Bulletin 1 July 2013

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meeting every Monday at 5:30 PM at Maya Ubud Resort, Ubud

  “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.”   Amy Carmichael

Bulletin July 1, 2013




The start of this new Rotary year was already full of laughs.  Pres Sue’s absence (while she’s taking a ‘pre-president elect’ planned trip to the USA) was noted by Sergeant of Arms Bruce who filled in for Sue.  This was followed by the raffle announcement of our weekly raffle followed by the question “do we have a raffle prize?’  We did… because our guest speaker Alissa stepped into the breach and provided one.  The club lives a charmed life. 

 Different Meeting Leaders

 Until Aug 6 and Pres Sue’s return to Bali, several different members will step up to the task of leading club meetings…Sue left us covered and others get a chance to practice! 

 5th Annual Handover and BBQ


Rucina, Sue, and Ros



Tari (outgoing Rotaractor Pres) and Abe (incoming President)

SOA Bruce commented on our previous weekend’s handover…the club’s 5th Annual Handover and BBQ held at Marilyn’s house.  To make it even better, it was double the fun because Rotaract Bali Ubud did their Handover as well.  (We do love our young folks…they’re the BEST.) Bruce, who is an aficionado when it comes to food, graciously praised the eats and particularly noted the BBQ sauce (Marilyn’s staff) and VP Rucina’s vegetarian curry. 

New Board for 2013-2014

 Our newly appointed Board and Committee Chairs were announced (up to the point where we were confident we had the right names!) and this information will soon be posted on our website….which is in transition to a new domain.  

 New Projects

Just returned to Bali, AG Marilyn bumbled through a disjointed report on projects but did manage to clearly state that RC Burlingame and RC Ignacio had been visited to discuss possible upcoming Global Grants.  She also mentioned the only upcoming event she could recall, a fundraiser for HIV at Delicious Onion where a terrific Javanese caterer, Asir would prepare the food and then become the lovely Jessica as part of the live (and lively) entertainment.  The event promises gala transvestite performances, a DJ, dancing and Happy Hour all evening long.  This will be a hoot! 


Gabe and Philip with a 3 holer sample!

 Rtn Cat gave a clear and precise explanation of one of the very important aspects of a potential water and sanitation Global Grant project destined for the island of Sumba.  Cat brought a sample of a three holer toilet base, one hole for urine, one hole for feces and one hole for anal cleansing.  One of our international partners insists on this 3 holer, which really shouldn’t be a big problem to introduce since the target villages have never had any toilets.

 RC Seminyak is hosting RC of Pandicherry’s (India) handover as well as their own on July 5.  Nineteen members of this delightful Indian club will be in attendance and it will be a gala event.  All members are invited!! 

 DG Handover


DGE Imam’s wife, DGE Imam, DG Kuhn, DG Kuhn’s wife Christina

 PE Philip reported on the DG’s handover event of June 30.  DG Kuhn turned the District over to DGE Imam and then breathed a sigh of relief.  (DG Kuhn had just returned from Lisbon and a 27 hour flight.  He’s one strong and dedicated guy.)  He DG talked of a dream he has of Bali one day becoming a District unto itself.  We need a thousand members to make it happen, so grow those clubs!!

 Some Member Updates

Cairo Demonstrations June 2013


Rtn Fred had tales to tell about his experiences in his ‘other home’, Cairo.  He said Cairo is burning with emotion and a petition signed by22 million is demanding the ouster of the current president.  Egyptians are demanding the old regime be dismantled and nothing is likely to move forward until it happens.  One of the difficulties is that so few have leadership training or experience which leaves few capable of taking on the leadership task. 

  Rtn Gabe is in Morocco but reported by SMS from Sidi Ifni, a primarily Berber town of 20,000.  She said no one speaks English but she was managing to get by using her Indonesian….go figure!



Alissa Stern and Nyoman Ayu


Our guest speakers (and raffle prize donors) were Alissa J. Stern and Nyoman Ayu who are successfully working towards protecting the Balinese language.  If you want to be duly impressed go to their website www.basabali.org and take a look at their Board of Directors!


Alissa Stern and Nyoman Ayu

 Alissa and Ayu told us it is estimated that there are only one million Balinese speakers left on the island and the language is facing a rapid decline. (We’re happy to report we had two Balinese speaking members in attendance.)  Balinese as a language is in serious trouble.  Here in Indonesia a new national curriculum is being developed and Balinese was initially going to be replaced by Arabic…but Balinese educators rebelled and Balinese is back.

 And Balinese is not the only endangered language.  A recent report written by David Harrison, states there are currently 6,900 distinct languages in existence.…but predicts that by the end of the 21st century half of them will be lost…at the speed of one language dying every 10 to 14 days. 

 To save not only Balinese but other languages as well, 100 linguists, anthropologists and other interested professionals, including our own VP Rucina, were brought together to select a platform and TRANSPARENT was selected.  It is similar to Rosetta Stone.

Slide from DVD

Slide from DVD

 Twenty four lessons on 3 DVDs have been developed and they are being piloted by some 500 students in Senior High Schools in Bali.  One of the lessons was demonstrated and it was awesome!  In the meantime, sample DVDs are being given free of charge to NGOs.  You can get your very own DVDs via the organization’s website. 

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