Bulletin 02 March 2015

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

 “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill

Bulletin March 2, 2015

 Members Present: Cat, Rucina, Ros, Bruce, Danielle, Wayan Rustiasa

Guests: Fred and Gillian (RC Bridgetown), Rich Foss, Anne Marie


Rucina working

Rucina working

VP Rucina led the meeting in the absence of Pres. Philip and the meeting was quite informal.   She asked those present to share positive experiences from the week past; many stories featured birds.  Rtn Wayan, Rtn Ros and Rucina celebrated their return to health.  SAA Bruce told of his wife’s new US Visa that is good for 5 years, which is unusual.  They both will be traveling to California in August.

There was some discussion about whether the club should continue to keep the first meeting of the month reserved for talking about club activities or whether there should be a speaker every meeting. Participants made various suggestions about how meetings might be improved. Richard would like to see a treasurer’s report, strategies to enlist new members and current, past and planned projects.  Bruce reminded us that previously members would talk about their backgrounds as a guest speaker and suggested we do that again.  Gillian told us that her club had informal meetings at each other’s homes for two months of the year;

Rtn Wayan Rus speaks about the Club Assembly

Rtn Wayan Rus speaks about the Club Assembly

it was agreed that we need more fellowships.  Wayan Rustiasa enjoyed these casual, small, relaxed meetings and suggested designing more meetings this way and create strategies to make the meetings more enjoyable and connect with each other.  Rucina agreed that the e ‘Member Spotlight’ should be reinstated.

Our district is now Bali and East Java, and our club is ranked #3 for the RF Every Rotarian Every Year with 100 percent participation.

Our Club Assembly last Sunday will be followed by another on March 15 at Sue’s.  Wayan Rustiasa reported that during the assembly each member read anonymous suggested submitted by members: what they most and least liked about the club and some solutions.   Some needs were identified and five categories will be addressed.  If we can continue this level of communication with compassion and respect, our club has great potential to grow, said Rus.  The purpose of the next meeting, March 15, will be to discuss strategies to meet the five most critical issues which garnered the most comments at the assembly.  We need to find common ground and establish more closeness, and to establish a safe and respectful arena where all voices are heard.

IPP Rosalind

IPP Rosalind

Ros has completed the changes to the club’s new website, and asked what information should be available to all viewers or behind a members’ firewall.  There was discussion about whether we need such a firewall and whether our financials should be behind it.   Ros expressed that she wished members would visit and use it more often and welcomes input to the website.



Bruce reported that our club gets points for updating our personal profile information on the RI website.  He said he will give a presentation at the next meeting as to how to easily accomplish that.

Rucina ended the meeting with information on a new Women’s Activity Centre in (PKP) Tagallalang which was established for divorced women.  It provides emotional support, cooking classes and catering, craftwork and sewing classes for income, yoga, social work.  They help young women stay in school and will start a environmental awareness program.  English classes are provided for children and planned for teenage girls.  Sponsors and donations are needed for yoga mats, teaching materials, furniture, computers and other items

Their two Facebook pages are PKP Women’s Centre Ubud Bali AND pkp women’s centre ubud balinese.  Or email: msaripollenjegeg@gmail.com



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