is a pressing need for volunteers to work at the Learning Centers for stints of two weeks up to four or five months. They are vetted thoroughly and are required to follow strict rules including being chaperoned by staff when with the children.

The children also have responsibilities, including an email to their sponsor once a month, and if a child doesn’t execute their responsibilities they’re dropped. Sponsorship of a child starts from around $130 per year and up, depending on grade level. There is also a medical fund available to help if a child becomes ill. All funds are tracked very carefully and fully reported.

Funds are raised in several ways, including through clubs, matching gifts, and from some donors a percentage of retail sales from businesses.  For example a bake shop donates proceeds from a particular Bali-themed cookie they sell and in large businesses, employees use their employers’ charitable giving programs.  Frances had just visited the Gianyar Learning Center where eight children have been vetted and are waiting to be sponsored. Guests can visit the Learning Centers unannounced, and are urged to drop in.

The Q&A portion added more information. The yearly costs for schooling a child start around a million rupiahs for elementary level, rising to 1.6 million for junior high and 3.5 million for senior high. These include books and uniforms. ($1=8600 rupiah – this week)

WINS currently sponsors 200 children and many more are being reached through the very popular Learning Centers.

Mr. Gill Rijnenberg from Holland manages the directors of the learning centers, and Frances hopes to find someone to take on this role as he approaches retirement. The directors’ salaries are self-sustaining, paid from revenues from touring groups of Balinese dancers and singers from the program.  IPP Sue pointed out that WINS has a learning center in the village of Kerta where our club is working on a Global Grant.

To close out this issue, here’s a bit of humour donated by Rtn. Rosalind!

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