Bulletin 09 March 2015

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

 District 3420 / No. 79571

 Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

  I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells. – Dr. Seuss

Bulletin March 9, 2015

 Members Present: Philip, Rucina, Marilyn, Glenn, Bruce, Fred, Karen Lewis, Ros, Sue Bennett, Janet, Danielle, Cat, Probo

Guests: Mandy, Don Bennett, Alisa, Judith and Bill Schneider, Rich Foss, Anne Marie, Phillippa from New Zealand, the speaker Ni Putu Widyastuti and her sister Riri


Probo and Driya

Probo and Driya

RYLA, The Rotary Youth Leadership Award – March 6 – 8 went very well. Treasurer Driya and Rtn Probo basically moved their house to Rumah Ibu for the 3 days/ 2 nights including their children. Probo described the great achievement of many members working together that made this event such a huge success.  Fourteen young people attended from 6 schools attended (of the 20 approved, five could not attend because of exams etc) and they were of very high quality. As a farmer, Probo described them as very fertile soil.  Hopefully they will attend a reunion meeting and join Rotaract in future.  SAA Bruce, who attended the closing ceremony, described it as very inspiring.  Rtn Ros was very proud that our club supported the program.  Exec Scty Marilyn told us about the amount of work that was put into the event by Probo, Driya, Pres. Philip and the other committee members.  This is the first time in our district that a club sponsored a RYLA event; a precedent for the district.

Board meeting: SSA Bruce, VP Rucina, AG Julia, DG Hanny, Pres Philip, and Sec Cat

Board meeting

Rtn Alisa explained that as a founding member of the club she was hurt to be rather abruptly informed that her membership had been withdrawn because her dues had not been paid.  The membership expressed sympathy at an apparent misunderstanding.  (Note from President Philip: : There is a procedure in place to remind members of their obligation to pay their dues. The Treasurer or Treasurer Elect sends out reminders by mid May each year to members who have not yet paid their dues. This reminder is sent a total of three times. If there is still no response then it is presumed that a member wishes to discontinue membership.)

Philip announced the results of our Board Meeting to the membership.

Our Club will have an email and FB auction for the wall hanging that Anne Marie’s has donated as a fund raiser.

Allan Starr

Allan Starr

Philip announced that our new President Elect will be PE Allan Starr.

Rtn Judith’s Rotary Minute was about perquisites.  Ours is to be allowed to attend Rotary Club meetings around the world, where we can meet a wide variety of interesting people.  Philip

Judith sharing a Rotary Minute

Judith sharing a Rotary Minute

tried to visit the Rotary Club in Vientiane but, as it turned out, was unable to find it.

Guest Speaker

VP Rucina introduced the guest speaker Ni Putu Widyastuti, who has just returned from four months in Tokyo.  Her background in journalism, the environment and youth empowerment led to her selection to represent Indonesia by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan in a peace building

Guest Speaker Ni Putu Widyastuti

Guest Speaker Ni Putu Widyastuti

program.  This program included 15 representatives from Asia and Africa and 15 from Japan.  The group, which consisted of two thirds women, focused on networking and diplomacy between the countries.  They received intensive training from UN professionals using their system on the topic of peace building, conflict analysis and managing crises such as the Ebola outbreak.  She has also won a scholarship for the Asian Peace Building training in the Philippines.  Judith suggested that she apply for the free Rotary Club Peace and Conflict Resolution studies course offered at seven universities around the world.

The raffle prize was won by guest Phillippa






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