Bulletin 01 August 2016

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at the Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud or the Kakiang Garden Café, Ubud

A day without laughter, is a day wasted.” – Charlie Chaplin

Bulletin August 1, 2016


MeetingOur new President, Bruce opened the meeting by welcoming everyone back after a one month vacation hiatus.  We went around the room and had everyone introduce themselves:

  • Anne Marie and one of her incredible textile creations

    Anne Marie and one of her incredible textile creations

    Anne Marie – our regular guest and participant in many ways has donated 3 of her art works to be auctioned back in Switzerland with money to go to orphanages here in Bali!

  • Klaus Roggors – Musician and composer participating in dance and music education with children at Tirtar Gaja. Would like to set up a sister club in Bali for sharing of projects with his club in Germany. Allan spoke to him after the meeting to get the information flowing
  • Gabrielle – representing Kinari Webb and spoke eloquently and informatively about Radical Listening and all that entails.
  • Raelene Starr – always welcome guest
  • Rachel Shulte – visited us from the gold coast of Australia – she works with people with mental illnesses. Belong to Lions Club- considering staying 6 months on and 6 months off in Bali

IPP Allan
gave us a Rotary Minute – The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is an organisation that looks after all the money that gets given to Rotary. When clubs want to do projects one of the sources would be through the foundation or clubs from elsewhere.  As a club we have managed to donate to Rotary Foundation from members’ dues …therefore every member has donated something.

Old Business:

  • The Bennets, who are in Calif, sent along a bunch of cute Puppets that were given to the Rotaracts for use in local schools.
  • Treasurer Allan and Secretary Penny will meet to ensure the club has paid the correct amount of dues. There seems to be some confusion.
  • IPP. AllanAllan also mentioned he has almost completed the year end conciliation table
  • Terri with a helmet

    Terri with a helmeHelmets project. No updates since Project Chair Terri left.  She will return next week and will grease the wells and get things back on track.  We are awaiting the delivery of our fist 100 helmets for school children in Ubud.

Bruce covered some new business items:

  • Coming up:  Speakers have been scheduled through the end of the year at our end of month meetings.
  • December 4 has been chosen for our Third Annual Rotary Fundraising Christmas Buffet at the Maya Resort and Spa – we have a lot work to do to make this event a success and are beginning right now. Start speaking to friends and neighbors about attending this great Christmas event.
  • Terri Bruce and Penny to attend the Grant Management Seminar this month in Bali.
  • Bruce has asked Steve Wignall to combine 3 HIV projects he had submitted into one large one so we can do a Global Grant
  • Bruce has been in contact with Marilyn, Rich & Danielle Foss, and Judith and Bill Schneider about obtaining support our sponsor man Kaler during his last year before he receives his Ph.D.
  • Bruce also mentioned that several Gallaries have been set up and added to on our website; Check http://rotarybaliubudsunset.org/photo-galleries/

Flag exchange Bruce & Klaus

Bruce went around the room and asked members to state how and why they joined Rotary and how they would describe what Rotary actually does:

  • Allan: through a good friend and fellowship originally – grew to get more involved in community All about service of different sorts and understanding of community needs.
  • Klaus – always social problems addressed and cultural projects –in other countries – in India His club does local projects and has an active international committee. Have exchange students ; Children’s camp…a wide range of local and international projects.
  • Bruce wanted to get involved in American politics…had a coffee party in Ubud where he met rotary people and joined because of wonderful projects.

Guest Speaker

Gabrielle spoke of the project that is being run at the moment using Radical Listening which empowers the local communities with the world community able to be linked in to solve their perceived problems. Bengli has water problem and needs some expertise which Bali Ubud Sunset is hoping to provide.

Gabrielle shared the following (roughly)

Radical listening –

  • Works from the bottom up
  • Diversity of attendance for meeting
  • “What would you need from the world community to support your needs?”
  • Then sit and listen.
  • Then they try to support them with our contacts.
  • Lots of discussion taking place.

e.g. Bengli has been funded by government and built a pump which didn’t work …they want a water expert… Allan volunteered to take a look until Rich returns next month

  • Big dream is to have a world map where communities can connect their local resources and solutions for similar problems all over the world
  • “What would be your gift to the world?” Benglis has promised to plant 10 trees for every two they use!!

ACTION: Research Rotary action groups who have information of projects and expertise

e.g water and sanitation projects that have big data base of experts etc.

Where this could be valuable for us (Bali Ubud Sunset) is that we rely on a fairly small group of people to let us know where we can help.  By using this style of community involvement we could access more value for the community.

ACTION: Get PowerPoint from Gabrielle

Ubud Rotaracts are good for relaxing and making groups feel at ease.

ACTION: Ann Marie generously offered to donate a piece of her beautiful beaded work to Kanari’s work


Meeting finished at 7:00 pm. Congratulations to Bruce for his successful first meeting as President!

Next meeting: Next week a board meeting and not a general meeting at Kakiang Gardens at 5:30. All members welcome!



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