Bulletin 08 October 2018

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meetings: 2nd Monday of each month at Kakiang Garden Café on Jl. Andong: last Monday at Maya Resort & Spa Ubud. 5:30-7PM

“I began learning long ago that those who are happiest are those who do the most for others” – Booker T. Washington

Bulletin October 08, 2018


Pres. Brian

Because of a child’s birthday party that ran a little long we didn’t really get settled and start our meeting until 6:20PM

Guest : Don Hall from Priscilla Hall Memorial Foundation (donhall13@gmail.com)

Members and guest

Pres. Brian welcomed all members and honorary member Anne Marie and welcomed to Don Hall which was his birthday today!  Much cheering and good wishes.

Roll call everybody, introduce name and interesting thing about themselves, and the most interesting may have been that Don Hall had been a Rotarian since 1965.

Brian said a treasurer’s report will be given at the next meeting.  In addition, RCBUS committed Rp. 5,000,000 for Palu Sulawesi by Rotary Disaster Relief Fund.

Sue Bishop

Sue Bishop

Membership Chair Sue Bishop spoke about a ‘healthy day’ at Kedampal: it was successful with more than 300 people coming and getting services for general health, eye checks, dental checks, pap smears, breast checks. 9 people with cataracts need surgery, and Rumah Sehat will follow up what’s next for them, either go to a hospital with BPJS or take them to JFF.  From breast checks found 6 women with lumps, one of them is positive breast cancer, Rumah Sehat and Pink Ribbon will follow up for next medical treatment and what therapy are needed for her. Rumah Sehat thanks everybody for making this healthy day happen.

PP Bruce Briscoe: Christmas Fund Raiser, now arranging for raffle items even for small things, everybody invited to get involved. Anne Marie will give 50 items – handmade Mandalas and Dora will check for silver jewelry from her office.

New Business

After Healthy Day at Kedampal, the kepala dusun is asking to check their water distribution problems and will ask for help.  Now we need to plan to check all the places to know much more about their suffering, we need to ask Allan and Rich Foss all about water projects. After we make sure about the condition, we can make proposals for the funding, sending it to other clubs, or doing joint project, etc.


Dora (community service): the JFF plan in Bangli is already done by Dora and we are now waiting for a response from RC Bali Seminyak (no feedback yet), Dora is also sending the proposal to RC Bali Legian. Now waiting feedback from those clubs.

Budget for education used to plan with Melinda (this woman wants to donate books and stationary to elementary schools, but no more information from her yet), so the budget could be going to Rumah Belajar Sadewa in Bangli (please check your email from Dora about it)

Don Hall

Our guest, Don Hall from the Pricilla Memorial Hall Foundation: He started the foundation after his daughter pasted away from her auto accident in 2004. All funds (95%) are raised from an annual golf day in Jakarta.

The majority of these projects are shown under special project:

  • Mary Cancer Kids Yayasan Mari Cintai Anak-Anak
  • Illustration book : Priscilla Fabourama Glamourama
  • Jakarta Komodos Junior Rugby Players Attend Bali Junior Tournament

You can check for more http://www.priscillahall.org/category/special

In Bali they have two Projects currently: Priscilla Education Centre under the guidance of Rumah Sehat http://www.priscillahal.org/category/pec-bali ; Jodie Oshea House http://www.priscillahal.org/category/jodie-oshea-orphanage-bali

In 2016 he read an article from one of our clubs alumni, Cat Wheeler in regard to the issue of Girls not having any Meds for their monthly periods. So he contacted Cat, trying to get assistance with a model she had for girls from India. The required material could not be purchased in Indonesia. Through Australian Rotary he discovered Days for Girls http://www.daysforgirls.org/australia, after a few weeks he has been able to establish the first pilot and distribution centre in  West Timor, for details visit http://www.priscillahal.org/category/day-for-girls

Flag exchange Brian and Don

One of the reasons he visited our club was to ask RCBUS to be the sponsor club in Indonesia with his Rotary Club of Glen Innes to establish a Rotary Australia World Community service (RAWCS) project for Days for Girls in Indonesia. He needs a Club to be aware in Indonesia of projects by signing the Establishment documents.  RAWCS initial. The advantage of this program in Australia is it allows any donors for the project to receive a recognized tax deduction. This project will be funded from Australia. The Glen Innes Board has endorsed the establishment of the program. He hopes RCBUS will endorse the proposal.  This will be discussed at the our next Board Meeting.

Brian & Don did a flag exchange.

The raffle prize goes to Sue Bishop

Meeting closed at 7pm.

Next meeting Monday 29th October at Maya Resort & Spa, Ubud.


By: Bruce Briscoe


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