Bulletin 02 April 2012

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset
District 3400/No.79571
Meeting every Monday at 5:30pm Maya Resort, Ubud

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”
―Mark Twain

Attending: LLoyd, Bill, Cat, Janet, Don B, Sue B, Mandy, Fred, Bruce, Philip, Cheung Chu, Rosalind, Rucina
Apologies: Alisa (USA), Antje (Germany), Augie (tending to the new business, Ubud Deli), Driya and Probo, Rustiasa, Jody, Kadek, Mary Jane (Singapore), Patricia, Tjok Raka
Guests: Bruce “Bruno” Wilson and Carol Halonstad (both of RC Detroit), Bill and Judith Schneider, RC Foster City (USA)

This being our monthly meeeting for updates on projects and just good fellowship, no speaker was scheduled. And without our official photographer, Antje (off to Germany), minimal photos either. But we had an excellent meeting and happily went into overtime to share our skill sets and thoughts on the club.

First Sue & Don Bennett talked about the work of RC Woodside/Portola Valley (California), a small club which raises significant funds for projects

Belusung celebrates Woodside/Portola’s books donation

in Guatemala, Palestine, and Bali. Their first project brought books and other educational materials to an elementary school in Umahanyar. Most recently they did the same for an elementary school in Belusung, described in last week’s Bulletin. During the delivery of books to Belusung, the principal asked if Rotary might be able to donate a hand-washing basin. Since there is some left-over money from Woodside, Sue will try to fulfill this request, on condition that the school provides the labor.

Judith and Bill are off to Australia, where they will enjoy some time in a home exchange. (And who wouldn’t want to trade for their condo in San Francisco!) She highly recommends this way of exploring a new place.

Janet & her Burmese

Janet’s been everywhere, on all kinds of missions. She’s just back from Bandung where she’s setting up a new fabric production facility to make “modal” fabric, which uses beech wood planted in marginal land in Europe. Next she’s off to Vietnam, chaperoning 16 kids from the Bali Kids orphanage! They’ll visit a training center for street children. The founder of that organization will be in Bali next week, when Janet will help him with fundraising. And with her little finger, she’s overseeing the completely revamped Goddess on the Go website where you can see her with her new Burmese kitty.

Natalia Perry

Rucina announced that Natalia Perry of Sacred Childhoods will be joining us again on April 16 for further discussion on the child trafficking issue, with specifics on how we can help. Ru has met with Natalia and been updated on the significant progress of her several projects.

Rucina reported on the monthly meeting of the Presidents and Secretarys of Bali’s RCs, which she and Rosalind attended on 30 March at Hotel Ratna in Kuta. Most Bali RCs were represented, and the array of projects they are all working on was impressive, both on Bali and adjacent islands. PDG Dr. Ritje explained the DDFs that are available and the FVP GG and DG Projects that are now being considered by the District. R & R returned with the great news that our DDF for this year will be rolled over into next year.

Rosalind held up RC Seminyak’s ‘club profile,’ a single sheet, double-sided, which they hand out to visitors at each meeting, which we want to replicate for RCBUS, and bless Bruce for offering his desktop publishing assistance.

Lloyd distributed copies of the Global Grant proposal for the HIV/AIDS project, and urged everyone to read it and ask the project committee any questions they may have. He praised the committee’s work and suggested we all consider it as an exercise in grant writing for any upcoming projects we take on.

Rangki’s new pool – bring suits!

Rucina reminded us of the upcoming Fellowship at Rangki this Sunday, 8 April. Bring swimsuits for the new pool! We’ll meet at the petrol station in Pengosekan at 2:30pm to carpool and caravan. Please be in touch with Ru if you have or need a ride.

Lloyd then led a discussion by going around the table to ask, “What is your skill set and passion?” and “What one thing will you change about the club?”

  • Bill P: has a finance background, and could help in structuring the club finances.
  • Janet: has a large staff, capable of doing many kinds of tasks. She’d change the meeting time to early morning, like 6:30am maybe? [This was met with many groans and grimaces.]
  • Bill S: has lots of experience with Rotary finances, and could audit our projects that involve The Rotary Foundation.
  • Judith S: Numbers aare her strong suit and she could do a club audit; she’d like to see more younger men in the club.
  • Don: has a background in computing and can do due diligence on technical need for schools, such as computers.
  • Sue B: was a computer programmer and a board member of an elementary school; she is interested in being part of educational projects.
  • Mandy: is a child psychologist and wrote children’s books in Egypt; she’d like to hear visiting Rotarian dignitaries talk about something besides money.
  • Fred: has background as a management consultant; he likes the idea of ‘aging’ Rotaracts joining us, not just bringing their youth with them, but also their cultural insights.
  • Bruce: used to be a programmer, and is “everything IT,” including doing SEO for a local company.
  • Cheung Chu: is an architect, who has taught at university level and was the first volunteer architect in New York City.
  • Bruno (visitor from Michigan): offered his snow removal services!
  • Rosalind: has managed small businesses and their marketing projects; she wants to bring in more Indonesian members.
  • Rucina : has been in Bali 29+ years, hopes the Rotaracts will bring more Indonesians into the club; she’d like an alternative meeting place from Hotel Maya. [more groans]
  • Lloyd: had a career in design management, merchandising and product creation before opening his own business designing interiors for the luxury market, with a focus on recycling and renovating. Rosalind interjected that Lloyd also has a great gift for diplomacy. Lloyd wants to see the club promote an awareness of a different kind of giving, with both big and small projects, responding to community needs on different levels.
  • Rucina asked the group about speakers; feedback was that Garrett needs to widen the focus of his monthly cultural series to include all Balinese culture, not just dancing.
  • Judith asked the group to consider “what will you do if there is a body lying here?” I.e., how to deal with the death of a friend here in Bali. Lloyd spoke of being “a tribe, with a responsibility to take care of each other.” Lloyd and Rucina will start a ‘buddy’ database to take note of how people want their worldly remains managed.

Lloyd adjourned the meeting.

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