Bulletin 10 April 2017

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset

District 3420 / No. 79571

Meetings on the 2nd Monday of the month at Kakiang Garden Café, Jl. Andong at 5:30 PM

And the last Monday of the month at Maya Resort & Spa, Ubud at 5:30 PM

’’You are braver than you believe. Stronger than you seem. And smarter than you think.’’ Winnie the Pooh

 Bulletin April 10, 2017


Danielle Foss

Danielle Foss

RTN Danielle rose well to the occasion and ran tonight’s meeting with humor and focus!  She started by having all our guests introduce themselves.  We were honored to have Judith & Bill Schneider as guests this week.  We will be ‘transferring’ their membership from their Calif. Rotary Club to our club on 1 May.  This will bring our membership from 8 on 1 July to 14 on 1 May.  We also have 4 more folks preparing to join us as members!


RTN Dora brought 2 Rotaracts with her as guests, Gyan and Ywan.  They had just finished RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) and shared with us how valuable they thought it was for them.

Pres. Bruce asked all members to think about two things and to let their feelings be known later:

  1. Since last Sept. we have changed our meetings from weekly to two times per month. Should we continue doing that or change to every week?  Three meetings per month?  Other?
  2. It has been brought to our attention that our next meeting is 24 April which is an Islamic holiday, Isra Miraj. Since our club started in 2008, we have only rescheduled or cancelled meeting because of Christmas/New Years, and NYEPI.  Currently we have no Islamic members.  Should we NOT have meeting on Islamic Holidays?

Treasurer & IPP Allan

Treasurer Allan was thanked by all for his effort to obtain a District Grant for US$1825 to support 8 scholarships for school kids by the Bali Children’s Foundation.

Danielle also announced that our club was now support the transportation costs of 3 Rotaracts to attend their Rotaract Assembly in Java.

Muntigunung Cashews

Bruce said that at the next meeting he would be bringing samples of products produced by Danile Elber’s Muntigunung people’s money producing work. Things like cashews (in different flavors), Rosella teas and candies, salts, and more.  Plus catalogs for these and their beautiful handmade hammocks.

Our club has been invited to join the Seminyak Rotary Club to join them in paying for another John Fawcett Foundation village visit.  (We’ve done one previously with them). They have also asked us to join in a Global Grant request to support the award winning Ubud Bumi Sehat.

Roselle flowers made into teas and candies

In addition, Danielle mentioned our upcoming speakers:

  • 29 May: Chris Sperduto – Helmets for Kids project is now island wide.  He has headed up the effort to supply helmets to 5 and 6 year olds whose parents cannot afford them.  Learn how and why he is doing that.
  • 26 June: Ron Lilly – the snake Expert to answer all your questions about snakes.  How can you tell which ones are poisonous?  What should you do if you are a loved one is bitten?  Learn more.
  • July 31- Sjaki’s Warung, across from the soccer field in Ubud – helps and educates children with a mental disability on Bali.  Hear what they do to help these beautiful children.
  • August 28 –  Melati and Isabel Wijse– these 2 teenagers founded Bye Bye Plastic Bags in Bali and have now spread the concept all over Indonesia. Learn how they did it and why.
  • Sept 25 – famous author – Bill Dalton.  The creator of the original travel book about Bali – The Bali Handbook and founder of Moon Publishing.  Now a world renowned travel author.  Find out things you never knew about Bali and other places in Indonesia.  Have all your questions answered.
  • Oct+We are always looking for great speakers for our meetings on the last Monday of every month.  Know someone you think would be of interest to the members and other guests?  Contact us: “meetings AT rotarybaliubudsunset.org”

Our almost new member Judith gave us a “Rotary Minute” – she spoke about and the additional benefit of being a Rotarian, which is traveling.  How to find Rotary meetings where you visiting and that you will always be VERY welcome to attend meetings there.




And lastly we sang Happy Birthday to our three Rotarians who have birthdays this April:

Allan Starr 11 April,

Sue Bennett 14 April

Terri Lewin 15 April


Our next meeting will be Monday, 24 April at Maya 5:30-7PM. Our great speaker will be Susan Tereba – Of 350 people aged 65 or older at least 33 will have dementia. And another 99 will be family or friend caregivers. Caregivers suffer as much, if not more, caring for a loved one whose brain is using a foreign operating system that doesn’t match with ours.


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