Bulletin 06 July 2015

Members: Allan, Cat, Danielle, Glenn, Karen, Annie McLennan

Guests: Anne Marie, Rich Foss, Raelene Starr, Fern Linden, Raymond and Stella Chin (RC Seputeh, KL), Suresh Marcandan, Frank Donovan, Sterling Nelson

President Elect Allan Starr opened the first meeting of the 2015/16 year. There have been some significant changes to the club, starting with a tighter membership of 9 active members. In the past Allan has been Secretary and Youth Director in RC and has had 25 years with Rotary in Australia.

We don’t have the manpower to continue the activities the club has undertaken in the past so we need to realistically prioritise our activities going forward. RC has 6 areas of focus. Of these, peace and conflict resolution, economic and community development and basic literacy may not be our immediate focus areas. Water and sanitation, maternal and child health care and disease prevention are probably our most likely targets in the year ahead.

We still have 150 cookbooks in stock and since they have now paid for themselves, all sales from now on generate profits for club activities. Stella purchased a cookbook.

Annie McLennan was inducted as the first member of RCBUS for 2015/16. Annie recently retired as CEO of a community health service in Australia. Previously she worked in several organisations, mostly in community health and especially with the disadvantaged. She looks forward to continuing her community service in Bali.

Allan will not be here next week. Next week’s meeting will be a brainstorming about the club’s new direction. The club will be meeting in different venues and with different activities in the future.

The raffle was won by Raelene.

This night is a club assembly and all were welcome to speak.

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