Bulletin 09 October 2017

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

 District 3420 / No. 79571

Meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl. Andong at 5:30 PM

And the last Monday of the month at Maya Resort & Spa, Ubud at 5:30 PM

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

 Bulletin October 09, 2017


This week’s Guests: Marilyn Carson, RC Seminyak and Di Burge, Melbourne

Proj. Chair Dora

Project Chair Dora who was sitting in for Pres. Allan opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and having the guests introduce themselves.

 Club Business

  • PinningOur2NewMembersByBill

    Pinning Our 2 New Members Tika & Kaler By Bill

    Judith Schneider our Membership Chair introduced and inducted our two newest members Kaler and Tika. Judith reminded us all that most new members are introduced by their friends and that most of these potential new members say no to the first request.  So, she suggested that we keep asking our friends to attend a meeting and find out all the good this club is doing and what a friendly and dynamic group of people our members are.  We must strive to keep our membership growing

  • Kaler joined the rotary family as a Roteract member in 2006, in 2008 he attended a RYLA leadership conference and then worked with VP Richard Foss on numerous water projects in Karangasem.  These things led him to join RCBUS. He has just received his Ph.D and looks forward to contributing to our club and our activities
  • Tikka told us that her main job is that of wife and mother. She also stated her interest in Rotary by joining our local Rotaract as a member in 2008 and worked on library projects. She was sponsored by Dora who asked her a couple of times before she was decided to attend a RCBUS meeting and then to join us.

We welcome our two members to RCBUS.

A very good explanation of TRF (The Rotary Foundation) was given by Judith who gave us a good outline of the structure and benefits of giving to The Rotary Foundation.  She admitted it was a little complicated but that it was a fantastic use of money and most of it does come back to our club.  TRF keeps track of all the money you give.  Over the years, this can add up. Once you reach US$1,000 you become a Paul Harris Fellow.

Ray Bishop, PP Marilyn Carson, and Bill Schneider

Ray Bishop, PP Marilyn Carson, and Bill Schneider

Marilyn Carson of RC Seminyak talked about why she is a major donor and almost a level 4 and the benefits. She also explained more how the TRF gifts come back to our club AND help other clubs.

IPP Bruce gave a BIG Thank You to RTN Renee for posting and sharing our Facebook messages from the clubs Facebook page on her timeline.  It is so easy to do and really helps spread the word of what our club and Rotary are doing.  Bruce also again invited all our members to do the same.

We also were updated on funds raised by silent auction of Honorary RTN Annemarie’s wall hanging that she gave the club at the last meeting. The funds raised are for the Mt Agung disaster and we raised A$500 (US$390)!  A big thank you for Sue for handling this online auction so well.

Sue Bishop

Sue Bishop

Secretary Sue

  • Sue passed out our new Rotary Shirts. The price is 165,000 and they are fantastic. A beautiful blue color with the club’s logo and rotary patches!  Thanks Sue!
  • Update on healthy day by Sue Bishop is still pending the situation on Mt. Agung.  Due to Mt Agung disaster and inability to coordinate with the camps this project has been cancelled until after the pending disaster situation
  • Sue Bishop reported on the situation at the camps on the Culik Amed region, She  reported that coordinated programs were in place so that donated  goods  could be directed to the right areas
  • Funds from our club are still being withheld until later as per the board decision

Treasurer Brian

Treasurer report by Brian Goldman:

  • 27,300,000 given to the Bali Children’s Project which gives support for 20 children each for one full year. Includes a backpack, shoes, uniforms, books, paper, pencils and more.
  • Reported that our club has 106,000,000rp funds currently available
  • With District funds of US$1,655 available
  • And Global Grant funds of US$2,758 available

Books for Belusung

Project Chair Dora

  • Reported on a JFF project. We are trying to combine with Denpasar and GG funds still coordinating.
  • She is also busy giving food, etc. to evacuees. Also, they have come up with a way to earn money while in the camps. They will process peanuts for sale!
  • We are also ready with the books for some school libraries but need the book cases to hold them. Because of the potential destruction from the volcano, we are waiting to have them built and delivered.
  • Judith told Dora that she has a contact for books that might save us money and allow us to purchase more books for the same money. She’ll forward that information to Dora.
  • Bruce also mentioned how much our District is doing for the evacuees. Things like adding toilets.  He also mentioned our club’s strategy of waiting until after the people can return to their homes and we will help them rebuild, buy cows, etc.

Christmas 2017 Menu

Fundraising Chair Bruce Updated us on our 4th Annual Christmas party

  • Due to lack of response of donated raffle prizes and support at this time in Bali due to everyone’s focus on the Mt Agung situation a decision will be made by the next meeting October 30 whether to cancel the function this year.
  • Bruce to email a list of prize donors so some members could follow up if they have a personal connection with the venue.

New business

  • Board meeting to follow to discuss DG and GG funds and restructure of duties during the absence of our president for 6 months
  • Marilyn Carson RC Seminyak would like to share a Global Grant project and will report back with details and budget.

Raffle won by Judith Schneider and Tikka of the chocolate bars from America

Next meeting Monday October 30 Maya hotel

Guest speaker the “snake man“, Ron Lilly, all you need to know about Bali Snakes



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