Bulletin 05 August 2013

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

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Bulletin August 5, 2013


Sumba Project Proposal Update

Secretary	Allan Starr

Secretary Allan Starr

Sec. Allan updated us that the Sumba Project Global Grant Proposal has been finalized for submission. 

Sumba Kids enjoy bathing and splashing in water from wells funded by - who else - Rotary!

Sumba Kids enjoy bathing and splashing in water from wells funded by – who else – Rotary!

This project will provide clean water and toilets for villages in Sumba who are currently living without adequate access to drinkable water and who now open defecate due to lack of sanitary toilet facilities.  The clean water and sanitary facilities will greatly improve the health of the villagers, and village children in particular.

 Quenching Thirst in Northeast Bali

Guest visitor Silvia is raising interest in her Ontario Rotary Club about funding water Projects in Northeast Bali.  Those projects, if funded, will be run through the RCBUS to manage.  We imagine that Rich & RTN Danielle Foss, and Allan will be involved in these potential water projects.

 House & Garden Tour Program Booklet to be an Income Generator

VP. LLoyd discussed the idea of selling ads in the House & Garden Tour Program Booklet that will be utilized in the first annual House & Gardens of the Gods Home Tour.  The first ever event will be scheduled for June 2014 as a RCBUS Fundraiser and involve 4 estate homes in the Ubud area.  A Program Booklet will be printed that describes each Villa on the Home & Garden Tour.  We will also have a page to publish information about RCBUS and the Projects we have supported and will support in the future.   LLoyd will also approach home related vendors to place ads for a fee.   Ad space will also be sold to Ubud businesses, hotels, and restaurants.  The goal is to have the program pay for itself at minimum and be a profit center optimally.

 North Bali Conference & Festival Attracts Attention

North Bali Festival in Singaraja

North Bali Festival in Singaraja

VP. Rucina and PP. Rosalind happened to meet by chance at the North Bali Festival in Singaraja that they both attended to find out more about the Northern Island.  The people of North Bali are actively promoting their culture, arts, gamelan music, and Balinese dance with the goal to attract more tourism to the North part of Bali.  Bali tourism currently is highly focused in South Bali, however the vibe of South Bali is getting more international and less authentic Balinese. So perhaps North Bali will become the future destination for tourists seeking a Balinese Cultural experience.

 December Fundraiser:  Have a Merry Taksu

SAA Bruce is organizing a Fundraiser Christmas Dinner at Taksu Restaurant in Ubud.  The festive dinner is being scheduled for December 15th and can host 60 dinner guests. Taksu has a special recipe for their roasted turkey and it’s scrumptious as Bruce reports from his experience last Christmas dining at Taksu.  More details will be coming as this yummy event gets put together.

 W Hotel Hosts Event to Benefit Bali Kids and Bumi Sehat

W Hotel will host a black tie event (yes, that’s really black tie and will require formal ware) on August 16, to support Bali Kids and the Bumi Sehat Birthing Center.  Last year, this W event raised US $116,000 for Bali based charities.  What a great way to support the Bali community in need through the proceeds donated from this formal black-tie event.  Call the W Hotel in Seminyak for details.

 A Confident Class Joins this Year’s Campuhan College Training Program

Campuhan College Graduation 2013

Campuhan College Graduation 2013

VP. Philip and RTN. Rustiana talked about the Campuhan College Graduation held on July 29th, and how proud they are about the confidence gained by the participants of the program.  Five days later, Philip and Rustiana were at it again with the initiation of the new intake of students for the next session of Campuhan College Life Skills training.  These new students impressed Philip and Rustiana with their amazing positive attitudes and high level of motivation.  The new flock of students arrived with confidence in their future and an enthusiasm that was infectious.  

 A total of 24 new students were accepted into this year’s Campuhan College program from a pool of 65 applicants.  Of the total applicants, 45 were found to be qualified for the program however there are only spaces for 24 students.  21 of the 24 students have been fully sponsored by supporters who have underwritten the cost of the program for the students.



Performance Artist and Actor Marco


Performance Artist and Actor MarcoRucina introduced Marco who began acting as a career in 1993 and has been collaborating with a Balinese performer in Paris since 1999.  Marco has worked as an actor with many contemporary theater companies and in film.  He has also been involved in the production aspects of several theater and film productions throughout Europe and Asia.  As a child Marco lived in a suburb of Naples, Italy, which he compared to Bali in it’s laid-back attitude and peculiarity of having many stray dogs.  He spent much of his free time watching the neighborhood packs of dogs, studying their behavior in great detail.  From observing the dogs he could determine the hierarchies within the packs and the rules that the dogs lived by to maintain order.  He would later study the behavior of dogs more formally to where he gained the notoriety of being a “dog whisperer” of sorts.

 Marco’s aptitude to observe behavior and activities in great detail directly relates to his performing arts.  The topic of the discussion focused on “imagination and movement” and began with a brief improvisation by Marco demonstrating the body’s movement relating to geometric shapes imagined by the actor.

 Marco asked the audience, what leads movements? . . . . Imagination was his response.  There is a relationship between movement and the imagination as they feed-off each other.  The movement must be imagined first, and then carried through with the action of the movement.  Your intent to move is followed by the actual movement execution and that’s a link that performing artists and actors know well.

Performance Artist and Actor Marco

Performance Artist and Actor Marco

Marco went on to explain that a performance artist finds the line of movement in his imagination.  The line is imagined, seen, and can be followed like drawing or painting in its two dimensions.  The human form works in a three dimensional realm which makes expression fuller and more expressive. 

 To be a performance artist Marco explained that we have to enter these dimensions. The line is an important tool as is the secret inside the structure of movement.  For creativity we also need music that enlivens the movements with rhythm. Visuals and color add texture to the movement.  So the structure of movement gives solidity to the form and music, color, and visual interest give life to that structure.

 Marco’s big question is: How can all this be related to daily life?

 Marco finds an answer in his practice of meditation which examines this connection between thinking and doing.  Movement feeds imagination, imagination feeds movement.  Marco is strongly inspired by Zen meditation.  The activation of this process is related to our identity and being in the world, Marco expresses.  Everything we do confirms what and who we are in our lives.  Marco has made a commitment to live-in-the-moment and to consciously utilize his imagination with intent and purpose.



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