Bulletin 01 September 2014

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

 “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”   Albert Einstein

Bulletin September 1, 2014


Members:  Marilyn, Glenn, Karen, Tyr, Bruce, Janet, Cat, Rucina

Guests:  Rhoda Gauer, Mary Zurbuchen, David Lock (RC), Beryl Beinssen, Peter Beinssen, Hartmut Hesse (RC Marburg Germany), Anne Marie from up the hill

Marilyn Runs Meeting

Marilyn Runs Meeting

Pres Philip was in Java, back-up for Philip, PP Rosalind was ill and PP Marilyn (third choice!) filled in to lead the meeting this evening. The usual reminder to turn off hand phones was followed by much scurrying about…apparently no one cared to sing for us if their phone interrupted the meeting.


Rucina talks about mammograms and pap smears for local Balinese women

Rucina talks about mammograms and pap smears for local Balinese women

VP Rucina spoke to us about her efforts to have all the women in her village examined for breast cancer. This all began after Rtn Judith (RC Foster City) donated MANY vouchers to the club that would pay for mammograms. To date, Rucina has ferried some 50 women back and forth from Ubud to  Denpasar for exams and, with a captive audience in the car, can explain the importance of breast exams and follow-up should anything suspect be found by a mammogram.

It is sometimes difficult for women in a developing country to choose between traditional treatment and scientific treatment, and in one case the choice was wrong, leading to her death and leaving behind a seven-year-old son. Rucina attended the cremation ceremony along with one young village woman who was so frightened of even doing a mammogram and refused to do one. (FAST BREAKING NEWS…the next day Rucina happily texted that the young woman had changed her mind and was in the car with Rucina on her way to a mammogram.) 

Many women are frightened of even doing a mammogram as they have no concept of what is involved. Rucina encouraged us to help Balinese women have a mammogram at Siloam Hospital or the the YRS clinic at Denpasar market. Treatment for poverty-level women diagnosed with cancer is subsidized in large part by the government.

Rtn Janet will be telling us more in an upcoming meeting about available health options for Balinese women.

Probo speaks about RYLA

Probo speaks about RYLA

We’re getting ready for RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award).  This year we’re trying something different…a club sponsored event (as compared to a District-wide or Multi-District event) and Rtns Probo and Driya are co-chairing the planning committee.

Two years ago Probo chaired the District 3420 RYLA committee so he’s coming at this with lots of experience.  Probo addressed the importance of leadership training for our young people (ages 18 to 30) and the positive feedback received from past participants.  The success of this event will be dependent on every club member participating in some way.  At the next RYLA committee meeting, those ‘ways’ will be addressed.

Marilyn exchanges flags with guest Hartmut Hesse from Rotary Marburg Germany

Marilyn exchanges flags with guest Hartmut Hesse from Rotary Marburg Germany

Rtn Hartmut Hesse (RC Marburg Germany) attended three of our meetings during his stay in Bali and tonight we exchanged flags and bid him a fond farewell with hopes of seeing him again in the future. (We weren’t shy about suggesting partnering on a future project!)



Rucina introduced guest speaker Mary Zurbuchen  whom she has known since 1975.  Mary was first in Bali in 1972, teaching English, living with a local family in Denpasar and taking part in the local culture. She studied and wrote a book about the language and literature behind the Balinese puppet show tradition.

Mary S. Zurbuchen

Mary S. Zurbuchen

Moving to Jakarta in the 1980s, she began working in cultural philanthropy with the Ford Foundation.  She told us that 361 Indonesians were funded by the Ford Foundation for scholarships and are now becoming leaders in the new generation of Indonesians.  Two have been elected to parliament under the new government.

Typically the Ford Foundation in Jakarta  funds Indonesian organizations/NGOs and projects in remote areas.

GlennWins Raffle

Glenn Wins Raffle


The raffle prize  was won by Rtn Glenn, who is an outrageously lucky man!


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