Bulletin 08 July 2013

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

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Bulletin July 8, 2013


Rosalind Robinson and Allan Starr

Rosalind Robinson and Allan Starr

Tonight Sec Allan and PP Rosalind shared leading the meeting in Pres Sue’s absence and did a great job.  We all behaved and nobody was unruly…but then again more than 50% of our members are off island! 

 From Our Away Members

 Rtn Gabe continues to stay in touch as she wanders Morocco attending and reporting on music festivals.  Tough assignment but somebody has to do it.

 And from Rtn Zsuzsa in Canada the good news that she will serve with PP Rosalind on the Membership Committee.  How international can a club committee be?  Thanks Zsuzsa! 

 Former RCBUS member, Chris Kemp, now departed to Australia, has become a member of RC Richmond and was immediately appointed to the ChrisKempInternational Service Committee.  Chris has been visiting and speaking to Australian clubs about the Educare program (administered by Karuna Bali https://www.karunabali.com/).   The changes brought about after participating in this program have been amazing and have influenced how elementary students learn, think, interact and view the world.  The success of the program is attracting the attention of a number of Australian clubs, thanks to Chris.  We here in Bali would like to see every one of our elementary students experience this four month program.  It’s one of those rare educational experiences that lead to critical thinking.

 New Rotary International Changes

 RotaryInternationalThree of Rotary International‘s legislative changes were exciting.  Of particular interest was the concept of forming satellite clubs.   Many of our club’s projects take hours to reach by car and it would be so helpful to have a satellite club to help implement these distant projects…right in their own backyards! 

 The newly designed Rotary International website is being looked forward to with high expectations.  We’ve already seen vast improvement in some areas of the website…but we do hope RI gives a wee bit more attention to testing changes before releasing them to the user public.

 And e-clubs were also a point of interest…not so much about forming one but rather using the e-club capability for make-ups.   Rtn Jody (now in the USA) is a fan of e-clubs and when she returns to Bali we’ll ask her to tell us her e-club experiences and how simple it is to use.

 RCBUS Website

flag-very-very-small Our club is in the midst of a huge website changeover/redesign and is gradually moving forward. This is NOT Silicon Valley and small techy issues turn into nightmares! We’re pleased to report that the website has been successfully moved to a new domain in its current format and now it’s on to implementing the redesign.  None of the work has been painless!  Both PP Rosalind and SOA Bruce, who are overseeing this massive effort, look a bit haggard.

 The “Festivities Committee”

 The former Fellowship Committee is now renamed as the Festivities Committee and is fully staffed by AG Marilyn, Treas Danielle, Rtn Glenn and Rtns Past Treas Bill and Past President Judith Schneider. The Schneiders are actually members of RC Foster City in the USA but will spend six months with us this year.   Hey, we’ll take all the help we can get from wherever it comes. And we do sincerely thank all of these committee members for volunteering their time and effort so we can plan some fun times together.

 Fundraising Committee

Lloyd Hassencahl


Here we go!!  We’re going to take a shot at a fundraiser!  PP Lloyd is leading the effort to develop a House and Garden Tour and he happily announced the first of what will be

several very special homes that will be on the tour.  GO Lloyd!!!


Annual Handovers


Rotary Pondicherry Port

Rotary Pondicherry Port

So many clubs are doing their annual handovers but this one was really unusual.  RC Pondicherry Port from India decided to do its handover in Bali!  The organizer here in Bali

was Pres Raphael, Bali Seminyak, and it was an exuberant party.  AG Marilyn attended and took pictures but imbibing in free flowing Scotch led to a loss of the camera. Two days later, the camera reappeared!  You can bet Marilyn will lay off the Scotch.

 Our Projects

 The remainder of the meeting was given over to discussing the status of our projects.  Our plate is FULL.  The HIV/AIDS Global Grant is fully active and on its very first day six clients came to be tested for HIV…and one was positive.  Treatment began immediately. 

 Additionally, there are three Global Grants in the application stage.  These are for a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene project on the island of Sumba; a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene project in Puhu, Bali; and a clinic project on the island of Kalimantan. 

Young boy drinking clean and safe water

Young boy drinking clean and safe water

 Smaller projects now fully funded are: health books for an elementary school in Temukus, Karangasem; a computer learning center in an elementary school in Ubud; and health books for an elementary school in Tenganan Dauh Tukad in Karangasem…this one with thanks to RC Bowral Mittagong.

Sumba Kids enjoy bathing and splashing in water from wells funded by - who else - Rotary!

Sumba Kids enjoy bathing and splashing in water from wells funded by – who else – Rotary!

 Rtn Cat has just completed an excellent Direct Action Program project application to be submitted to the Australian Consulate.  This is for an environmental project in Pedang Tegal, Ubud and we have high hopes it will be funded!

 Several other projects are in the exploratory stage including replacing 1000 trees planted by Rotaract and our club in Temukus.  The government destroyed the trees when putting in a new road.  Sometimes you can’t win for trying!  It was also reported that we have turned down some projects that had been brought to the club’s attention.    The reasons for this vary from lack of sustainability to inability to meet RI’s six areas of focus. 

 It’s not easy keeping tabs on what stage each project is at so PP Rosalind has developed a super duper spreadsheet that will help us track ALL our projects!   We hope to show it off soon…probably on the new website. 

 Now here’s a problem…our club has a serious lack of Public Relations.  We tend to do a lot but never tell anyone about it.  PP Rosalind and Rtn Zsuzsa are trying to come up with a viable solution and we’ll wait to hear how that all goes. 

 For all you club members who are wandering around the world….hurry up and come home. We need you!


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