Bulletin 11th March 2019

Bulletin 11th March 2019

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420/no 79571

Meetings – 2nd Monday of each month at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl Raya Andung; and last Monday of each month at Maya Resort and Spa, Ubud; both meetings 5.30-7 pm.

Create Your Own Magic!!!


Announcements, reports, project updates , guest welcoming.


President Elect, Tika opened the meeting with apologies from President Brian.

She welcomed the 5 members present, including herself and 4 guests.

Banner excange with Willem Adolfs

Our guests, Fred and Mandy Bauer, former Rotary Ubud members. Originate in USA but live between Bali and Cairo.

Willem Adolfs, he is a member of Rotary Club of Bangkapi, Thailand ; 37 members, established 1968, have 2 sister clubs – RC Sae Suwon, Korea and RC Lopburi, Thailand. Liaisons with Rotaract club of Webster University, Bangkok.

Ayu Lala , Rotaract Ubud. She has been sponsored by RCBUS to attend the recent RYLA training (Rotary youth leadership award). This was held in Malang. She explained some of the activities, including a spectacular show put on by the students living in the Transformer Centre where the course was held. Also she was inspired by some of the speakers. She thanked us again for allowing her the opportunity to take part. Well done Ayu!!

Tika spoke of her recent President Elect course and was surprised that there is so much to learn and keep updated. She has received her certificate for attending, well done Tika!

Apologies from Brian, Dora, Sue and Ray.


Monies have been paid for the purchase of the recycle bins and liners for the waste management scheme at Taro, set up by Wayan Wardika. Members visited the village, and the local school where Wayan is passionate about educating, children and adults to collect waste, separate it and not just dump and burn!

No money has as yet been paid to JFF for next Eye Day; this project we are sharing with Seminyak. To date JFF has not submitted a cost.


Proposal to fund Bali Children’s Project for 20 children. This project provides the necessary clothing, back pack, shoes, pencils books etc. to allow a child to go to school for a year. More discussion required as we have previously sponsored them.

Waste management project in Taro.

Water project Kendampal

JFF sponsored eye day.

FUTURE PROJECTS/ Tika’s plans as incoming President.

Tika outlined some of her ideas she wants to pursue with the club for the next year.

She has outlined 2 projects which will be long term and hopefully progress to empowerment and beneficial to communities.

More discussion required and lot of information to be gathered, funding to be applied for etc! But they are possible and very exciting!

Dora has made contact with 2 medical people she met in Singapore at Rotary club. They have offered possible help with our water projects, so now proposals need to be sent to them.

Next meeting Monday 25th March at Maya resort, Ubud, 5.30-7 pm.

Guest speaker Ir.Pande Mangku Merdana, who has invented a machine to pump water that requires no electric.

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