Bulletin 09 January 2017

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

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Bulletin January 9, 2017


BrucePresident Bruce opened the meeting by thanking everyone for coming.  Tonight we had 5 guests and 4 members.

MeetingBruce said we had a lot to cover since our last meeting was last November and we had a lot of old business and new business to cover.  But he said, if anyone had a question or a comment to please speak up.

Old Business:

  • Bruce asked for people to contribute items for meeting raffles and said they needed to be wrapped (even newspaper was fine)
  • Tooth Brushes for schools. Still looking for someone to step up and help with this.
  • RYLA Logo

    RYLA Logo

    RYLATreasurer Allan said he was tracking this and it might have been changed from Java to Bali and we are planning on supporting one person.

  • Kindergarten children at Laplapan get their helmets thanks to the Viceroy

    Kindergarten children at Laplapan get their helmets thanks to the Viceroy

    HelmetsBruce comments that Projects Chair had raised A$200 while back home.

  • PuppetsDori said that we did have a source for puppets in Bali. Fitri added and showed an example.  Instead of the hand puppets that Bruce had imagined, she showed the typical Balinese shadow puppet.  Dori mentioned that this was better and that the school children here could relate more to it.  She also mentioned they needed to be well made and a little larger.
  • Bruce summed up the Christmas Fundraising event by mentioning that we had 45 guests and had raised 23,000,000 IDR!
  • Allan, who has submitted 3 district grant requests and gave the status. Bruce and VP Rich signed the MOU (Memoranda of Understanding) so the requests can continue.

New Business:

  • A proposal to fund Rotaract ‘New Member Events’ was approved. This will allow our club to support the Rotaracts by paying for food and drinks at the events.
  • Sumba Kids enjoy bathing and splashing in water from wells funded by - who else - Rotary!

    Sumba Kids enjoy bathing and splashing in water from wells funded by – who else – Rotary!

    Allan and VP Rich gave the overview of the Karangasem Water project #17! This one will upgrade the piping that the government put in but were too cheap and need to already be replaced.

  • Bruce told us that our new laptop now had a legitimate copy of Windows 10 at very little cost instead of the projected 2,750,000 IDR! Also we are giving our old laptop to Campuhan College for their use.
  • Bruce reviewed what was accomplished in the last Board Meeting in December
  • We now have a potential of 6 new members: Dori & her friend, Aba, who plan on being inducted at our next meeting (Dori is a past president of our local Ubud Rotaracts); Judith & Bill Schneider are transferring to our club from their Calif. Rotary club; and 2 people Bruce had invited to our next meeting.
  • DistrictAssemblyBruce also mentioned our upcoming set of speakers. We have speakers for our Jan-Apr. 2017 meetings and will need speakers for May+
  • It was announced that the Rotary District Assembly will be held May 5-6 in Sanur this year. Bruce will attend as well as VP Rich.
  • Cookbooks: Bruce said we have about 600 in boxes at Allan’s house, plus 5 at Maya. Bruce and Allan are creating a spreadsheet listing all the club’s assets!
  • Rotaracts announced their next Mobile Library Event which will be on 14 January at SDN4 Kelusa and will meet there at 9AM with everyone invited to attend.
  • Bruce also mentioned our desire to obtain Corporate Members. We will start contacting the businesses that so generously contributed to our raffle at the Fundraiser with emails and trying to schedule times to meet.  If anyone is interested in visiting business with Bruce are welcome.
  • New projects and events: the floor was opened for ideas of other ways our club could help locals. Some mentioned were:
    • Visit to ‘Aged’ Homes and see if we can help. For instance, maybe they need hallway handrails.
    • Visit to local orphanages for the same reason
    • Help people change their smoke alarm batteries
    • Wheelchairs are needed by people in Bali

The meeting was called promptly at 7PM.

Next Meeting 30 Jan. at Maya Resort with the guest speaker Daniel Elber who has brought water to many areas in Bali with thudded benefit of allowing their villagers to stay in the village instead of walking 3 hours a day for water or instead of walking to Ubud and begging for money.



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